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Basic Tips on Writing a Successful Book Review from AdvancedWriters.Com offers great advice for professionals and students who need to do book reviews. This is a more complex process than the book summaries I do here. Their blog offers learning opportunities you can follow for free to improve your writing. If your organization is in a pinch for good copy, this looks like a good place to go. This post is a sample of their work.


  • Writing a book review is not as simple as just summarizing the book’s content. It offers you an opportunity to give a critical and honest discussion of the book. As a book reviewer, you should be combining analytical, accurate reading with a strong personal response. A good book reviewer thoroughly describes what is on the page, analyzes on the book’s purpose, and how it tried to achieve it, while also expressing arguments and reactions from a unique and honest perspective.

Re-Read The Book

  • Re-read the book multiple times as repeated reading of the story leads the reader to view different and hidden aspects of the story. It allows one to see the characters and the setting of the story in a different and unique way. You can write down various notes or record your impressions and thoughts of the book’s chapters. The ideas must not necessarily be in order, as they are just there as reminders in case you forget anything.

Check Field of Study

  • You must consider how well the book justifies its own field of study or genre. If it is necessary, you may read and familiarize yourself with the subject. You can buy similar books, who concern the same genre or topic, and based on those, you can consider writing a final review comparing how the book stayed original to the genre, whether it did anything unique, or if it stayed true to the subject.

Pay Attention to Theme

  • The theme is usually the overall message or lesson that the readers perceive between the lines or in the conclusion. The theme can be a fundamental or universal idea, explored in the story of the book. Authors may also present several themes in their writing, especially if it is a fictional work. Some points to consider here are that you must always pay attention to all the quotes, references, or preface in the book’s introduction. This will highlight the book’s major themes, and the overall viewpoint of the author. Moreover, after you have read the book several times, you can sum up the book in a single word or short phrase. Afterwards, you can expand the meaning of the word further with a message or a lesson.

Research on Author’s Writing Style

  • You must observe the author’s writing style, and see if the style suits the book’s audience. It is an important thing to note that one’s author style heavily influences the subject and the expressions, which are conveyed to the audience. It helps bring out the subject better and provides justice to the genre. Depending on the writing style, the author can present the viewpoint a lot better and to their desired audience. If you wish to research more about writing styles, you can follow this blog.
  • Analyzing the book carefully heavily influences your book review. By observing and following the above-mentioned things, one will be able to write a great book review, and point out all the major points, aspects, and characters. You will be understanding the concept of the book better and be able to express it better. You can check AdvancedWriters and its essay writing help for better understanding the concept of writing book reviews.
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