The Internet: Sum of Human Knowledge, or Collection of Scams? by Christine Maddox

Separating Fact from Fiction

  • Although a website can look legitimate and well developed, the content could be nothing more than the beliefs of an individual and not verifiable facts. Wikipedia is a prime example when it comes to separating fact from fiction. While there are posts in this website that are based on exact details and cited content, portions of it are not. Even the cited websites that the content is based on can be faulty. So, how do you tell what is real? By corroborating your findings with other sites. Whether it is Wikipedia or CNN, you should always drill down and find multiple sources to solidify any claim. Facts are still usually held in the eyes of the person relaying the material. Although one may claim to be unbiased, relaying those facts can still be skewed by the point of view of the individual. Like the adage goes, “history is written by the victor.”
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