What Schools Should Be Teaching About Nutrition by Craig Middleton

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What Schools Should Be Teaching About Nutrition by Craig Middleton covers some of the basics of nutrition that schools should consider adding to their formal curricula. While there is a lot more to know, this is a good place for you and your kids to start.


  • For a long time, many educators have pleaded that schools should teach more about problems that children will run into when they become adults. Adult challenges that some schools have started preparing students for include finances and general computer classes like teaching office software for example. Often disregarded is nutrition even though physical education is still typically required. Whether a school decides to integrate nutrition into their physical education or health classes or create a separate class, it should be part of every school’s formal curriculum.

The Truth About Sugar

  • Added sugar has been increasingly seen in more foods than ever in the United States and around the world thanks to initiatives like the U.S. Sugar Program. Making sure you don’t consume too much sugar is important as it can cause many different issues such as cavities, weight gain, and even diabetes. Teach kids how to read labels on food products so they can limit how much sugar they consume on a daily basis. Additionally, have them avoid or very sparingly consume high sugar products like soda and instead consume better alternatives like green tea or just water. Cutting down on sugar is one of the best ways you can live a nutritious lifestyle.

The Truth About Protein

  • Protein is a very important factor when building a diet for yourself. While protein is in so many foods, make sure to know which types of foods have the most like eggs, milk, beef, pork, fish, or chicken so you are able to build a well-balanced diet. Without protein, you can have deficiency issues that can stunt growth and make you more susceptible to infections. Additionally, you’ll want to eat more protein anytime you get into weightlifting as protein is what will help you build muscles. Make sure you fully understand protein when you want to know about proper nutrition.

The Truth About Dairy

  • Dairy is the group of products made out of the milk of mammals such as cows, goats, sheep, and more. These products all include cheese, milk, butter, ice cream, and more, and you probably have at least one of these on a daily basis. If you’ve ever had stomach problems, for example, make sure you don’t have lactose intolerance. Lactose is a sugar found in dairy products and the enzyme lactase is needed by people consuming dairy products to digest them without problems. Make sure you don’t have lactose intolerance when consuming dairy products and if you do, consider ways you can still have dairy products such as taking lactase supplements or going for lactose-free products. Understanding dairy products is important when living a nutritious lifestyle.

The Truth About Cell Health

  • Cell health is important as the more healthy your cells are the more energy you will have and the easier time you will have maintaining your target weight. Following proper cellular nutrition is important in gaining positive cell health. To do this, you’ll want to go for plant-based nutrients (fruits and vegetables) that will trigger your cells to become more healthy. Once you’ve started incorporating plant-based nutrients into your diet, you’ll see results down the line. Ensure that your cell health is good when you want to live a healthy nutritious lifestyle.


  • No matter what age the children you’re responsible for teaching are, it’s always a good time to start teaching about nutrition. While many kids won’t be able to plan their own diet until they become young adults, some will be able to pass on what they learn to their parents so they might cook better for them. Teaching nutrition at a younger age can also get them to be dead set on following a stricter diet once they are cooking on their own. Building knowledgeable kids for the future will make them happier and healthier adults.

Craig Middleton

  • Craig is a New York City-based retired business consultant, who is an expert in education and cultural trends. He has a Masters of Business Administration and a Masters in Education from St. Johns and loves sharing his knowledge on the side through his writing. If you have any questions or comments you can direct them to Craig at craigmiddleton18@gmail.com.
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