AI & Inequalities / The Guts of ChatGPT / New Admin Advice

June 14th, 2024

AI & Inequalities-The Guts of ChatGPT-New Admin Advice-Replace FlipGrid-Petri Dishes-Dynamic Teaching

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Algebra in 8th Grade / Career Pathways / Retention Strategies

June 13th, 2024

Getting Smart
Algebra in 8th Grade-Career Pathways-Retention Strategies-YouTube QR Codes-Lentil Balls-Applying Knowledge

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Meaningful homework / Combat Absenteeism / New Apple Software

June 12th, 2024

Meaningful homework-Combat Absenteeism-New Apple Software-iOS 18-Best Trackers-Roger Federer Wisdom

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Summer Learning Loss / AI & Testing / Read Aloud Benefits

June 11th, 2024

Summer Learning Loss-AI & Testing-Read Aloud Benefits-Meta’s AI-Socratic Method-Teens, Phones, & Mental Health

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6 School Problems / Build Parent Relationships / NY Social Media Law

June 10th, 2024

Devil's Tower
6 School Problems-Build Parent Relationships-NY Social Media Law-iOS Update-Devil’s Tower-Finland’s Schools

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