Readicide – How Schools Are Killing Reading and What You Can Do About It by Kelly Gallagher

Concluding Thoughts

  • Although test scores are going up in elementary schools, one suspects it is because the tests are getting easier and teaching to these tests explains why there is a reading fall off in middle schools. The Internet is also seen as a culprit. (Doug: See my post on “What the Internet does to your brain” for reasons why.) Reading First, a cornerstone of NCLB, has not produced better readers. Some suspect this is due to an overemphasis on decoding skills. Yong Zhao is cited to support the claim that our obsession on testing could kill students’ creativity. Other countries like China realize this and are moving away from testing. (Doug: See my summary of Yong’s book “Catching Up or Leading the Way.”) Finland has top reading scores with very little testing, starting school at age 7, no gifted classes, free materials for parents, and limited homework. They focus on creativity and deeper thinking, not drill and kill.

Why Should You Buy This Book

The Appendix

  • The appendix contains “101 Books My Reluctant Readers Love to Read.” It also contains forms that students use to report on the books they read and a “Hard Talk Checklist” that will help you determine if your school is on the Road to Readicide.
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