Dr. Doug’s Multimedia Talk: Resources for Schools

On December 23, 2015, I gave a presentation on social media for educators to the staff at the Unatego Central School District in Upstate New York. During the talk I referred to the references below that for the most part stand on their own. Enjoy and share with educators you know.

Put this in the wall: Don’t post ANYTHING, ANYWHERE that you wouldn’t want ANYONE to see EVER! That goes for email too. If an email or any post makes you angry, your best reply is “let’s talk — tomorrow.”

You did review digital citizenship and online behavior prior to sending the kids off on the winter break, didn’t you? Research shows an increase of incidents related to sexual content and a spike in the number of students observed for depressive, self-harm, and suicidal issues during this time. Do you know who has this responsibility in your school?

Social Media and Your Reputation

Social media gives EVERYONE (that includes educators) one more way to get in trouble. What kind of trouble? See
Dr. Doug’s slides from his social media talk – This is a pdf file.

Your Facebook Online Reputation Can Help or Hurt Your Future. This is a great video to show students. @JoshOchs @safesmartsocial

Six Ways to Stay on Top of What Kids Are Doing Online

Doug at Stonehenge
Good Selfie?
Bad Selfie
Bad Selfie?

What is the Periscope app? Social Media Safety Guide – There is a lot of good social media advice here. @JoshOchs @safesmartsocial

But What About Sex?

Cave Painting
Grecian Urn
Adult Content Has Driven New Media Since the Beginning of Time.
If you want to read some research on the topic, type “Students viewing Internet porn research” into your favorite search engine or click here.
2015 Stats on Internet Porn – There is data here from many surveys that shows how often students of various ages and adults from various demographics view Internet porn. The big question is what should parents and teachers do about it?

Revenge Porn – What happens to the racy pictures you sent to your boyfriend when he becomes your ex-boyfriend?

Confessions of an orgy addict If you think Tinder is bad, how about 3rinder? Other special sites includ Grindr, JDate, and Christian Mingle. @JaneRidleyNY @nypost

Social Media for Communicating with Parents and Building Your Brand

Check out now New Milford High School in New Jersey uses social media.
If your school isn’t using social media to promote itself and communicate, consider starting a student club to do it.
Twitter People With the Most Followers – See if you can guess before you look.
I don’t advise 1:1 electronic communication with students. Let students post questions to a blog where all students can see the question and your answer. If inappropriate questions or comments come in, take them down and talk to the student in private.
How many kids don’t have access at home? Do you know who they are? Who teaches copyright issues? Have your read your school policy lately?

Social Media for Professional Development and Student Learning

Shouldn’t every educator have their own professional development plan? Social media can facilitate this.
Step one: Join Twitter and attend some Twitter chats. Start with #Edchat at noon and 7pm EST every Tuesday.
There are hashtags for every specialty in education.
Top Teacher Resource Blogs
How to Use Social Media for Professional Development
If you want your own personalized daily paper go here. Here is the link to my 12/15/2015 paper.

Students should have a larger audience.

Teachers should too. Do your teachers and students have blogs? Do students get to see their best work posted on the Internet? Why not?
How One Teacher Uses Her Blog – Note that top student work is posted her also. Is there student work on your blog?
If you want students to search for something that interests them Digg Here.
Should you punish students for social media behavior outside of school? It isn’t unusual for schools to receive viral criticism for over punishing kids. Here is one school that did. Hip-Hop Stars Support Mississippi Rapper in First Amendment Case.

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