House Moves 101: How Do You Do A House Move With Your Kids? by Rhenn Taguiam

House Moves 101: How Do You Do A House Move With Your Kids? by Rhenn Taguiar gives some tips on moving from the point of view of a company that moves people. If you are planning a move be sure to head his advice along with my addendum. This post is brought to you by RoadwayMoving.Com. @roadwaymoving @roadwaynyc

Moving With Kids


  • If you decide to move to a new house, then congratulations! Your new house can serve as the best place to open a new chapter in your life – be it that you’re moving to start a new family, moving to get closer to work, or moving to get closer to school. Regardless of the reason, a new house can definitely make way for a wonderful new home life. You can enjoy amazing meals with your kids, delightful walks around your neighborhood, and interacting with new schools and teachers. However, remember, you can only enjoy all of these things if you’ve finally settled down in your move. And unfortunately, such an idea can be stressful, considering you need to worry about other obligations while having to move houses. In fact, you can definitely enjoy moving with your kids, provided you start with a few steps.

Here are some things you need to do.

  • Secure your documents and requirements and submit them as soon as possible. Once you’ve decided to start the moving process with your kids, it’s wise to secure your documents and requirements and submit them to the necessary channels as soon as possible. That way, you’ll limit the need for you to visit faraway offices, especially if you’re moving to a faraway location especially to Manhattan. Moreover, you can use this opportunity to tour your kids to your new neighborhood, meet moving companies and other professionals, and even help them be more familiar with their new community. That way, you minimize the risk of unnecessary leaves and absences just to secure these materials.
  • Plan and sort your belongings as soon as you can to avoid complications. Before you pack, it helps for you and the kids to sort and create an inventory of what you own – especially if it’s through the cloud via a spreadsheet or an app – so you can keep track of what you want to keep, sell, or even throw away. Moreover, a cloud-based tracking system allows you and your kids to pack their things simultaneously and among their individual rooms without having to keep track of a ledger or a notebook. Make sure your moving timeline doesn’t interrupt your other obligations. While you may only move houses a few times over a few decades, you need to make sure that these moves don’t interrupt your other obligations like your job or your kids’ schooling.

Track Your Time Line and Consider Involving Professionals

  • If possible, try to make sure you’re using a calendar app or a scheduling app that synchronizes your moving timeline with the rest of your daily routine. That way, your kids won’t have to risk losing too much school. Try to ensure that your moving needs are positioned on days you can take time off, free days, or even paid leaves and vacation days.
  • Pack one room at a time over the course of a week before the moving day. Instead of panicking about packing a few days before moving day, try to pack a room at least a week before moving day. That way, you can slowly focus on ensuring that all things are put in their right places and that you won’t misplace anything. Moreover, packing one room at a time allows you to avoid any unnecessary mishaps, especially regarding missing items. It also allows you to still be able to pull off other things you might have to do such as study and work without having to panic about accidentally packing essential things.
  • If possible, have your kids start packing the things they need the least first, and then pack the things they might need more urgently last in order to be able to get access to them should they need to. Get in touch with professionals to handle much of the heavy lifting. If you’re having a bit of trouble with the rest of your moving process, you might want to rely on professionals such as packing and moving services to deal with the heavy-duty moving tasks for you. Thanks to their expertise and specialization in various moving services, these moving teams can help you manage various parts of your move from packing and unpacking, storage, and even transportation. With their help, you might find it much easier to organize your move and still be able to accomplish your other moving needs without many worries.

Make It Work For Your Loved Ones

  • With the above tips in mind, it’s important to remember that it’s totally possible for you and your kids to conduct a house move while still having to meet your other obligations. Remember, the success of your house move lies in how you manage your various tasks – which means it’s actually the planning and execution stage that holds all the answers when it comes to successful house moves for your family. As such, remember to keep a close eye on how you communicate with your moving services, how you plan your inventory, and how you manage your entire moving timeline in general.
  • Dr. Dong’s Comments

    • Since Rhenn is not an educator he has left out some important things that you need to consider when moving with children. Depending on their age moving is likely to cause emotional difficulties for kids. They may be moving away from close friends and a school they like. I suggest reaching out to your school counselor for advice on this matter. This person may also be willing to meet with your children to help them. You should also involve them as much as possible in the process of looking for a new home as well as planning and executing the move. Try to make them seem like part of your team as you take on a great adventure.

    This post is provided by RoadwayMoving.Com

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