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Free Online College Education Classes & Resources by Catrin Cooper offers five Internet sites that offer free college courses. They are mostly designed for people who just want to learn something, but some have options to verify that you finished specific courses. You should also check out their Skill Success resource.


  • With free online college education classes and resources, there’s no need for you to spend thousands of dollars in tuition just to obtain an excellent education from the best schools in the world.
  • It’s true that not all online resources will give you a college degree. There’s a lot more to the Internet than going to Wikipedia when you wish to learn something. Whether you study through a video or text, there are a few places online that can give you the full experience.

MIT OpenCourseWare

  • MIT OpenCourseWare provides free lectures, examinations, and videos from the classes at MIT. You can also find classes that help you in fulfilling your dream of becoming a news reporter. Since 2002, the MIT faculty has been publishing educational materials from their courses for free. To take advantage of its materials, there’s no registration required.
  • The course materials reflect all undergraduate and graduate subjects being taught at this school. However, the OCW isn’t an MIT education and it won’t grant you degrees or certificates.


  • EdX is a partnership between the MIT and Harvard University. It offers MIT and Harvard classes for free online to millions of people around the world. The platform is based on technology designed at MIT to provide online versions of its courses. The online versions include video lessons, real-time feedback, and embedded testing, among others.
  • If you wish to complete a course for a job, promotion or college application, you may need to get a verified certificate from EdX. It’s not free, but the fee is minimal. On the other hand, if you don’t want to get verified, the courses you’ve complete won’t let you get a certificate, or they can’t be used for a degree.

Open Yale Courses

  • Open Yale Courses offers free access to a wide array of introductory courses taught by teachers at Yale University. The lectures are recorded in the classrooms of the school. You can get them in video, audio, and text.
  • To get the free classes and resources, there are no registration requirements. You can just click the links and watch the videos or read the text transcript. But you’ll never get to receive a degree or a certificate for completing the classes.

The Open University

  • The Open University is the leading expert in providing flexible higher education. All undergraduate courses don’t require prior qualifications and experience. It supports an open learning system that lets you choose and plan how you study so you can still fulfill your other commitments. You get support from a tutor or an online forum. You can also contact other students within your region.
  • The classes, however, won’t give you a certificate. If you wish to continue your studies, you can apply for a government-backed loan. The university also offers other flexible and affordable ways to make your education more affordable.


  • FreeEdNet offers courses, tutorials, and materials that you can find on the web. It also includes study materials developed by the people at FreeEdNet. All courses are free. Once you find the best course for you, you can begin working on it.
  • However, the classes won’t replace formal education from a reputable school. They also won’t give you a degree or certification. Then again, they’re useful in helping you prepare for a job or extend your skills.

Catrin Cooper

  • Catrin Cooper is blogger and freelance writer from New York. She’s always ready to cover topics related to personal development, marketing, and education. Feel free to contact Catrin at Her guest posts are free so don’t miss an opportunity to add some value to your blog.
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