How Writing Can Boost Your Creativity and Help You Inspire Others by Samantha Anderson

How Writing Can Boost Your Creativity and Help You Inspire Others by Samantha Anderson offers some specific ideas to help budding writers be more creative and inspire others.


  • Everyone is a writer. The only difference between genuine writers and people who self-proclaim to be writers is that the former boost their creativity and inspire others through their writing. History has a lot of examples that show how writers can be a source of inspiration to others – friends, family, and neighbors. However, this thought is largely substituted by viral stories and news that are shared across social media by individuals.
  • The significance of “writing” has either been forgotten or lost in the vast sea of information exchange. Today, everyone – from college students to working professionals, teachers to intelligent readers, thought leaders to managers – see writing as a monotonous activity and one that is a mere requisite to explain oneself in this world. Only when this thought changes and when one considers writing as an art can they achieve the unsung benefits of good old writing.

Benefits of Writing

  • While there are tons of benefits of writing – some of which are obvious – the following are the ones that focus on creativity, inspiration, and enlightenment.
  • Boosts Creativity: All writers have this marvelous trait of not being perfect. One can ask established writers and figure out that they have left the idea (or the myth) of perfectionism far behind. They instead focus on being prolific. According to Creative Blog, a writer is better off writing ten sentences than trying to perfect one sentence. What this does is create a projection in the writer’s mind about the possibilities. Instead of focusing on a single stream of thought, the writer is creating more streams while writing nine more sentences.
  • This is exactly what creativity looks like. Being prolific is just one trait. There are many more factors that help one boost one’s creativity, such as:
    * Brainstorming and thinking of new ideas

    * Using new words, improving one’s vocabulary

    * Creating stories
  • Writing does not necessarily have to be about paper or essay writing. By using Write My Paper Today, for example, a graduate student looking to complete her generic mid-term essay can outsource the work and instead focus on writing a short story. (Doug: these sites that write essays will also give feedback on student writing. This strikes me as a better way to use them.) When a person starts thinking and writing about a topic or theme that he/she is interested in, more thoughts pour in – thus boosting creativity.

Inspires Others to Act

  • What do journalists do? They make their audience react through the power of words and some hard journalism. That is basically it when one talks about inspiration from writing. In schools and colleges, writing groups motivate their fellow members and friends to start writing so that they can jot down their thoughts. It not only helps in de-stressing but also acts as an instrument for introspecting. Individuals looking to shape their career as a writer can seek writing help from their more established peers. This way they can not only learn directly from the masters but also improve their own writing.

Get Enlightened

  • As mentioned in the previous point, one can seek enlightenment from writing. Studies show that when a person writes down thoughts on a piece of paper (over typing on an electronic device), the writer makes those thoughts a bit stronger. One’s mind remembers these thoughts and tries to sample them whenever a similar topic comes to the fore.
  • The biggest weapon of a good writer is the power to retain what one reads and thinks. And the first step to retaining more of what one reads is to write down everything that comes to the mind. It is true that majority of what is written down may not be helpful, but if one can take advantage of even a small part of this information, it can aid in carving their personality as a writer. These three are the primary benefits of writing. People should not look at writing as a mode of communication but instead as something that helps them live a better life by boosting creativity, inspiring others, and gaining enlightenment.

Samantha Anderson

  • Samantha is Educator from the sunny California. She’s keen in blogging and enjoys an active way of life. She loves open-minded people and find pleasure in chatting with them.
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