Leadership’s Greatest Posts in 2013

During 2013 I posted over 300 links to leadership stories and advice for educators and parents. They are all available in the archive section on the left side of my home page. Today I present the best and most basic. They focus on how effective leaders behave along with good and bad examples to learn from. I suggest you read through this list quickly before you start to explore. As reading them all might take a while, consider having students and/or parents help.

11/27 Should student work be posted online for all to see? This article lays out the benefits and give suggestions for how to go about it. @Dunlop_Sue

11/23 Seven tips to overcome presentation anxiety – These are good tips for adults and teens. @GuyKawasaki

11/23 35 High Schools Worth Visiting – Check to see which one’s are near you and go visit. @Getting_Smart

11/21 Diane Ravitch supports boycott of common core tests. @JoieTyrrell

11/14 The Long Term Benefits of Music Lessons – @s_bearden @akmbirch

11/13 Seven Things Keeping Women Out of Science – Let hope this can change. @businessinsider @iEducator

11/9 Momentum Grows Against Zero Tolerance Discipline and High-Stakes Testing. @EdWeekTeacher @AnthonyCody

11/7 In Public Education, Edge Still Goes to the Rich. In some states, laws make the rich-poor gap bigger. Where does your state rate? @portereduardo

11/5 How to Ruin Kindergarten – Larry Cuban describes how the test-centric culture is impacting kindergarten. Read this and try to fight back. @LarryCuban

11/4 Five Ways You Might Be Undermining Your Authority – @EntMagazine @BrettRelander

11/2Is it time to ditch seat time as the criteria for awarding college degrees? This makes sense to me. @EDUBEAT

11/2 The Over Scheduled Child – How big a problem is this? Bruce Feiler Also see my comment. @LarryCuban

11/2 In 19 states adults can still hit kids in school. How stupid is this? Also see my comment. @edweek

11/1 Ten Ways to Make a Difference in Someone’s Life – @justintarte @Dwight_Carter

11/1 Suggestions for Dealing with Pornography in Sex Education Classes – I think this is something we need to take on rather than ignore. @guardian @SchoolsImprove

10/27 Children who paint more are more likely to become entrepreneurs. Those who went on to own patents or companies received up to eight times more exposure to the arts when they were in school. @Telegraph @SchoolsImprove

10/25 Six ways leaders diminish team performance. See if you fit into any of these types. @JesseLynStoner

10/25 Regular bedtimes benefits are tied to better behavior. Spanking’s link to bad behavior – Share with all parents you know. @NYTimes

10/21 Are video games better than drugs for ADHD? @dailydot @lemino

10/18 Ten Qualities of Great Teachers – how many do you or your teachers have? @justintarte

10/16 Is the increase in ADHD due to high stakes testing? This makes sense to me. @maggiekb1

10/16 Should preschoolers have nap time? Research implies the answer is yes. @thesleepdoctor

10/10 Banning Balls at Recess – What would you do? What do your students think? See my comment on the subject at Linked In. @Forbes

10/9 How to get high quality work from student projects. Even if you are not new to project-based learning (PBL) this should be helpful. @drmmtatom @edutopia

10/7 Ten strategies for promoting AP course completion – @Getting_Smart

9/29 Losing is good for you. Parents need to read this. @AshleyMerryman

9/27 How to nail the first 60 seconds of a presentation – This is pretty good advice that I always use. Go here to upload your presentation. @NowPossible

9/22 A simple way to leave your stress at work – @FastCompany

9/19 Ten things I wish I knew my first year of teaching. Be sure to share with any new teachers you know. @TeachThought

9/16 Advice for teachers who want to be principals. Be sure to read my comment. @joe_mazza @lynhilt @Larryferlazzo

9/16 Study shows that positive school climate boosts test scores. @EdSource @s_bearden

9/10 Students from rural, urban, Title I and high-need schools get outside and get ahead. @usedgov @Montberte

9/10 Why Every Student Should Be In a #1:1 Classroom – @EmergingEdTech @DyKnow

9/9 Fewer Rules, Better Schools – When I taught high school I never had rules. I just taught. Worked for me. @CoachGinsberg

9/8 Five recruiting habits of successful leaders – @MeghanMBiro

9/2 Ten Creative Scheduling Ideas To Provide Time for Face-to-Face Collaboration and Study – @InnovativeEdu

8/27 Ten reasons why walking meetings are a good idea – @brettgreene

8/20 Tips on building a positive school culture – @Getting_Smart

8/14 It’s time to stop averaging grades. @davidwees

8/13 The truth about homework in schools – Teachers should read this before they assign any more homework. @casas_jimmy @justintarte

8/10 The Five Biggest Skills Modern Teachers Need – See if you or your students can guess what they are. @ShellTerrell

8/3 The Dos and Don’ts for Integrating iPads – All school leaders and teachers need to read this. @Zite @dougpete

8/2 How to be more likable without being a phony – @GuyKawasaki

7/31 32 Characteristics of high performing classrooms. Some of this is pretty good.

7/8 Too Many Bosses – Not Enough Leaders Are you a boss or a leader? How about the people you work with? @fjohnreh @LeaderChat

7/4 Stop Penalizing Boys and girls for Not Being Able to Sit Still at School. Jessica Lahey – The Atlantic @edtechcoaching

6/27 Five Ways to Lead Through a Setback – @tedcoine

6/16 Five Things Rock-Star Leaders Do Every Day – @zite @8Amber8

6/5 Successful complainers make things better. Ten Ways to Complain Successfully – @Leadershipfreak

5/9 Ten Reasons To Try 20% Time In The Classroom: Google does it. Your classroom could too. Why not try it at least once? @colonelb

5/9 Should we continue to teach cursive writing? Elementary principal Rob Furman argues no. @DrFurman

5/2 Let teens sleep in for better grades. @NYPost

4/28 Avoiding the Six Temptations to be a Bossy Boss – @recoveringleadr

4/28 Should schools teach porn literacy? @Montberte @Telegraph @SchoolsImprove

4/26 Nine Leadership Mistakes That Kill Your Team – @fsonnenberg @MattMonge @LollyDaskal

4/17 Four Big Concerns About BYOD In Schools – @ShellTerrell

4/14 How to Destroy Creativity and Innovation – Nice poster on what NOT to do – @recoveringleadr

4/14 Bring inspirational speakers into your classroom via TED Talks. @SchoolsImporve @theguardian

4/12 Nine Leadership Tips Anyone Can Use Immediately – @zite @8Amber8 @LollyDaskal

4/10 Should we be surprised when teachers cheat? Bill Ferriter @plugusin @SBEducation @tomwhitby

4/3 Fifty ways to cheat on standardized tests. Which ones do you use? @prismdecision @washingtonpost

4/3 A field guide to the Meeting Troll – Share this with the people you work with and suggest that they try to avoid being the meeting troll. @thisissethsblog

3/25 Principal Qualities Most Wanted by Teachers – @SusanF95

3/9 Kill Your Conference Room. The Future’s in Walking and Talking. Most of us sit too much. @Wired @iEducator

3/2 Mastering Leadership Relationships – @Leadershipfreak @LollyDaskal

2/25 Top Nine Traits of the Principal as Student Advocate – @mccoyderek

2/16 Not enough physical activity in PE classes (UK) – What’s it like in your school? @SchoolsImprove @bbcnews

2/8 Leadership lessons from Henry VIII – and you thought he was a bad guy. @GuyKawasaki @jaykubassek

1/28 Why So Many Schools Remain Penitentiaries of Boredom – @POUSDSupt

1/24 Nine Mistakes In Technology Integration In Education – This is good for veterans and those just getting started. @Ktweetthis @teachthought

1/23 Change the Subject: Making the Case for Project-Based Learning. @edutopia

1/21 Three attributes of a great principal – Try to guess what they are before looking. Be sure to ask students what they think and share with your principal. @principalspage

1/5 Six habits of likable people – Ask staff/students to rate themselves. @oveucsj @terryheick

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