Four Side Hustles To Start in College by Craig Middleton

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Four Side Hustles To Start in College by Craig Middleton offers some good ideas for college students who are trying to generate some income to offset student debt. While you need not limit yourself to these ideas, this should get you thinking. Also, check out this post on 7 Online Business Models That Are Similar, Better Than, or Alternative to Dropshipping by Wei Linchao at best Fulfill.


  • Are you a college student looking for ways to make money, but you aren’t sure how you can get started? Perhaps you are tired of working retail or food service, or you need something that is flexible instead of demanding when it comes to working. Today, more young people than ever are starting their own side hustles and becoming entrepreneurs in the process. Discover how you can find a side hustle that will fit your needs and help you earn the money you need while still succeeding in your college studies.

1. Start a Dog Walking or Pet Sitting Business

  • If you love animals, starting a dog walking or pet sitting business might be the solution you are looking for. Dog walkers typically work during the day, and can sometimes handle more than one dog at a time. It’s crucial that you know your limits and don’t try to walk too many dogs at once. You’ll need to make sure they get along with one another and pick up after any messes they make.
  • As a pet sitter, you can watch dogs in your home or someone else’s. After you’ve tended to the animal’s needs, you are generally free to study or relax. Many dogs and cats simply find having the presence of another human around to be comforting, so hanging out on the couch might be all they need to calm down. Some people choose to run both types of businesses. Start off small and see how much you can handle while juggling college at the same time. In many cities, you can also work for agencies who do the booking for you.

2. Create Your Own Etsy Store

  • Etsy has grown and developed from a small website where people could have handmade items to a major marketplace where both handmade and vintage sales thrive. if this type of work appeals to you, think about what you would like to provide your customers. Make sure to take clear photos and understand how to optimize search engine optimization (SEO) so people who search for your products find them easily in the results so you can improve the sales process. One positive factor about running an Etsy store while in college is that you essentially run your own business, so there is no need to ask for time off. Just make sure that your crafts are unique so you don’t end up competing with inexpensive imported goods. Check out the competition first.

3. Deliver Food On Your Own Time

  • Consider working as an independent contractor for a company like UberEats or DoorDash and deliver food to customers all around your area. If you live in a big city or a location that has a lot of tourists, this can be a good way to earn money. You can deliver on days that are busy for you and take off when you need to. It’s important to take care of your car if you decide to deliver food for a living. However, you can usually earn more working for yourself than you would by being traditionally employed through a company, and it is possible to set your own hours as well. The same applies if you want to work for companies like Uber or Lyft.

4. Get Handy With Alterations

  • If you’re handy with sewing, consider working as a seamstress. Providing clothing alterations allows your customers to have a customized fit for their needs. This could be as simple as hemming pants or even making a skirt or dress fit better. You can change your customers a decent markup for altering their clothes and you don’t need to work long hours or even keep a specific schedule much of the time, as long as you get the items completed by when you promised. Sewing even comes with health benefits such as brain growth and can reduce stress, which is ideal for many college students.
  • Working a side hustle in college doesn’t have to be difficult. Find something that catches your interests and allows you plenty of time to study. You can set your own prices or work the hours that you feel are best for your lifestyle, allowing you to make money while getting ahead on your life goals. Just don’t let your side hustle compromise your grades.

Doug’s Hustel

  • I played in a rock band when I was in college in the late 1960s. It helped pay the bills and it sure was good for my public presentation skills. There is lots of work for part-time musicians and even classical musicians can get party gigs. People with artistic skills can also find work doing jobs for small businesses that can’t afford in-house artists. Your computer skills can also help you land work on the side. In any case, try to use skills that you are trying to improve to further your future career path if you can. Good luck.


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