Save These Fun Indoor Activities for a Rainy Day by Charles Carpenter

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Save These Fun Indoor Activities for a Rainy Day by Charles Carpenter offers some great advice for keeping children active and involved when they can’t go outside. While many kids spend too much time indoors, it’s important that they have fun and learn something interesting when outside is not an option. Thanks, Charles.


  • Spring outdoor fun is finally upon us. If you’re like many families, you’ve planned outdoor activities from now until the weather turns frosty once more. But what happens when rain interferes with those plans? If your kids have been forced to come back inside due to rainy weather, you’re probably looking for fun ways they can burn off some energy, especially if they just got an enticing dose of warm weather activity. Fortunately, there are plenty of indoor activities that can keep the kids engrossed and maybe even teach them a thing or two. The Internet is your best friend if you’re looking for activities that are wholesome and enriching. In the meantime, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Show Them Something New

  • Kids love learning something totally new as long as it doesn’t involve schoolwork. Use the time to show your children how to do something that’s new and interesting to them. These don’t have to be involved in complex projects, just easy things that are helpful for kids to know, like how to make scrambled eggs using the microwave, or how to whip up a kid favorite like a peanut butter and banana sandwich. Show them how to sing in harmony using a favorite old song like “Row, Row, Row Your Boat,” or get everyone together for a music circle. No instruments to speak of in the house? No problem – you just have to know where to look. Plexus suggests gathering a few items you won’t mind getting banged on (think: wooden spoons, pots and pans, plastic tubs, and metal spoons) and create your own.
  • If you have little ones who are still developing their manual dexterity, pull up a Youtube video on how to lace a pair of shoes. a pair of shoes. The blender is one of the easiest appliances for kids to learn, so why not use it to teach the little ones how to whip up a healthful and delicious smoothy, always a kid favorite. Challenge the group’s storytelling abilities by developing an impromptu story using contributions from everyone involved.

Indoor Gardening

  • It may be too cold and wet outside to plant all your favorite vegetables and flowers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do some good old-fashioned indoor gardening with the kids. It’s still possible to plant a few herbs and vegetables and watch your kids giggle with glee as their very own patch of garden takes shape. You can do it with some potting soil, a few flower pots and some grow lights. Talk your kids through the process of planting and why it’s so important to keep plants watered and near a light.

Fun Indoor Exercise

  • Get the little ones up and moving with a Youtube exercise video. Check out this exercise routine, which allows your kids to get moving while learning about animals from around the world. Youtube is also a great source for teaching kids about music. There are many videos that teach children music essentials in a fun and engaging way. If you have a piano at home, you have a great opportunity to give your kids a hands-on music lesson.

Family Time Capsule

  • Have your children put together a family time capsule by writing down their favorite foods, television shows, movies, video games, favorite music and any instruments they may be learning. Take pictures of each, as well as a family picture, and put it all together in a box or large bag. Sock it away in a secure location (not too secure – you don’t want to lose or forget about it), and plan on breaking it open in five or ten years. Use this fun little project to encourage your kids to talk about what they’d like to be doing in the future, where they’d like to be going to school, and how they’ll keep in contact with their friends.

Get Your Art On

  • Nothing keeps kids busy quite like drawing, painting or making art using their favorite medium. Kick things up a notch by having your kids learn to create challenging and colorful patterns, which can help kids learn to solve problems, symmetry and improve their math skills. If cold and wet weather has your kids stuck inside again, fill the time with music, art, dancing, exercise and new skill activities. Children learn best when they’re having fun, so emphasize activities they’ll truly enjoy. Be sure to also look for opportunities to challenge children to come up with their own activities. You might learn something new, too.

Charles Carpenter

  • Charles created He believes in the power of music and sound as a healing tool. He is based in San Antonio, Texas. Charles Carpenter can be reached at
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