Why Getting Vaccinated is the SMART CHOICE by Dr. Doug Green – Updated 9/15/2021


Why I got Vaccinated and You Should Too by Dr. Doug Green

  • I published this prior to President Biden’s recent action on COVID where he said that all federal employees and anyone who works for an organization with more than 100 employees need to be vaccinated or tested weekly. As a result, I did an update. Please share with anyone you know who isn’t vaccinated. It may say a life.
  • Everyone I know personally has been vaccinated, it’s clear that there are a lot of people in the US who have so far chosen not to. The purpose of this article is to explain why choosing the vaccine puts the odds way in your favor when it comes to avoiding serious illness and death. Good luck.
  • 1. If you don’t trust the government, don’t worry. The government did not make the vaccine! The government is not forcing anyone to get vaccinated! The vaccines were created by the private sector with strong encouragement from the Trump administration. The entire Trump and Biden families have been vaccinated. Recently, however, President Biden took action that will require federal employees and anyone working for an organization with more than 100 employees to get vaccinated to show a negative test weekly. If you are determined not to be vaccinated you face the inconvenience and possibly the cost of weekly testing. You also run the risk of a false positive or a real positive followed by a week or two of quarantine for which you might not get paid. Failure to comply could cost you your job.
  • 2. 99+% of people in hospitals with COVID are NOT vaccinated. (2) That alone should be the only reason you need to get vaccinated unless you really like hanging out in hospitals and the possibility of being placed on a ventilator or dying.
  • 3. Vaccines have eliminated some diseases altogether like smallpox and polio. Almost all of us had a number of vaccines when we were young for a variety of diseases. Within the last decade, I also had vaccines for pneumonia and shingles. Many people actually die from pneumonia when their lungs fill with fluids caused by some other disease. Are you afraid of needles? It’s time to suck it up. There is little or no real pain and the process lasts a few seconds. Will the injection site be a little sore the next day? Probably, but on a scale from one to ten it’s more like a one.
  • 4. Muslim terrorists are noted anti-vaxers. They have been known to murder medical personnel trying to bring vaccines for things like measles to people in rural communities. When it comes to vaccines do you really want to be on their side of the argument?
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  • 5. Are you shunning the vaccine because you think it’s the conservative thing to do? Note that every news anchor on the conservative Fox News Network has been vaccinated and encourages you to do the same. They are also quick to point out that the matter is your choice.
  • 6. People with low levels of education are far less likely to be vaccinated. Poor people are far less likely to be vaccinated. Are these groups you identify with? With an earned doctorate and a generous pension, I am well educated and not poor. I got vaccinated. Even if you are poor and didn’t finish high school you can benefit from the decisions that well-educated wealthy people have made for the most part.
  • 7. Vaccinated people who do get covid get a mild form. This happened to my daughter and her husband. Now they have natural immunity to go along with the vaccine.
  • 8. While there are no long-term studies, there are millions of people who have been vaccinated for over ten months as of this writing. So far there is nothing to indicate that there is any long-term downside for vaccinated people. (9/14/2021)
  • If you are a gambling person, all the information we have suggests that getting vaccinated is the way to go if you want the odds in your favor. Don’t forget that millions have died worldwide and many others suffer from the effects of what is called ‘long COVID,’ (1) It’s your choice, but it’s hard to argue that getting vaccinated isn’t the Smart Choice.

(1) Davis, Kayla. ‘Long COVID’ affects 1 in 10 kids, Israel survey finds, New York Post, 9/16/2021, @nypost @JournoRivas

(2) Fonrouge, Gabrielle T. The new 99%: These are the people who are getting serious cases of COVID-19, New York Post, 9/9/2021, @FonrougeGab @nypost

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