Six Reasons To Seek Higher Education by Craig Middleton

Why Educate
Six Reasons To Seek Higher Education by Craig Middleton – Getting an education is fundamental to your overall well-being. Learning is the key to gaining skills and general knowledge to help you succeed in your career and life. Here are six reasons why you should consider continuing your education.

1. Earn a Higher Salary

  • The earnings history of workers shows that the higher level of education you have, the more you will learn over your lifetime. It would help if you started by completing your primary education, as high school graduates earn more than those who have not completed primary school. After graduating with a high school diploma, you can go to college to obtain an undergraduate degree. Lifetime earnings for a college graduate can be over a million dollars more than a high school graduate. Even if you need to get student loans for college the cost will be worth more excellent earning capacity.

2. Increase Your Confidence

  • Taking classes or pursuing a degree can improve your confidence. As you learn new information and skills, you are accomplishing a goal. You will likely be challenged and have to pass tests or complete projects to be successful. Going through the classes and completing all tasks should make you feel more accomplished. In addition, learning about new topics can expand your mind and open up new experiences.

3. Improve Your Qualifications

  • If you are trying to get a promotion with your current employer or change jobs to another employer, having more education can be helpful. You can take classes that focus on elevating your existing skillset. Many colleges offer certificate programs that you can take as a part of a continuing and professional studies program to allow you to become certified in a field. If you can obtain a certification, you will have more qualifications to list on your applications. In addition, your completion of any program of studies demonstrates your commitment to improvement and shows your dedication to becoming an expert in your field.

4. Expand Your Network

  • Getting a higher education will expand your mind and increase the contacts in your social and professional network. Colleges and universities offer access to recruiters, groups, and alumni associations. If you are a student, you can connect with all these stakeholders. In addition, the school should offer you counseling on how to apply for positions and who to contact to get more information on job postings. Any school wants its graduates to be successful, offering extensive resources to promote your achievement. You can take advantage of all this assistance to expand your professional contacts to create more opportunities for yourself.

5. Provide More Job Security

  • Jobs that require a higher level of education or skill set have a more challenging time filling positions with qualified workers. As such, the more specialized education you need for your job, the more secure that position will be. Almost anyone can take orders at a fast-food restaurant, but it takes many years of education and training to be a brain surgeon. You can seek specialized training in various fields, so there are many options to choose from. Some of these can include hands-on training in addition to book learning. You will also become more valuable to your employer if you become an expert in the particular area your job encompasses.

6. Elevate Your Lifestyle

  • More education does lead to higher-paying jobs, but these jobs also usually come with additional benefits that improve your lifestyle. If you are sought after by employers because you have a special education or skill set, you can negotiate a better benefits package. Some benefits may include stock options that can help you build your wealth. Other perks include additional paid time off and flexible hours. All of these benefits can help improve your quality of life.


  • Education can be the key to your future. Having more skills and knowledge can help you find a new job and advance in your current position.

Craig Middleton

  • Craig is a New York City-based retired business consultant, who is an expert in education and cultural trends. He has a Masters of Business Administration and a Masters in Education from St. Johns and loves sharing his knowledge on the side through his writing. If you have any questions or comments you can direct them to Craig at
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