Starting a Business While In School? Here Are Five Tips To Help Your Business Run Smoothly by Craig Middleton

Sarting a Business
Starting a Business While In School? Here Are Five Tips To Help Your Business Run Smoothly by Craig Middleton offers advice for students or anyone else who wants to have a business of their own. Share with entrepreneurial students and adults you know. Thanks, Craig.

Being a small business owner can be complicated, especially while going to school, but it is also very rewarding. Your life is already consumed with homework and studying that it can be hard to find time to think about a side hustle. However, it’s never too late to think about your future. Not everyone gets to be their own boss and the perks are numerous, as long as you work hard to keep your business working smoothly. Sometimes keeping your business running like a well-oiled machine can seem overly complex, but if you keep these five tips in mind you will find that it can operate efficiently without too many extra hiccups.

1. Stay On Top Of Accounting
Accounting can take a lot of your business energy if you aren’t careful, but it can also be very easy to make sure that you have control of the reins. Make sure to take the time to do a Quickbooks comparison and see if you have the best accounting software to suit your company. The right software can make all the difference in staying on top of your accounting. Make sure that you are following up on all invoices and bills. The inflow and outflow of income are the life of your business, so you can’t just hope that things are going well. If you have the best software, you can always be in the know and this knowledge is business power.

2. Don’t Get Buried by Emails
Staying on top of emails can definitely feel taxing some days, but if you get too far behind it can make running your business much more difficult. Emails are usually the top form of communication for any business clientele and you want to keep your email timelines prompt and professional. If you are always answering in a timely manner your clients will respect and trust you. 
Small business owners thrive on the trust and relationship they have with their clients and other business partners. So replying and responding quickly through email will keep your business relationships on good terms and that will mean smooth sailing for your company as well.  

3. Plan Your Marketing in Advance
It can be complicated to plan your marketing too far in advance, but usually forecasting for the next month or two will keep things rolling without any hitches. Make a point to have a monthly or bi-monthly meeting to work in advance for all marketing strategies. 
Staying on top of marketing will mean that you consistently have new business coming in. You will be much less likely to hit a lull because you’ve put in the forethought to keep things running evenly. Planning ahead for a season when you know it tends to slow down will help you avoid the common pitfalls of that time of year.

4. Always Think About Networking
Staying on top of networking truly goes hand in hand with planning your marketing in advance. If you are doing the work of constantly networking you are always building your business potential. Having new contacts or potential new clients you can reach out to and start a relationship with will help keep moving your business forward. If you are always ready for the next step, then that will maximize the growth potential of your organization.

5. Invest In Your Employees
Your employees are essential to your business. There are so many reasons to invest in them and so many different ways to do so. Consider how you can best reward or celebrate them for their accomplishments or find small gestures to show them your appreciation. Happy employees will enhance the culture of your company and ensure that all the work is being accomplished effectively.
When you invest and train your employees well you will be more likely to delegate more tasks and responsibilities to them. The better the workload is distributed the more efficiently your business will run. Taking the time to build up your employees is quite frankly necessary. If you are the only employee be sure to take care of yourself.
Being the owner of a small business or tech startup can be hard work, and can be a bit overwhelming while going to school. It is truly not a career for the faint of heart. With these tips, you can make sure that you are giving your business the best chance at operating smoothly.

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