My Christmas Present to You – A Free Chapter From My Book

In order to spread the word about how policymakers and corporate leaders are messing up education and what we can do, I published a book this year. I’ve been flattered by the positive feedback so if you haven’t read it yet it’s time to take a taste. Just scan the table of contents below and find your favorite topic. If you are having a hard time deciding, go for chapter 19 as it’s a topic I haven’t seen covered elsewhere. Thanks for your support.

Rocket Science Book

Here Is the Deal

  • Below are the chapter titles from my book Teaching Isn’t Rocket Science, It’s Way More Complex: What’s Wrong With Education and How to Fix Some of It. As my Christmas gift to you, I’m offering the introduction and a free chapter of your choice with no strings attached. Just select your favorite and send me an email with the chapter number to The chapters are all self-contained so they can be read in any order. If you like the free sample you can purchase the book in softcover or Kindle editions at Amazon. You can also read an executive summary on my blog.

Chapter Titles – Just Pick Your Favorite

  • 2. Education Isn’t Rocket Science, It’s Way More Complex
    3. How to Cheat on Standardized Tests and Not Get Caught
    4. Are You Smarter Than Bill Gates?
    5. Failing at the Business of School
    6.Achievement Gaps and Ethnic Groups
    7.The Drive to Fire Underperforming Teachers Will Not Improve Our Schools
    8. Special Education Shouldn’t Be Special
    9. If Gifted Lessons Are So Good, Why Can’t All Students Participate?
    10. Education Drugs: Learning on Steroids
    11. Kindergarten is the New 1st Grade
    12. Math Class: The Champ at Slowing Down the Fast Learners.
    13.Not Ready for College? Flunk Gym.
    14.Coding for Everyone? Are You Serious Mr. President?
    15. SAT’s for All? One More Bad Idea From the Political Elite
    16. Forging Strong Relationships With Students Should Be Top Of Your To Do List.
    17. Good Luck Learning a Foreign Language in American Schools?
    18.The Arts: One More Victim of Common Core Testing.
    19.Teachers/Parents: don’t run away from discussing porn.
    20. It’s Time For An Assessment Revolution: Give Students Access To The Internet
    In Exams And Scrap Traditional Grades.
    21. Why Would Anyone Let Their Kid Play Football or Anything Else?
    22. Bathrooms and Locker Rooms: A New Battlefield
    23. The Drive To Fire Underperforming Teachers Will Not Improve Our Schools
    24. If Education Is Going To Improve, We Must Work On Improving Initial
    Teacher Training
    25. Five Ways Hectically Busy School Leaders Can Stay On Track
    26. Think About How To Do It Right, Rather Than Doing It Over
    27. As A Teacher, It’s Important To Get Good At What You Don’t Like To Do
    28. A Word About Flipping Your Class
    29. Can We Save Opera? The Barriers to Digging the World’s Greatest Art Form
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