The Importance of New Tech to Optimal Healthcare for Children by Rey Shimar

MRI Machine

Adoption at Home

  • For their part, parents should always see to it that the needs of their children are met. This would mean making use of several technologies with the support of a primary care physician. For this, Medical Home should be considered as a way to monitor a child’s needs and to accurately identify any health-related issues that require specialty care. This is possible through coordination between parents and doctors. This will also involve setting up an effective documentation and treatment tracking system. That way, primary care providers can respond directly to issues and resolve them as quickly as they can.

Adoption at School

  • Along with the need for both parents and teachers to adopt new healthcare technologies, school administrators will also need to consider investing in healthcare technology in their clinics. In this sense, it is imperative for such schools to adopt the proper diagnostic equipment. Aside from that, it is also important to develop other tools that can help notify parents immediately of any health issues or complications their children may have.

Engagement of Children in the Design Process

  • IT developers need the participation of end-users to design better systems for delivering optimal care. In this sense, it is important for them to work with parents and teachers to better address actual needs and develop better technologies focusing on these needs. By assessing the effectiveness of such technologies at this level, it will be easier for IT developers to create better clinical solutions for schools.

Laying the Groundwork

  • Technology and education go comfortably together, and so do technology and healthcare. When it comes to giving children a quality education, it is also important to consider giving them optimal care because their well-being impacts their performance at school.
  • This very basic principle should compel parents and schools to secure an environment that allows children to participate more actively. For that reason, it is imperative to consider technology as an essential component in the development of a child. More importantly, adopting and using new applications and equipment is the key to making it possible.

Rey Shimar

  • After graduating from university, Rey worked as a journalist. He covered various beats, including politics and crime. Later, he would work as a freelance writer on the side. He usually writes academic papers as well as blog content. You can reach him at
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