Safe Science Crafts for Children by Ashley Hardway

Safe Science Crafts for Children by Ashley Hardway offers four safe scientific experiments you and your children can do at home. Once you get started with these activities, your children may not want to stop. Once you open the doors to scientific experimentation, your children just might never want to stop.


  • Science can be an entertaining way to expose children to how the universe works. Through various crafts and experiments, you can open doors to a world that the child may never have realized. Each example here can lead to additional questions that need answers. However, you want to ensure your child’s safety when exploring the many facets of science. Here are some sample projects can you do at the home that won’t turn your child different colors or catch your kitchen on fire.

1. Understanding Xylem

  • By using white flowers such as daisies, you can teach children how the xylem of a plant will transport water to buds and petals. This can be seen by using non-toxic food coloring such as those you would use in cake frosting. The xylem provides water and nutrients to the petals – including the dye itself. Over time, the daisies will actually begin to take on the color of the dye. This shows that even a cut flower can still reserve the ability to stay alive – for a short time. Do a Google search on “xylem diagram” to see how this works.
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