Education as a Resource by Jennifer Smith

Education as a Resource by Jenna Smith offers several examples of how education along with the discovery and use of information is necessary for the survival of civilization and for enhancing the quality of human life. While no one is an expert in all of the topics mentioned here, they may inspire students to pursue one or any other topic that peaks their interests.


Learning is seen as a model for self-actualization, a system put in place to teach how the world works and equipping us with tools for better living. Education is a system that gives instructions meant to provide a calculated effect. Learning provides society with factual knowledge, job skills, and cultural norms. The wisdom tools help us understand complex undertakings like: How to get to Mars, How to repair a heart, Trading in the stock market, and much more.

The Stock Market

General Electric, stock symbol NYSE GE, is a tech company based in Massachusetts in the United States dealing with energy generation, management, and application solutions. The company’s average annual price target is $9.13. Data shows an upside of 32.77% with the targeted price high being $13.00 and the low price target being $5.00.

General Electric currently has seven hold ratings and eight buy ratings for the stock. With this data, the resulting consensus rating is “Buy.” This data is collected and presented by the use of technology. Machine learning has to lead to a better understanding of the stock market and, in turn, can give you better knowledge about whether to buy a stock.

Up-To-Date Information

This kind of information has to be readily available around the world for a company to continue trading in the stock exchange. The entire human civilization uses the financial sector. It needs fast learning access platforms, including the internet, with up-to-date information about relevant critical factors to its functionality and the likes of the Internet of Things. These systems require databases of information from which decisions are made. This system contains information previously tested, observed, and stored in facilities like libraries and, lately, internet servers worldwide known collectively as the cloud.

Information in these facilities is updated with every experience that humanity encounters to prevent dependence on outdated data to improve the chances of achieving the desired outcome with each trial.


Traveling to Mars?

Humanity, as a species, depends on commonly used resources. These resources are still abundant on our home planet, but this will change according to analytic predictions made concerning population growth and demand. (Such predictions have been wrong in the past.) This requires humans to become a multi-planetary species soon if it is to survive. That fact demands more learning experience about neighbor planets and asteroids that can be mined and colonized.

The planet Mars is a close option due to its proximity to earth, which raises a need for knowledge about space navigation settlement and survivability on a planet not meant to support human life. The level of expertise requires trained specialists that can only be fostered in an advanced learning society.

Space is a wild place, and enduring there requires us to understand human anatomy and how we react to the space environment. This revelation calls for an understanding of how individual organs work and how to repair them when they fail due to the various factors.


The Human Heart

There have been outstanding achievements in the treatment of heart failure. Technological advancements in heart treatment have reduced fatalities. An example is the artificial pacesetter placement that substitutes when the natural ones fail in order to improve a patient’s mortality. With every new technology, heart failure is becoming more manageable. As of 2018, about two million Americans suffered from severe heart failure each year. This is data collected before the development of the MitraClip, which is used to repair the mitral valve, which can significantly improve an individual’s quality of life.

Incredible Artificial Intelligence (AI)

A system of passing knowledge between individuals or generations is an essential requirement for any civilization’s survival and development. Breakthroughs in AI learning helps machines perform complex tasks like collection and analysis of data by weather satellites and robots investigating the effects of pollution on our oceans. This has led to more discoveries on how humans can coexist and interact with machines. The collection and processing of data on global pandemics like the coronavirus could not have been possible without such developments.

Learning satisfies the need for personal development. Formal learning, however, is designed to ensure universal access to education, which will not always help achieve individual fulfillment. All of us have goals we intend to achieve, which requires the opportunity for self-development. Embracing education plays a significant part in individual fulfillment as it benefits society. Thanks, Jenna. She can be reached at

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