In and Out of Trouble with Facebook & Twitter

Some of these tweets were part of a previous post, and I adding more as I find them. They seem important enough to keep up front for a while. While social media can be fun for some and profitable for others, some adults and youngsters manage to use it to get in trouble. Each of these stories should stimulate classroom discussion. You might want to have students come up with their own ideas of how to stay out of trouble first.

Principal resigns after apparently pretending to be kid on Facebook & befriending 300 students @courosa @mcleod

Do schools have the right to discipline students for what they say via social media off campus? @iEducator

Eight ways teachers get in trouble using Facebook – @DrDougGreen

How not to get into trouble on Facebook – @DrDougGreen

Social Media For Administrators – Read this if you still think you can avoid using it. @ShellTerrell

Quit Facebook or be expelled, school principal says. @BrianTomkins

Parents of underage Facebookers should be reported, Principal says. Also check link at bottom about girls being barred from graduation for bikini Facebook pictures. @s_bearden

Fourteen members of a Brooklyn gang ended up in handcuffs after idiots in their ranks accepted Facebook “friend” requests from a cop.

This is why parents should NOT allow kids under 13 on Facebook. @s_bearden

Teacher calls her student the devil’s spawn on Facebook and only gets 2-yr suspension so far. Plans to appeal. @NYPost

Mom’s Facebook post of children fighting sparks outrage. This is stupid times two. @BrianTomkins

11 Ways To Lose Your Job On Facebook Jeffbullass Blog @gcouros

State law requires sex offenders to list their status on Facebook. This is a first. Will others follow? @iEducator Facebook Monitors Your Chats for Criminal Activity @mashable

Swiss Olympic Athlete bounced for racist Tweet – You are only as good as your worst Tweet kids. @NYPost

Boy leaves Facebook message that causes mom to turn him in for murder. I’m glad this happened, but there is a lesson here for everyone. @NYPost

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