Learning Resources

1/17 How do Hard Disk Drives Work? This is very detailed and a good science lesson for high school on up. @BranchES2012 @PCBWayOfficial

1/17 Renewable Energy and How We Can Use It – This a good place to introduce students to renewable energy concepts. This is also an ad for renewable energy companies. @GreenerEnergyG

1/17 Does Marijuana Cause Strokes and Heart Attacks? If you or your kids think smoking marijuana is safe, you may want to think again. @nutrition_facts

1/16 BEST 10 Foods To DETOX and CLEANSE Your Kidneys Naturally (REVERSE Kidney Damage) – I eat a lot of these and I’m never sick. @Health_Zone_ @HealthZoneShop

1/16 Never Vacuum Sawdust, Broken Glass Or These Four Other Substances – This is a good practical lesson for kids and adults. @WhichUK

1/16 These states pay the highest prices for McDonald’s — plus, which state gets the best deal – See if your kids can guess which states are high and low. David Landsel via @nypost

1/11 The True Financial Cost Of Smoking, Mapped By State – WalletHub calculated the potential monetary losses of the habit to find out which states’ smokers are costing them the most. @wallethub @darcymiajimenez @digg

1/11 How An Igloo Keeps You Warm? This is a good science lesson for upper elementary oh up. @okaytobesmart

1/10 Newton’s three-body problem explained – Gravity is pretty tricky. This is a good science lesson for middle school on up. @Fabio_Pacucci @TED_ED

1/10 5 apps that’ll help get you out of your next speeding ticket – Driving fast can be thrilling, but it can also be dangerous and costly. That’s why you need to be aware of the speed limits and the locations of speed cameras on your route. @cyberguy @FoxNeews @nypost

1/10 The Science of Farts – This short video should be a hit with students from upper elementary on up. @okaytobesmart @CuriosityStream

1/9 America’s Unhealthiest States, Mapped – Forbes Advisor compared the 50 states on more than 20 metrics to find out which had the least healthy populations. @ForbesAdvisor @darcymiajimenez

1/9 Top 10 NutritionFacts.org Videos of 2023 -They are all good, but be sure to watch #2 about Soy Mile. @nutrition_facts

1/5 Watch first video ever of humpback whale giving birth: ‘It’s never been seen.’ National Geographic on Friday teased the jaw-dropping video, which will be released — from start to finish — as part of the network’s new series “Incredible Animal Journeys” airing Nov. 19. @NatGeo @NatGeoTV

1/5 How arts education builds better brains and better lives – From the book “Your Brain on Art” by Susan Magsamen and Ivy Ross. @susanmagsamen

1/4 Freezing water expands. What if you don’t let it? This is a good science lesson for high school on up. @minutephysics @brilliantorg

1/4 What happened to EVs? The sudden slowdown in electric car sales is a symptom of a much uglier problem. You need to read this if you have a car. @parismarx

1/3 A pump can fill a pool in 10hrs. Another pump can fill it in 15hrs. Both pumps together will take? Teachers in grades 4-12 should see how many ways their students can do this. I got it right away and my method is in the comments. TabletClass Math via @YouTube @SanePerson1@brianmcswigan430 @doesntmatter3068

1/3 The Plan to Put Pig Genes in Soy Beans for Tastier Fake Meat – Molecular farming company Moolec has inserted pig genes into soy beans to generate meaty-tasting proteins that can be grown in plants. @mattsreynolds1 @WIRED

1/2/2024 The Four Tectonic Plate Boundaries and the Hazards they Create – This short animation is perfect for Earth science classes from upper elementary on up. @SimpleGeography

1/2/2024 Where Americans Spend The Biggest Share Of Their Income On Housing, Mapped. The authors say you are “housing-burdened” if you spend more than 30% of your income on rent or your housing costs. @HUDgov @darcymiajimenez @digg

1/2/2024 Why Is Desalination So Difficult? This is an overview of seawater desalination: removing salt to make drinkable water from the ocean. Practical Engineering @YouTube

1/2/2024 Black Hole Star – The Star That Shouldn’t Exist – Share with any astronomy buffs you know. @Kurz_Gesagt

12/29 The Tantalizing Mystery of the Solar System’s Hidden Oceans – The moons orbiting Jupiter and Saturn appear to have subsurface oceans which could support life beyond Earth. But it’s not clear why these seas exist at all. @robin_andrews10 @WIRED

12/28 Cars Are Getting Bigger. Can Smarter Software Make Them Safer? Automobiles have gotten much bigger in recent years, alarming road safety experts. The chief engineer at Chrysler’s owner Stellantis says the solution is offering drivers more choice and smarter software. @AarianMarshall @WURED

12/27 How to Test for Functional Vitamin B12 Deficiency – Vegetarians and vegans need to take B12 supplament to reduce the probability of a stroke. @nutrition_facts

12/27 What Happens To Your Hand When You Pop Knuckles, And Why It Isn’t Bad For You – Using a lab cadaver, the Institute of Human Anatomy details what happens when we pop or crack our knuckles, and why you shouldn’t be worried about it. @AnatomyLab @brilliantorg

12/27 Five Historical Misconceptions Rundown – Columbus wasn’t the first guy who knew that the Earth was spherical. @kmacleod @cgpgrey

12/26 How Does LIGHT Carry Data? – Fiber Optics Explained – This is a good video for middle school on up. @QuickieTec78356 @brilliantorg

12/26 The Geography of Heating US Homes – Homes in the United States are heated by a variety of fuels. Most homes rely on natural gas for heat, but oil, propane, electricity, and wood are also common. @mapsdotcom

12/26 How Cell Service Actually Works – This starts by explaining electromagnetic radiation and the part of the spectrum known as visible light. Share with science teachers and students you know. @wendoverpro

12/21 How to make your own Red Bull – If you liie energy drinks it’s not that hard to make your own. @FlavorLabs @digg

12/20 Everything You Need To Know About Electric Car Tires – This is also a pretty good science lesson. @jasonfenske13 @HankookTireUSA

12/20 Watch Live As Iceland’s Reykjanes Volcano Erupts – Every science from third grade on up should watch this. Also, be sure to put Iceland on your bucket list. @SkyNews @darcymiajimenez @digg
12/19 When World’s Largest Aircraft Carrier Goes To War | Full Documentary – If you know any students who are considering joining the Navy, please share this with them as they could end up on an aircraft carrier. Note, there are woman steering the ship and doing other jobs. #aircraftcarrier #usnavy #documentary

12/19 Death Percents
There is no link here, just an excellent graph that shows how we die and how the media handles it. @Katherine_Mel_B

12/19 At The Intersection of Tactical Athlete and old guy Fitness – These are three exercises you should consider adding to your daily routine. @keith_rutledge

12/18 The Cities And States With The Most Solar-Powered Homes For Sale, Ranked – See if your kids can draw any conclusions from this interesting data. @MarketWatch @zillow @darcymiajimenez

12/18 New Yorker’s Won’t Buy EVs… Why? I own a plug-in hybrid, which is the best of both worlds. Cash Jorden via @YouTube

12/18 Creative Ways to Use the Internet for Self-Care – Watch your life improve by leaps and bounds when you put self-care first in all aspects of life, including socially, mentally, and physically. Teresa Siqueira via @porchdotcom

12/15 How to Ripen Bananas in Mere Minutes – While you can’t technically make bananas ripen faster—only time can do that, here are some tricks to help an underripe fruit approximate the texture of a ripe banana. ZOE DENENBERG via @bonappetit

12/15 Incredible Reasons Why US Navy Aircraft Carriers are Almost Impossible to Sink – I learned a lot from this. You and your students can too. @TheInfoShow

12/15 30 Techy Gifts Under $100 That We Tested and Love – Score a great gift for everyone on your list without breaking the bank. Every one of these gifts comes WIRED-recommended. @IamSimonHill @WIRED

12/13 The US States With The Worst Drivers, Ranked – It turns out that my home state of NY isn’t so bad, but watch out if you visit Texas. @darcymiajimenez @digg

12/12 How to detox coal country – A major project is underway to clean up the discharge, restore the health of Sunday Creek and the watershed around it, and build a whole new industry by creating a product from a pollutant. Kate Morgan via @voxdotcom

12/12 Why is it so hard to escape poverty? If you get a job youno longer get givernment subsidies and you are poorer. @annhelenbay @TED_Ed

12/8 Where Americans Are Moving Abroad – This interactive graph is very interesting. See if your kids can guess where most are going before you show this to them. @darcymiajimenez @digg

12/6 Americans’ Trust In The Media Over Time, Visualized – Across the US, confidence in the mass media is the lowest it’s been in six years. @darcymiajimenez @Gallup @VisualCap

12/6 4.5 Billion Years in 1 Hour = This is a brilliant animation of what we think happened on Earth since it was formed. It is an hour long, but it is worth it for kids of any age. @Kurz_Gesagt

12/6 The Animals That Kill The Most Humans Every Year, Ranked – See if your kids can guess which animals are at the top of this list. @darcymiajimenez @statspanda1 @digg

12/5 How to Use AI to Create Fun Review Games – We know that retrieval of things we recently learned is a great way to enforce learning. You can also use Google’s Bard to make quizzes. @rmbyrne @Quizalizeapp

12/5 Strategic Walking by Dr. Doug Green – Walking is great exercise. Here are some guidelines to follow that make walking a safer experience. @DrDougGreen @mssackstein

12/4 e (Euler’s Number) is seriously everywhere | The strange times it shows up and why it’s so important. If you get far enough into math this will show up. @ImZachStar

12/4 Is Breakfast the Most Important Meal for Weight Loss or Should It Be Skipped? Is is cause and effect or just correlation? @nutrition_facts

12/4 Why being bilingual is good for your brain – My second language is Swedish and I try to practice it daily. If you aren’t practicing a new language it’s time to start. @bbcideas

12/1/2023 Watch A Pine Cone Turn Into A Tree In This Silky-Smooth Time-Lapse. This is perfect for science class at almost any age. @boxlapse @digg
12/1/2023 These skills will be essential across every work sector over the next decade. Every high school student and teacher should read this. @SWNS @PerScholas @OnePoll @nypost

11/30 The Tinkle Belle Female Urination Stand To Pee Device Accessory – If I were a woman I would definitely have one of these. It’s about time. Males great gifts. @TheTinkleBelle

11/30 A New Type of Geothermal Power Plant Just Made the Internet a Little Greener. A new approach to geothermal energy makes it possible to tap the energy of hot rocks just about anywhere. A pilot plant in Nevada is now helping to power Google data centers. @GregoryJBarber @WIRED

11/30 How did the Great Explorers avoid getting lost at sea? This is good science and history lesson. Mastering Knowledge via @YouTube

11/28 10 SINKING Cities on the Verge of Disaster – Being near the coast and pumping out a lot of ground water seem to be the recipe for a sinking city. World According To Briggs via @YouTube

11/28 Ancient Rome Reborn Through Virtual Reality – If you haven’t been to Rome yet be sure to put it on your bucket list. @AncientRomeLive

11/28 What’s an algorithm? – David J. Malan @davidjmalan @TED_ED

11/28 How A Fruit Juice Company Helped The US Steal Hawaii – This history of Hawaii shows how it went from a monarchy to a US state. Share with history teachers and students you know. @weird_hist @darcymiajimenez

11/27 Three books to help you negotiate anything – If you have 83 seconds you can listen to this. Look below for my summary of “Influence.” @DanielPink

11/27 I talked to 263 of the world’s longest-living people—their 9 ‘non-negotiables’ for a long, happy life – Okinawa, Japan; Sardinia, Italy; Nicoya, Costa Rica; Ikaria, Greece and Loma Linda, California are some of the places this author found people living over 100 years. @thedanbuettner @CNBC

11/22 Freedom in the 50 States – The overall freedom ranking is a combination of personal and economic freedoms. Based on more than 230 state and local public policies. My home state of New York is dead last. How is your state doing? @CatoInstitute @ccampy

11/22 Toys that ‘spy’ on children are an increasing threat,. Toys that record children’s voices, images, locations, and other information pose a risk to children’s safety and privacy. @uspirg @diazmadriana

11/17 A Reporter Visited Over 120 EV Chargers: Three Reasons Why So Many Were Broken. One columnist’s Los Angeles power struggle featured out-of-order signs, payment errors and connection problems. @JoannaStern @WSJ

11/15 The experts: Cardiologists on 20 simple, successful steps to a healthy heart – Our hearts are muscles and need proper fuel and rest. Here is how to keep yours on top form – from avoiding cocaine to watching your cholesterol. See how many your students can guess. @sarahlphillips @guardian

11/14 Consumption of popular fruit may reduce dementia risk. I eat strawberries and blueberries even day and still feel as sharp as ever at 76. @tracyswartz @nypost

11/14 Excellent Advice for Living: Wisdom I Wish I’d Learned Earlier by Kevin Kelly – I haven’t read this yet, but I’ve never read anything by him that I didn’t like. @kevin2kelly @WIRED

11/14 How Destroying The Aral Sea Turned Into To An Environmental Catastrophe – This is 26 minutes long, but it’s full of many important environmental science and geopolitical concepts. Consider having your students watch it for homework. @RealLifeLore22

11/13 Land Navigation at the Sawmill FTX – Why does a tactical competition have a land navigation event? If you can’t get there, nothing else matters. @keith_rutledge

11/13 Use ‘Dual Coding’ to Study Twice As Effectively. This proven studying technique involves using two methods at once. @lifehacker @ellefs0n

11/13 Seven surprising ways the public library can help you save money – Everyone knows you can save money on books by checking them out at the library instead of buying them. But did you know that libraries can help you save on other things too? @audreynlnguyen @MindShiftKQED

11/10 Ten MAJOR PROBLEMS With Electric Cars You Must Know Before Buying One – This might be a good in-class discussion topic. Car Help Corner via @YouTube shari_pryma​. on instagram

1/9 Here’s the Truth Behind the Biggest (and Dumbest) Battery Myths. Yes, charging your phone overnight is bad for its battery. And no, you don’t need to turn off your device to give the battery a break. Here’s why. @gracefbrowne @WIRED

11/9 Standard deviation Simply Explained – The most common measures of dispersion for metric variables are the standard deviation and the variance in statistics. These two measures relate each expression of a variable to the mean and indicate how much the individual expressions scatter around the mean. @DataTableDev

11/8 The Mississippi River Explained in under 3 minutes – This is something kids in grade for and up should watch. It also has lots of subtitles and the ability to slow it down for second language learners. FactSpark via @YouTube

11/8 One State’s Approach to AI Integration and Rapid Reskilling – We must leverage the momentum of AI to help us build future-ready learning models that serve ALL students. @Getting_Smart

11/8 Why the International Date Line Looks So Stupid – This is a bit of a mind blower, but it should work as enrichment for middle school on up. @RealLifeLore22

11/7 How To Fight Cognitive Decline By Weight Training Focused On Strength – Research suggests that getting stronger through resistance training is beneficial for cognitive performance in older adults. @joellealedu

11/3 The Ultra-Efficient Farm of the Future Is in the Sky. Take a tour of a rooftop laboratory where scientists show how growing crops under solar panels can produce both food and clean energy. @mrMattSimon @WIRED

11/3 Six Chemical Reactions That Changed History – This is a great chemistry lesson. You can also set up subtitles in just about any language and slow down the pace. This makes it also great for language learning. @okaytobesmart @DrJoeHanson @PBSDS

11/2 Sawmill FTX: A different tactical competition – These competitions remind me of the modern pentathlon where you have to run, shoot, and fight with a sward. @keith_rutledge

11/2 Why Read Books When You Can Use Chatbots to Talk to Them Instead? Book publishers are experimenting with chatbot editions of new titles, providing “conversational companions” for readers. WILL KNIGHT via @WIRED

11/1 Five Simple Tricks To Instantly Lower Your Stress Levels – Stress can feel impossible to navigate when you’re in the thick of it—but there are strategies to help mitigate the effects it has on our life. Georgia Day via @voguemagazine

10/31 Virginia high school student creates soap to fight skin cancer, is awarded $25K: ‘Remarkable effort’. Heman Bekele, who attends W.T. Woodson High School in the Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) system, was crowned “America’s Top Young Scientist” and awarded $25,000 after winning this year’s 3M Young Scientist Challenge. @MelissaRudy @FoxNews @nypost

10/31 Where You Live Is As Important As What You Eat. Air quality, heat, and food in your neighborhood have a big influence on your health. Future urban design needs to take this into account. @redique @WIRED

10/30 How to Help Your Child Think Like a Scientist – Parents and caregivers don’t need special training in science or engineering to help our child develop inquiry skills. @dfkris @PBSKIDS

10/27 Westward Expansion: Crash Course US History – This is most appropriate for high school and up. @TheCrashCourse @johngreen @stanwmuller

10/27 Ranked: The 25 Blackest Cities in the USA (2023) This video is from a black organization. It is upfront about the cities with poverty and crime issues, but features many cities that sound like good places to live. People of any race should watch this fine video. @black_excellist

10/26 Here’s What It Looks Like When Drivers Accelerate From Zero To 100 KMPH In Less Than A Second – This is also a science lesson. @tomscott @digg

10/26 The Best Pumpkin Carving Kits – Bring your Halloween jack-o’-lanterns to life with these pumpkin carving tools for kids and kids at heart alike. MATT JANCER via WEIRD

0/25 How The Mississippi River Started – This is a great geography lesson for kids of any age. @JohnSnellFox8 @TomWVUE

10/25 Hidden Potential: The Science of Achieving Greater Things by Adam Grant – “I read [it] in one sitting, loved it, and have been thinking about it ever since…This is Adam Grant’s finest work—it will inspire you.”—Malcolm Gladwell @AdamMGrant @Wharton @Gladwell

10/24 Viagra could slash risk of Alzheimer’s disease by 60%. Is it time to ask your doctor about this? Also, check on any side effects. @SteinbergBrooke @nypost

10/24 This Vaccine Protects Against Cancer—but Not Enough Boys Are Getting It. The HPV vaccine can effectively prevent a range of cancers if administered at the right age. But boys still can’t access it in most countries. @gracefbrowne @WIRED

10/23 The Cities And ZIP Codes That Complain The Most About Their Neighborhoods, Ranked – Many cities in the US offer the 311 phone number as a way for residents to report issues — like graffiti, trash dumping and flooding — in their neighborhood. This is also a cool way to display data. @MoverDB @darcymiajimenez @digg

10/23 Here’s All the Gear You Need to Start Birding – This seems like a fun hobby for kids and families. SCOTT GILBERTSON via @WIRED

10/23 A Solo Female Travel Influencer Has One Safety Rule She Never Breaks. You have to read down a ways to find it, but I totally agree, and I’m a single male. @HPUKPersonal

10/20 Tactical, Practical, and Dynamic Shooting Competitions – Dynamic shooting events are shooting events that combine shooting with some combination of movement, fitness, decision making, and skills from other disciplines such as fieldcraft or tactics. If you own a gun, this sounds like fun. Full Confession: I do not own a gun. @keith_rutledg

10/19 How NASA Nearly Lost the Voyager 2 Spacecraft Forever – The space agency lost touch with the beloved spacecraft following a faulty command signal. Here’s how it happened—and how engineers worked to bring it back. @raminskibba @WIRED

10/18 The Top States Americans Are Moving To, Mapped – You can click to see which states are gaining population and which states are losing. @StorageCafe @darcymiajimenez @digg

10/18 All Italian Regions Explained in 27 Minutes With Subtitles – For my money Italy is the best when it comes to seanic beauty, art, architecture, food, and friendly people. I’ve been there three times and plan on going again. Piazzasquare italiano on @YouTube

10/16 A Concrete Crisis Has the UK Literally Crumbling. Hundreds of schools, hospitals, and other public buildings made from RAAC, a cheap, lightweight concrete, have to close—the victims of quick fixes and decades of cost-cutting. @SabrinaMWeiss @WIRED

10/16 Five Italian Red Wines You Must Try – Full confession, I am a wino. I know a lot about wine, but I have a lot more to learn about Italian wines that seem to be the most complicated. @WineFolly

10/16 Annular Solar Eclipse Time-Lapse Ring of Fire!! If you missed the total annular eclipse on Saturday, Oct 14, 2023, here is what it looked like. @KennethBrandon

10/13 This Handy Science Trick Will Help You Beat Your Friends In A Bar Bet. Give it a try and share it with science teachers and students you know. @museumofscience

10/13 History of Israel-Palestine Conflict – I light of the recent violence in this region, everyone from middle school on up should watch this. There may be some bias here, but I can’t detect any. @stoicinvestor_ #Gaza_Strip

10/13 The ‘Green’ Future of Furniture Is a Sofa Stuffed With Seaweed. Foam rubber—like the filling inside your couch—produces an enormous amount of CO2. A Norwegian company called Agoprene thinks seaweed could be the solution. DELLE CHAN via @WIRED

10/12 Why this instrument explains Black American folk music – Black slaves brought early versions of the banjo with them from Africa. Jake Blount via @voxdotcom

10/11 How We Solved the Greatest Riddle In Navigation – I should have learned this in school, but I didn’t. @okaytobesmart

10/10 Anatomy Expert Shows How Much Blood Your Kidneys Can Filter In 24 Hours. Jonathan from the Institute of Human Anatomy uses a real-life kidney to demonstrate all the impressive functions these little organs are capable of. It’s a great science lesson. @AnatomyLab @brilliantorg @darcymiajimenez @digg

10/6 vMLB Teams’ Payrolls Versus Win Total, Visualized – This a great math lesson. The R in the lower left is the correlation coefficient. The R^2 = 0.012 means that you can attribute 1.2% of a team’s wins to their payroll. @jaredrusso

10/6 F-35 lightning II, in this stunning display of speed & agility Pacific Airshow Huntington beach – This is a pretty real time video of the US top jet showing off. I found it to be mesmerizing. @elwynroberts1

10/6 South Korea Is On The Path To Population Collapse, The Rest Of The World Isn’t Far Behind. This is a good social studies and math lesson for middle school on up. @Kurz_Gesagt @brilliantorg @digg

10/5 Solving Mysteries on Mars -In this episode, Kasey chats with Immersive Content Director Phil Birchinall from Discovery Education. @ShakeUpLearning @philbirchinall @DiscoveryEd

10/5 Crispr Pioneer Jennifer Doudna Has the Guts to Take On the Microbiome. The world-famous biochemist is ready to tackle everything from immune disorders and mental illness to climate change—all by altering microbes in the digestive tract. @backchnnl @WIRED @DoudnaJennifer

10/4 Chef Shares 100 Kitchen Hacks That Are Actually Useful. This is 36 minutes long, but if you are into cooking as I am it’s worth it. @therealweissman @digg



10/4 Yelling at kids can be as harmful as sexual or physical abuse. New research out of the US and London shows that shouting at children can be just as harmful to them as sexual or physical abuse. @Jane_Herz @nypost

10/3 Michio Kaku Explains Everything You Need To Know About String Theory In Under A Minute. Unless you’re a physics researcher, this bare-bones explainer will get you through any cocktail party conversation. @michiokaku

10/3 How Satellites Are Used To Map The Vast And Light-less Ocean Floor – The ocean floor isn’t flat, and its mountains and trenches are represented by the ocean levels. Here’s how satellites and other submarines use sonar and other tech to map the ocean floor. @cleoabram

10/2 The World’s Stock Market, Visualized – The global stock market is an incomprehensible $109 trillion big, and we have a pie chart to show who controls how much. @jaredrusso @digg

10/2 The Best Museums In America, Ranked – How many have you been to? @darcymiajimenez @digg

9/29 We Created A New Way To Learn Swedish. This applies to any other language. @stefanthyron

9/28 How To Read Faster, Get Through More Books And Still Retain The Information. These tips make sense to me. @cajunkoi

9/28 What Imax Films Look Like Compared To Other Types = From 16MM to the IMAX 70MM (with 15 sprocket holes), the film industry sure has come a long way. @HelloSidneyReed
9/27 The Happiest States in the US, Mapped – Can your students see any trends here? @wallethub @MatadorNetwork @JoriAyers

9/27 All the Top New Features in macOS Sonoma – Apple has officially released macOS 14. Here’s a breakdown of all the new features, which Macs support it, and how to download it. @BStoly @WIRED

9/26 Ninety Animals Ranked By Their Eyesight – Share with any biology teachers and studens you know. @jaredrusso @digg

9/26 12 QUICK-BUILD SOLUTIONS THAT ARE REALLY IMPRESSIVE – If you want a living structure built quickly there are any options. @TechZone_DPEF

9/26 Foods that Help Headache and Migraine Relief – These are foods I eat all the time and I never have headaches. @nutrition_facts

9/25 The Most And Least Diverse States, Mapped – It may surprise you to learn which states are more diverse than others, not just in terms of race and ethnicity, but in other ways too. @wallethub @jaredrusso @digg

9/25 Corruption Perception Index: A world urgently in need of action. The CPI ranks 180 countries and territories around the world by their perceived levels of public sector corruption. What can your students conclude from this data? @erikssonphd @anticorruption

9/22 The Mississippi River Explained in under three minutes – If a social studies teacher has three minutes left in a period they can show this. via FactSpark @YouTube #Mississippi #Rivers #Geography

9/22 Everything You Need to Know About Getting Your Genome Sequenced – DNA sequencing can assess your risk of developing certain diseases. It could even help provide medicines personalized to your genes one day. Governments want you to get involved. @RachaelPells @WIRED

9/21 Sleep experts reveal 5 foods to avoid for a good night’s sleep – Are you struggling to sleep? Your late-night snack might be the problem. @AdrianaDiaz @nypost

9/21 Berries
This Trick Prevents Mold From Ruining Your Berries. I’ve been adding maple syrup, but this looks better. #optimistickitchen

9/20 Map of How Early Humans Migrated Across the World – This should be part of any history curriculum. via Tepsters Tips @YouTube

9/20 These habits can cut the risk of depression in half, a new study finds. I do all of these seven things and I’ve never felt depressed. How about you? @AubreyNPR @NPR

9/20 Unleashing Your Athletic Potential: A Guide to Sports Scholarships and Grants. Although athletic scholarships are indeed hard to get, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. @smartstudynow

9/19 How The Food You Eat Affects Your Pee – This is a good science lesson for upper elementary on up. Everyone should know this. @darcymiajimenez @digg

9/19 High Oxalate Greens and Kidney Stones – Too many of some greens can cause kidney problems. @nutrition_facts

9/18 The Happiest States In The US, Ranked – WalletHub compared the 50 states on 30 key metrics — from share of adult depression to the average number of work hours — to find out where in the US people are happiest. How happy is your state? @darcymiajimenez @wallethub

9/18 How To Pick The Best Broccoli At The Grocery Store – Broccoli is on of the best foods you can eat. Here are simple tips for buying the best. @fruitnerd

9/18 Would You Survive Falling Into Piranha-Infested Waters? Kids should find this TED Ed video interesting. @TED_ED @darcymiajimenez digg

9/15 Billionaire reveals what he seeks in a job applicant, and the ‘lifetime habits’ needed to succeed. This looks like great advice to me. @BradHamiltonTV @nypost

9/15 These 10 nutrition mistakes could be taking years off your life: Here’s what to do instead. I study nutrition a lot and this all makes sense. @melistomeo @nypost

9/15 How to pump yourself up — with a question. (46 seconds) You should alwasy have time for Daniel Pink’s Pinkcast. @DanielPink @washingtonpost

9/14 How to See Venice in A Day I did Venice in 2019. It is the MOST AMAZING place on Earth I’ve been to. This 19 is great to watch if you plan to visit and it’s cool even if you don’t. @thetourguy

9/14 The Impact of Talking to Yourself – The big take-aways from the lesson are the positive self-talk can be good for you and negative self-talk is bad. @TED_ED @rmbyrne

9/13 World Electricity Sources 2022 – Unfortunately, coal is still number one. @VCElements @VisualCap

9/13 The US States That Vaccinate The Most, Ranked – This is interesting. Do you or your students see any trends? @wallethub @darcymiajimenez @digg

9/8 3D Printing Houses Can Cut Down Build Times By Six Weeks. These houses are still priced around $500K, but the move to automated construction has a lot of potential to cut costs. @BsaGrant

9/8 How Sustainable is Sweden? I was just there and was amazed with a visit to a recycling facility. @planet_proof

9/7 The Difference Between How Car Engines And Electric Vehicle Motors Work – You probably know EVs are more efficient than normal cars, but do you know why? @darcymiajimenez @digg @TED_ED

9/7 The States Where Childcare Costs More Than College, Visualized – It looks like Hawaii and Vermont are on opposite ends of this spectrum. @jaredrusso
9/6 The Most-Spoken Language In Each US State (Besides English And Spanish), Mapped – Can you guess what it is in your state? @darcymiajimenez

9/6 The Most Popular Undergraduate Degrees In The US, Ranked – It’s sad to see education dip by 14%. @darcymiajimenez

9/6 Are There Any Benefits of Flaxseed for Weight Loss? We know with sufficient certainty that flaxseeds do indeed help lower cholesterol levels. I add some to my daily diet. @nutrition_facts

9/5 Benefits of Garlic Powder for Heart Disease – @nutrition_facts

8/28 Neurologist Explains The Four Main Reasons You Tend To Remember Useless Stuff And Not Precious Memories. When it comes to our brains, these energy efficient organs are designed to cut down, even at the cost of remembering our favorite moments. @joellealedu rachelle_summers_ of Instagram

8/28 Meditation is more than either stress relief or enlightenment. Exploring the wider range of meditation is no longer reserved for the monasteries. @voxdotcom Zhixuan via YouTube

8/28 Here is how the Lander Imager Camera captured the moon’s image just prior to touchdown. After landing Chandrayaan-3, India became the fourth nation to make a soft-landing on the moon, and first to land a craft near the lunar south pole. @isro
8/23 Why Are There UPPERCASE and lowercase Letters? – English teachers adn students will like this. @GeneralistPaper via @YouTube

8/23 Uncovering the History of the Banjo with Rhiannon Giddens: From African Roots to American Music. This is perfect if you want to show how Africans brought this culture to the US. This should make black kids feel proud. @RhiannonGiddens @Wondrium

8/17 These Animals Looked Very Different Before Humans Started Breeding Them For Food. Humans began domesticating wild animals some 11,000 years ago. Students from upper elementary on up should like this. @darcymiajimenez @digg Weird History Food on YouTube

8/17 What’s the Ideal BMI and Waist Size? This video may be triggering for people with a history of eating disorders. While there is an optimum waist size for health, it is important that one does not go to extreme measures to achieve these numbers. @nutrition_facts

8/15 Kids’ Breakfast Cereals as Nutritional Façade – If you are letting your kids eat this stuff you need to watch this. @nutrition_facts

8/15 How to turn failure into progress – This is good advice in only 34 seconds. @DanielPink

8/14 The $105 Trillion World Economy, Visualized – With a predicted GDP of $26.9 trillion for 2023, the US remains the world’s largest economy. @darcymiajimenez

8/10 Eating a handful of these nuts daily can slash the risk of depression. A recent study suggests that eating nuts could have some surprising mental health benefits. I’ve seen a lot of people extolling nuts. I eat a lot of them myself. @SteinbergBrooke @nypost

8/10 Americans are clueless about how much of these nutrients they need. Nearly half of Americans aren’t eating as many fruits and veggies as they should be, according to new research. @SWNS @nypost
8/9 Why is glass transparent? How is it that something so solid can be so invisible? This is a cool science lesson. @markmiodownik @TED_ED

8/8 Airline Hub and Route Geography – If you fly at all you will find this interesting. It’s an example of how a big problem gets solved. Geography King via @YouTube

8/8 Eight Great Science Resources – I’m familiar with most of them and they are all good. @TCEA @SciShow @8Amber8

8/7 Tank Strength by Country – Tanks seem kind of obsolete to em. I wonder why some of these countries even have tanks. RED SIDE via @YouTube

8/7 The Symptoms of Vitamin B12 Deficiency and Optimal Dosage for Adults – Find out how much you need even if you are a vegan. @nutrition_facts

8/7 How Bees Have Out Smarted Us In Math For Millions Of Years – When it comes to effective liquid storage, the average honeybee has been outsmarting us forever. @elesbaby @digg
8/4 Sleeping in on the weekend could be bad for your health. I have always gotten up the same time every day and I never missed a day of work. @brookenkato @nypost

9/5 Do you really need to walk 10,000 steps a day? And 17 other fitness ‘rules’, tackled by the experts – From stretching before a workout to the truth about protein, this article separates the facts from dodgy exercise ‘wisdom.’ @Joe_Stone_ @guardian

8/3 Five Recently Declassified Nuclear Test Videos – Back in the day, the US and the Soviet Union set off a lot of nuclear bombs in remote locations. This video will show you the biggest bomb EVER. @underworldlive

8/2 Dan Meyer: Math Class Needs a Makeover. This article also contains Dan’s TED Talk, which all math teachers need to watch. @ddmeyer @MLCmath

8/2 The History of Music – Cavemen to Barbie ` This is brilliant and kids will love it. It’s only ten minutes. @rainerhersch

8/1/2023 States With The Worst Drivers – State ranking is determined by six metrics that reflect dangerous driving behavior. To see the overall rank and two of the metrics considered, hover over each state. How safe is your state? @darcymiajimenez @digg

8/1/2023 This Method Of Quickly ‘Disengaging’ With Anxiety Attacks Is A Simple Stress Management Hack. This is very short good advice. You have your own back. @crystaltheoracl @joellealedu

8/1/2023 How Did The American Food Pyramid Become A Thing? Turns out it was what the food industry wanted. @weird_hist

8/1/2023 Two supermoons will appear in August in a rare astronomical event. Full moons on August 1 and August 30, 2023, are a rare event. The second full moon in the same month is a “Blue Moon.” @SteinbergBrooke @nypost

7/28 Do You Know The Difference Between Science And Pseudoscience? Pseudoscience consists of theories and methods that appear to be scientific but aren’t. Here’s how to tell bad science apart from the stuff you can trust. @TED_ED @darcymiajimenez @digg

7/28 Only two things that money can’t buy, – true love and home grown tomatoes. I wish I could grow Keith’s tomatoes. If you can, here is what you can do with them. @keith_rutledge

7/27 What If You’re Bitten By A Venomous Snake? Reptile Expert Jay Brewer Has The Answer. You might have heard that you need to suck out the venom, but that’s probably not a very good idea. There is lots of cool reptile information here. @WIRED

7/27 America’s Most Hurricane-Vulnerable Counties, Mapped – You may want to think twice about moving to Florida. @darcymiajimenez @digg

7/26 What the Scientists Who Pioneered Weight-Loss Drugs Want You to Know – Two researchers whose work led to the development of Wegovy and Ozempic spoke to WIRED about the creation of these drugs and how they should be used. @mattsreynolds1 @WIRED

7/26 Three Good Ways to Map Spreadsheet Data – Storyline JS lets you create an interactive, annotated line chart. @rmbyrne

7/25 Where US House Prices Are Falling The Most in 2023 – Be sure to also scroll down to check out the Rent vs. Buy Calculator. Jaclyn DeJohn via @SmartAsset

7/21 Carbon Fiber – The Material Of The Future? A huge thank you to Éire Composites for giving me some sample materials to show you and for allowing me into their factory to film! @RealEngYT

7/20 The Impact of Self-Talk – The big take-aways from this lesson are the positive self-talk can be good for you and negative self-talk is bad for you. @rmbyrne @TED_ED

7/20 A Vast Untapped Green Energy Source Is Hiding Beneath Your Feet. New experiments in the deserts of Utah and Nevada show how advances in fracking—technology developed by the oil industry—can be repurposed to tap clean geothermal energy anywhere on Earth. @GregoryJBarber @WIRED

7/19 AR-15 Ballistics – This is a great physics lesson even if you or your kids aren’t interested in guns. @keith_rutledge

7/19 How Atomic Bomb Works: Little Boy – This video looks at how an atomic bomb works, specifically the Little Boy that was dropped in Hiroshima Japan in 1945.
Literacy Corner Global via @YouTube

7/18 Meat Consumption Around The World, Mapped – Some countries’ residents put away a truly staggering amount of meat each year. This is interesting even for a vegan like myself. @darcymiajimenez @theworldmaps_ @digg

7/18 Can Caffeine Improve Your Exercise And Athletic Performance? As a coffee drinker and a compulsive exerciser I was happy to hear this. @AnatomyLab @darcymiajimenez @digg

7/18 Why Are Most Meteorites In Antarctica? This is a great science lesson for upper elementary on up. @MinuteEarth

7/18 Desalination So Difficult? This is a great science lesson for just about all ages. This is an overview of seawater desalination: removing salt to make drinkable water from the ocean. Another great science lesson. @brilliantorg

7/17 America’s Safest Cities, Mapped – Yesterday I posted America’s Most Dangerous Cities, Mapped. @VisualCap

7/14 America’s Most Dangerous Cities, Mapped – Talk of violent crime in the US usually focuses on big cities, but you might be surprised to learn which urban areas are actually the most unsafe. Hard to believe that New York City is in 100th place. @VisualCap

7/14 The James Webb Image We Were All Waiting For – The James Webb Space Telescope has recently given us an amazing image of Saturn, the famous ringed planet of our solar system. Science teachers and students should love this. @cosmic_secrets @jamesWebbSpaceT @NASA

7/13 Critics got a chance to see Chris Nolan’s latest, which comes out next week, and everyone agrees it’s fantastic. Be sure to take your kids. @jaredrusso

7/13 The Problem With Sunscreen Isn’t Its Ingredients—It’s You. Humans need protecting from the sun more than ever, and yet this gloopy white cream is widely distrusted, misunderstood, and misused. I never use it. I just control how much sun my skin gets. @gracefbrowne @WIRED

7/11 How Long Some Of The World’s Most Iconic Landmarks Took To Build – From the Taj Mahal to the Great Wall of China, this is pretty cool. @weird_hist

7/11 Food Science Lesson – What Makes Wings Spicy. Some Like It Hot is a PBS Learning Media lesson that features a Compact Science video of the same name. @rmbyrne @PBS

7/11 Conditioning Ourselves to Acknowledge the Good We See in the World – Train yourself not just to “see” the good but to acknowledge it. @gcouros

7/7 Amusement Park Physics Lessons – On the CK-12’s roller coaster simulation is that students can customize the size of the roller coaster to see how the changes they make impact the speed, the potential energy, the kinetic energy, and the heat generated by the roller coaster. @CK12Foundation @rmbyrne

7/6 Podcast: Marvelous Health Effects of Ginger – This looks like an inexpensive way to improve some health factors. @nutrition_facts

7/6 The Hidden Power of Compliments (38 seconds) – This is good advice and you must have time to fit it in. @DanielPink

7/6 Massive Sails Power Ships Like Never Before. Global trade relies on ships powered by dirty fuel. To meet climate deadlines, some are proposing a return to wind power. @jacoprisco @WIRED

7/5 Hall of the Mountain King except it’s played by a bunch of sixth graders. If you know any kids learning how to read music let them watch this. @Magicmason1000

7/5 The Colorful Science of Why Fireworks Look Bad on TV – Even the best TVs fall short of capturing all the colors in fireworks that humans can perceive. @jetjocko @WIRED
7/4 The Legend of Davy Crockett Explained in 12 Minutes – Most middle and high school social teachers should be able to use this. @CaptivHistory

7/4 It’s Time to End the Tyranny of Ultra-Processed Food. Industrially processed pizzas, cereals, and convenience foods are responsible for a host of diseases. Policymakers and doctors need to lead the food fight. @DoctorChrisVT @WIRED

7/3 Top State for Each Crop Grown in U.S. – Ask your kids what they can generalize from this video. Geography King on YouTube

7/3 Giant kites could pull cargo ships across the ocean – and slash their carbon emissions. Instead of towing a surfer across the waves, it’s helping to propel a colossal cargo ship across the ocean. @mark_tutton @CNN

6/30 Engineer Reinvents The Wheel By Removing It From Bike Design. You can watch him build it step by step or go to the six minute mark to see it in action. It’s clever but clunky. @designboom @HelloItsTianna @KrisBunda3D @IndictPOTUS45

6/30 This is how to calm down and power up when you’re nervous. (24 seconds) – This is the latest PinkCast. Consider subscribing. @DanielPink

6/28 History of the Crusades: All Facts You Need To Know – This could be a good video for students who want to do a project on this subject. @CaptivHistory

6/28 In the Future, Patients Won’t Go to the Hospital—It Will Come to Them. Virtual wards provide people with remote care and monitoring, allowing patients to go home sooner and hospitals to run more efficiently. @tara_donnelly1 @WIRED

6/23 How The Deadliest Australian Spiders Kill You With Their Venom – This is a great science lesson for upper elementary on up. @veritasium

6/23 How Your New Car can collect huge volumes of data. Vehicles from Toyota, Honda, Ford, and more can collect huge volumes of data. Here’s what the companies can access. @mattburgess1 @WIRED

6/22 Annual Working Hours In OECD Countries Around The World, Ranked – See if your students can spot any trends. Also have them do some math to see how many weeks people work. @darcymiajimenez @digg

6/22 All 27 Pixar Movies, Ranked – I haven’t seen all 27, but I agree with the approximate ranking for the ones I have seen. How about you and your kids? @Slant_Magazine

6/21 How Much Protein Humans Actually Need — And Why Too Much Can Be Dangerous – This takes you through the science of protein, the recommended intake for different types of people, and why you don’t want to overdo it. @ArmanSh04464885 @AnatomyLab @brilliantorg

6/21 Why No Country Is Too Big For Walkable Cities And Better Transport – Not Just Bikes breaks down one of the most common (and most stupid) excuses for bad urban planning.@NotJustBikesToo @JustNotBikes @WatchNebula

6/21 AR-15 Ammunition – A Primer – There is a lot of detail here, but be sure to share with gun owners you know. @keith_rutledge

6/20 Why Popping Pills Like Ritalin May Be Horrible for Studying – Sorry, college kids. You’ll have to find a new way to cram for that test. @TonyHoWasHere @thedailybeast

6/20 Extreme Water Recycling – San Francisco is at the forefront of a movement to recycle wastewater from buildings, homes, and neighborhoods and use it for toilets and landscaping. @JimRobbins19 @WIRED

6/19 Life On Planet Earth Was Really Boring Until This Deadly Element Came Along. Thanks to some freak accidents, life on earth is *a lot* more interesting than the simple old single cells it used to consist of. @okaytobesmart @darcymiajimenez

6/19 25 Search Strategies You Need to Know – A New Course Starting July 1st – This five-part course will help you teach these strategies to students in grades three through twelve. @rmbyrne

6/15 Pro Card Counter Answers Casino Odds Questions From Twitter. I found this Q and A very enlightening. It’s also a good math lesson. @WI_Tech_Support @jeffstaple @WIRED

6/15 How to Check the Air Quality Near You. Here’s what to know about wildfire smoke and invisible pollutants, and how you can use your phone to decide whether it’s safe to spend time outside. Reece Rogers @WIRED

6/14 10 Healthiest Herbs And Spices You Should Be Eating, According To Science – 10 Healthiest Herbs And Spices You Should Be Eating, According To Science. @Horizonshealth2

6/14 The Best Air Purifiers – After my run in with smoke from Canada it’s time for me to get one to keep the wildfire smoke, smog, and allergens out. @BStoly @WIRED

6/12 The Irony of the Dunning-Kruger Effect – If you don’t know how confidence and competence are related, you need to watch this seven-minute video. @VallisYT

6/8 These 9 words can help you make faster, smarter, better decisions. (37 seconds) The technique is called self-distancing. @DanielPink

6/8 All the Top New Features in MacOS Sonoma – Apple has officially announced the next version of its desktop operating system. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect and which Macs are supported. @BStoly @WIRED

6/7 How Does Chickenpox Turn Into Shingles? – This is a great science lesson for upper elementary on up. @SciShow @brilliantorg

6/7 12 AMAZING Natural Springs in Central Florida You Won’t Want to Miss! I go to Florida every February. I have got to try some of these locations, which are north or Orlando. via Chrissa Travels Florida on YouTube

6/6 Apple debuts mixed-reality ‘Vision Pro’ headset with whopping $3,499 price tag — first major product launch in decade. Vision Pro is a new kind of computer that augments reality by seamlessly blending the real world with the digital world. @Apple @tim_cook @nypost

6/6 New Products From Apple, June 5, 2023 – There are upgrades to all Macs, iOS, iPadOS, Apple Watch OS, and MacOS (All new OSs are available in the fall of 2023) along with their much-touted headset (Apple Vision Pro with no ship date or pricing given). It does look amazing and it starts about 1:20 into this two-hour video. @Apple @tim_cook

6/6 Five Easy Ways to Improve Your Videos – You can improve your videos without having to learn a bunch of editing tricks. @rmbyrne

6/5 Here’s The Moment 14-Year-Old Dev Shah Won The 2023 Scripps National Spelling Bee With ‘Psammophile.’ This is only two minutes, but it’s pretty cool. @ScrippsBee #spellingbee

6/5 Breakfast Cereals and Tooth Decay – Nearly half a century ago at a Senate hearing on nutrition, a professor of dental medicine suggested that sugary breakfast cereals “should be banned in the best interest for all concerned, particularly children,” @nutrition_facts

6/2 EconEdLink’s Most Popular Economics Games of the Year – EconEdLink is a great resource for any teacher who needs ideas, lesson plans, games, and other resources for teaching economics lessons. @EconEdLink @rmbyrne

6/2 Announcing Our New “Ace That Test” Book!! And Other Books We Enjoy – I haven’t read this yeat, but it looks interesting. @AceThatTest @_feedspot

6/1/2023 Former NASA Engineer Builds A Baseball That’s Impossible To Judge. Mark Rober breaks down why balls spin — like your favorite soccer, golf or tennis shot — and then went on to build a ball that was practically impossible to hit. @MarkRober

6/1/2023 Carbon removal is necessary to reach the world’s climate goals. So, what are the options? Should we pull carbon out of the air with trees, or machines? It’s not as simple as it sounds. This is a good 5-minute lesson. @grist

6/1/2023 This Ethiopian Reservoir Is As Large As The City Of London. Understanding the science and politics behind the building of damns is important. This wight-minute video will help. @TheB1M

5/30 How Robotic Mice Pull The Same Amount G-Force As F1 Cars While Trying To Set Record Maze-Solving Speeds – Here’s a comprehensive explainer on Micromouse, a robotics competition that awards the fastest maze-solver. @veritasium @Onshape

5/30 Why Haiti Is So Dangerous And The Dominican Republic Is Thriving? Geography and bad government both played a role. @GeographicGeoff

5/26 History of Italy Explained in 16 Minutes – This is a great video for anyone taking a European history course. There is nothing like a good overview before getting into the weeds. @CaptivHistory

5/26 The US States Most At Risk Of Billion-Dollar Climate Disasters, Ranked – This is interesting, but it doesn’t consider the fact that some parts of each state are safer than other parts. @darcymiajimenez

5/25 A Comprehensive Look At How Fiber Optic Cables Are Installed In American Neighborhoods – This four-minute video might explain why your residence doesn’t have fiber yet. The splicing process is interesting. @Leif_Maginnis

5/25 Let This Video Of An Old Lady Making Tofu From Scratch Soothe You. Feeling stressed? Want a moment of calm? This sweet old grandma is all the comfort you need in two minutes. @OddlySatisfying @Reddit

5/25 Volcanoes have erupted in Mexico and Italy. Here are 7 things to know about volcanoes. It’s a reminder that volcanoes are beautiful, dangerous, and closer than we may realize. @voxdotcom

5/23 The Science of Gardening -As s kid I grew my own garden. It was a great learning experience and I ate stuff I wouldn’t have otherwise eaten because I grew it. @rmbyrne @SciKidsAcademy

5/23 How to get a summer job as a student – Here are tips for choosing the right summer job, where to find summer jobs, and strategies for applying for a summer job. @KatieHabits @_feedspot

5/22 Play Your Dates Right – A History Timeline GameClasstools.net has many great online game templates for history teachers to use. @classtools @rmbyrne

5/22 Can Blueberries Help with Diabetes and Repairing DNA? A famous pair of Harvard studies involved so many people over such long a time that they’ve accumulated millions of person-years of data. @nutrition_facts

5/19 The Origins of Bluegrass – IT was a combination of folk music from England and Scotland influenced by banjo music brought by African slaves.

5/19 The Fastest-Growing And Declining Industries In America, Visualized – If you’re worried about job security, you might want to find out which industries are the safest bet over the next decade. @darcymiajimenez

5/19 Watch A Kingfisher Dive Underwater And Retrieve A Fish In Super Slow Motion. This is well worth the 25 seconds it takes. Be sure to click the full-screen icon. @ViralHog

5/19 This Incredible Animation Shows How Deep The Ocean Really Is – This is a good science lesson for upper elementary on up. @TechInsider

5/17 What will replace the International Space Station? The International Space Station has been ever-present in our lives for more than two decades. What will happen when we lose it in 2031? @BBC_Future @Astro_Jonny

5/17 What Do a Falling Apple and an Orbiting Moon Have in Common? Isaac Newton connected the two motions in a way that revolutionized physics and made space travel possible. @rjallain @WIRED

5/15 Did Humans Evolve To Only Eat Plants? Let’s Debunk Some Common Lies About Veganism. The internet is full of people aggressively arguing for and against a vegan diet, but we can actually settle some of these arguments with data. @AsapSCIENCE @BsaGrant

5/15 Benefits of Grapes for Brain Health – Anytime to hear about results fro a study you need to know who funded the study. @nutrition_facts 5/10 How Sound Is Created Through Brass Instruments – This is a great science and music lesson for upper elementary on up. @TED_ED @rmbyrne

5/10 Why Humans Should Be Able To Skip Rocks Way Better Than We Can – Scientists trying to understand why we suck at skipping rocks ended up finding out some cool stuff about space travel. @brilliantorg @SciShow

5/10 Ravens Are So Much Smarter Than You’d Expect. Watch as this bird absolutely tears through this puzzle to find a delicious treat. We won’t be betting against any corvids. @BBCEarth @BsaGrant

5/10 How to Choose the Right TV – How many ports do you need? What does 4K UHD even mean? Here’s everything you need to know. If you are in the market, check this out. @pwhall @WIRED

5/8 The Real Reason Tesla Developed Their Own Battery Platform! If you are into cars at all you will enjoy this. @TheTeslaSpace

5/8 How Trashy Creatures Thrive in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch – There’s probably no more embarrassing example of our impact on the planet than the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Time to learn about it. @TonyHoWasHere @thedailybeast

5/8 How were the pyramids of Egypt really built? This is a very cool video and a good science lesson for upper elementary on up. @egyptpyramids

5/4 Homework helper Chegg’s stock plummets as students turn to ChatGPT. Online learning platform Chegg said the rise of OpenAI’s ChatGPT is hurting its business as more students turn to the chatbot for homework help. @TBarrabi @nypost

5/4 Smaller, cheaper, safer: The next generation of nuclear power, explained – The nuclear industry’s big bet on going small.@umairfan @voxdotcom

5/4 How Your Fridge Could Be More Eco-Friendly – This is a good science lesson for upper elementary on up. @SciShow

5/3 Why fake sugars may be bad for you – Erythritol, a popular alternative to sugar, may increase the risk of stroke. Is any fake sugar safe? @filth_filler

5/3 The Cheapest College In Each US State – If you want an affordable college in your state you and your kids can start here. @darcymiajimenez @Best_Schools @Digg @f_l_o_u_r_i_s_h

5/2 We probably have big brains because we got lucky. Life makes mistakes. A major genetic study shows how some of those mistakes worked out well for humans. @JoSolisM @popSci

5/2 Two High School Students Prove Pythagorean Theorem. Here’s What That Means. At an American Mathematical Society meeting, high school students presented proof of the Pythagorean theorem that used trigonometry—an approach that some once considered impossible. @slomanleila @sciam

5/2 A New Way to Look at Fibonacci Numbers – Share with math teachers and students you know. @SolLeWittArt

5/1/2023 What Happens To Your Body If You Cut Out Sugar? If you go cold turkey off of refined sugar, things start to change within a day. It may not be easy, but there are lots of benefits. @AsapSCIENCE @thisisinsider

5/1/2023 These Tricks Can Help You Control Your Dreams. Lucid dreaming is a technique that allows you to realize you’re in a dream — and, with a bit of practice, you can learn to control what happens there. @bright_side_me @darcymiajimenez

5/1/2023 The States That Sell Alcohol At Costco, Mapped – This map uses color for one purpose and a pattern within the color for another. This is the first time I’ve seen this and it seems effective. @jaredrusso @digg @VinePair

4/28 The Mechanical Integrator – a machine that does calculus
This video explains the function of the mechanical integrator, a mechanism crucial to the development of mechanical analog computers throughout the twentieth century. Share with math teachers and students you know.

4/28 You can now apply to live in this 3D-printed Texas neighborhood. A futuristic development in a West Texas town is now accepting applications. @hanfrish @nypost

4/27 The very bad math behind the Colorado River crisis – California and Arizona are currently fighting each other over water. But this isn’t new – it’s actually been going on for over 100 years. @grist

4/27 Unsung Heroes in Exercise and in Life – Do squats and live a better life. Here is great advice from a West Point graduate. @keith_rutledge

4/26 A 3D Comparison Of The Smallest And Largest Dinosaurs – Looks of kids love dinosaurs. This is great for upper elementary on up. I bet there are a lot of dinos here that you have never heard of. @Technology_GD @Reddit @Digg

4/26 Calorie-free sweetener erythritol may clot blood in high-risk adults. I avoid all sugar substitutes and never add sugar to any food I eat. I never missed a day of work due to illness. @drcateshanahan

4/25 The War on Passwords Enters a Chaotic New Phase. The transition from traditional logins to cryptographic passkeys is getting messy. But don’t worry—there’s a plan. @lilyhnewman @WIRED

4/25 15 Mobility Tests to Make Sure You’re Aging A-Okay – From trunk rotations to ankle flexes, these moves are quick, simple and free to try. @TANNERGARRITY @InsideHook @center4fiction

4/24 How did Lewis & Clark know where to go? On May 14, 1804, The Corps of Discovery led by Captains Merriweather Lewis & William Clark began their journey across western North America, into completely unexplored and unmapped territory. At least that’s what is commonly thought. But was the West really unexplored @_geography_geek

4/24 A Side-By-Side Size Comparison Of Various Deep Sea Creatures – Some of these beast are scary. @darcymiajimenez @curro_lucas @digg

4/24 TED-Ed traces the history of popcorn, from its ancient origins in the Americas to its place as our favorite cinema snack. @TED_ED @Marriott

4/21 How Are The Different Strains Of Weed Different? This Cannabis Scientist Has Answers. This is very interesting. There are lots of good questions and answers. @BsaGrant @WIRED

4/21 Hawaii’s Forgotten Islands – This nine-minute video helps you understand the geography and the geology of this amazing chain of volcanic islands. It is paradise. @SignoreGalilei

4/19 The Most And Least EV-Friendly Cities In America, Ranked. I drive a plug-in hybrid and have good access to four free chargers one-half mile away. Many condos I have visited have nothing and are just starting to talk about it. @iseecars

4/19 How to Discover your Purpose – To discover your purpose is to identify the reason why you were created. @flashlearners

4/19 167 Math In “Real Life” Lessons – You will find lessons about how math is used to guide ships and calculating rates of travel in space. @rmbyrne @TED_ED

4/17 Here’s How Cadaver Dogs Are Trained To Find Dead Bodies. I’m not even a real dog person, but I found this interesting. @DruMoorhouse @BuzzFeedNews

4/17 Three Knife Skills (The Right Grip, Which Part Of The Blade To Use And Type Of Cut) That’ll Turn You Into A Top Chef – This is great for any parent teaching their kids how to cool. Also, share with any home and careers teachers you know. @TestKitchen

4/17 Is The Best SUV In The World Electric? Marques Brownlee makes the argument that Rivian’s R1S is the best sports utility vehicle money can buy. Note, best does not mean inexpensive. @MKBHD
4/13 Here are six factors to look at, beyond rankings, when shortlisting universities: – All high school juniors need to read this along with seniors who haven’t decided yet. @TRPMumbai @_feedspot

4/13 The WIRED Guide to Quantum Computing EHere is everything you ever wanted to know about qubits, superpositioning, and spooky action at a distance. @tsimonite @sophurky @WIRED

4/12 How Bowling Balls Are Made. Interesting Bowling Ball Mass Production Factory – This is 15 minutes long, but I found it fascinating. Technology students should watch it.
Beautiful Work on YouTube

4/12 The World’s Falling Fertility Rate, Visualized – The global population may have reached eight billion last year, but the world’s fertility rate is way lower than it used to be. It’s been falling steadily since the 1970s. Ask your students to generalize from this data. @darcymiajimenez @VisualCap @WorldBank

4/11 Before The Mac, Apple Had A Big Failure That Helped Define The Desktop. This is a great ten-minute history of desktop computers from prior to the Mac. @verge @BsaGrant

4/11 Update Your iOS And MacOS Devices Quickly, A Security Exploit May Be In The Wild. There are some normal bug fixes to be found in iOS 16.4.1 and macOS Ventura 13.3.1, but they also patch out some concerning security flaws. @BsaGrant @appleinsider

4/7 The Five BEST PRACTICES in Retirement Spending – These are also great rules for people who haven’t retired and for people just getting started. @the_schmidtlist

4/6 Geddy Lee on How He Became the Bassist for Rush | The Big Interview – The lesson here is that if you find something your are good at you should run with it. @rushtheband

4/5 Lycopene Supplements and Tomato Sauce vs. Prostate Cancer – What happened when cancer patients were given three-quarters of a cup of canned tomato sauce every day for three weeks? @nutrition_facts

4/5 What Riding The World’s Fastest Train Is Like – At the 3:20 mark it goes by the author at 500 km/hour. (312 mph) @tomscott

4/5 Five Signs You’re Actually Pretty Good With Money – Don’t let a low bank balance discourage you. If you can check these boxes, you’re on the right track financially, according to a finance professor. @ENTRYLEVELREBEL @Inc

4/4 How to Study Productively: 14 Tips to Maximize Your Effort and Time – Being able to study efficiently is the key to better performance and a more balanced life. @Shareaholic

4/3/2023 What Stretching Before Exercise Actually Does To Your Muscles – This short video explains whether stretching really makes you more flexible and prevents injury — and, if so, how long the benefits last for. @darcymiajimenez @TED_ED

4/3/2023 The Best Earplugs for Concerts, Bedtime, and Anytime – Whether you want to sleep through the party or rock out (safely) to your favorite band, these will help block out the noise. @WiggoWiggo @WIRED

3/31 How to Promote the Intrinsic Desire to Learn – Rather than relying on grades as external motivators, teachers can help students develop intrinsic motivation by providing opportunities for autonomy and building their sense of competence. @Larryferlazzo @edutopia

3/31 Judge asks ChatGPT to decide bail in a murder trial. This week, a court in India redefined “Judgment Day” after asking OpenAI’s omnipresent tech if a murder and assault trial defendant should be let out on bail. @nypost

3/30 How to feel less overwhelmed in school: 5 tips for students – What contributes to a student feeling overwhelmed in school depends on various factors, including student skill level, teacher aptitude, parental pressure, school resources, and student resources. Unfortunately, many of these causes are beyond a student’s control. @KatieHabits

3/30 How to Create Your Optimal Bedtime Routine – We asked experts how to craft a more intentional, peace-filled ritual to support a better night’s sleep. @WIRED

3/29 Why Norway is One of the World’s Richest Countries – This 16 minute video is well worth the time. I think it also explains why the other Scandinavian countries are doing so well even without oil. (Full disclosure: I am a proud Swedish American.) @CasualScholar_

3/29 Marijuana Legislation In The US, Visualized – What conclusions and general statements can your students draw from this graphic? @darcymiajimenez @NewFrontierData @digg

3/28 The Three Emotions That Drive Deeper Learning – Recent research has shown that some emotions work better than others throughout the learning process. @ajjuliani

3/28 11 Tips to Take Your ChatGPT Prompts to the Next Level – Sure, anyone can use OpenAI’s chatbot. But with smart engineering, you can get way more interesting results. @davidnield @WIRED

3/27 A Timeline Of America’s Military Aid To Ukraine – The questions are should we have sent more weapons sooner, and why have we sent so much. @swellis_ @rajaaeli @adamplease @voxdotcom

3/27 Can You Really Pump Water Without Any Electricity? Time to get your kids to play with siphons in your kitchen. @rjallain @WIRED

3/23 How Far Are The Nearest Stars? I’ve seen many solar system models, bu this is the first time I’ve seen a model of our sun and the nearest star. @theCodyReeder

3/22 The True Stories Behind Pulitzer Prize-Winning Photographs – This is a good history lesson that revisits many eras and topics. @darcymiajimenez

3/22 Old Man Strength – It Starts Now – The Big Three = Squats, Lifts, and Presses. This has good advice and links to quality resources. Kieth Rutledge on Substack

3/22 How studying marketing can enrich your life – From career prospects to personal relationships, Roberto explores how understanding marketing can benefit all aspects of your life. @LondonU @_feedspot

3/21 How the NYC Subway Deals with Lost and Found – There is an elaborate system that doesn’t seem to work so well according to one test. @HalfInteresting

3/20 The Wilcraft is an ice fishing house on four wheels and was created by a Minnesota man. This is a vehicle that operates on land, in the water, and on ice. It keeps you warm and allows you to move if the fish aren’t biting. @kare11

3/20 Tom Scott experimented with new 3D tech that allows one to conduct robotic surgery on themselves. They use an MRI to 3D print your guts which they then operate on. This is a great science lesson for middle school on up. @tomscott

3/17 James Webb Space Telescope captures supernova starts with an explosion of cosmic dust. NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope does it again – this time capturing the sights as a star starts to explode. @WeatherHx @foxweather

3/17 Why the East Ends of (Most) Cities are Poorer – This is humorous and contains some serious scientific reasoning. @HalfInteresting @skillshare

3/16 Everything You Need To Know About The Diabetes Drug That Aids Weight Loss – How Ozemipc, a drug used to manage type two diabetes, evolved into a weight loss drug because of its drastic side effects. @colemanlowndes @BridgettHenwood @voxdotcom

3/16 How to Lucid Dream (Even if You Think You Can’t) – Want to take control of your dreams? Turns out it’s a skill you can practice. @RafaelPelayo @WIRED

3/16 GPT-4 Will Make ChatGPT Smarter but Won’t Fix Its Flaws. A new version of the AI system that powers the popular chatbot has better language skills, but it is still biased and prone to fabrication, and it can be abused. @willknight @WIRED

3/13 10 Charts That Capture How the World Is Changing – From Loneliness to ChatGPT, Tech Valuations to Office Occupancy @rex_woodbury @IndexVentures

3/13 The Most Expensive States To Own A Car In, Ranked – You can roll over this map to compare your state to the others. @darcymiajimenez @digg

3/10 America’s Top 10 MOST DANGEROUS Highways – Watch out for bad weather, lots of trucks, steep grades, big cities, and sharp turns. “Thanks to the interstate highway system you can drive from coast to coast and not see anything.” Charles Kuralt @TheZebraCo

3/8 Diet and Lifestyle for Cancer Prevention and Survival – What is the best food for cancer survival? What kind of diet should cancer patients eat? @nutrition_facts

3/8 Men who use viagra are 25% less likely to suffer early death: USC study – Viagra apparently can help men with more than just erectile dysfunction. @SteinbergBrooke @nypost

3/8 The Science Behind Jet Lag—and How to Tackle It – Contrary to what you might think, it’s not all about sleep. @wired @united @Chase

3/7 US Cities Where Minimum Wage Goes The Furthest – How much the hourly minimum wage will get you varies wildly from city to city. @darcymiajimenez @digg

3/7 Hydrogen Will Not Save Us. Here’s Why. This video has collected all the relevant numbers for you. @skdh

3/7 The Truth About Vinyl vs. Digital Music lovers of all ages should enjoy this. @RealEngYT

3/6 NASA’s Webb telescope has discovered its first exoplanet. The planet, called LHS 475 b, is nearly the same size as Earth, having 99% of our planet’s diameter. @ayanaarchie @npr

3/6 Five unintended consequences of the EV revolution = It’s important to remember that internal combustion cars have plenty of flaws, too. EVs will eliminate many of them. But they’ll create some new challenges, which means we’ll also have to learn how to shift gears.@rebheilweil @voxdotcom

3/6 Carbon Footprint of Driving vs. Flying: What’s Best for the Earth? Challenge your students to answer this. It’s complex enough to be a good assignment or even a group effort. @terrapass

3/3 Planet of the Humans – No matter which side you are on when it comes to Climate Change, you need to watch this. Michael Moore is a climate change believer, and the left is mad that he produced this. WARNING: It lasts 1:38 hours. @jeffgibbstc @OzzieZehner @MMFlint

3/3 Alphabet Layoffs Hit Trash-Sorting Robots. The company recently laid off thousands of human employees—it is also shutting down a unit working on robots that learned to open doors and clean tables. @peard33 @WIRED @wiredunion

3/2 MBTI & Student Personality Types – With the MBTI results, one could determine which character traits influence their habits in work and education. @business_essay_

3/2 Inside the Mind of Richard Feynman: The Great Explainer – I’m a big fan of this truly amazing scientist and human. @SciShow

3/1/2023 How Living In Different States Will Affect Your Allergies, Mapped – If you have severe allergy problems, you may want to consider moving. @ThisHouseFresh

3/1/2023 Breaking Down What Happens To Your Body During A Cold Plunge – Ice baths have a surprising number of benefits for the human body. Consider giving one a try. @WIRED

2/27 Dropping Solid Water In Liquid Sodium – I dropped sodium into water in a Petrie dish when I taught chemistry, but this is a whole different deal. Don’t try in school. @ActionLabs_HQ

2/27 Should I Learn Coding as a Second Language? I think you should learn coding and a 2nd language. Unfortunately, US schools aren’t the best place to learn a second language. MEGHAN O’GIEBLYN @WIRED

2/24 California faces a double whammy of a bomb cyclone, ‘Pineapple Express’ for ‘brutal’ storm threat. There are two videos here. Start with the second one that features a short explanation of why it’s called the pineapple express. @ScottSeattleWx @FOX13Seattle @FOXWeather

2/24 Six Essential Predictions for the Education Market in 2023 – Coming Financial Pressures, Ongoing Cultural Fights, and Persistent Staffing Woes Will Challenge Companies. @EdWeekSCavanagh @emmakatefittes @EdMarketBrief

2/22 Heat Pumps Sell Like Hotcakes on America’s Oil-Rich Frontier. In Alaska, people are flocking to buy electric appliances instead of fuel-guzzling furnaces as oil prices soar and temperatures plummet. @chrisbaraniuk @WIRED

2/22 How to Deal with FOMO in College [+Turn It into JOMO] – FOMO: the fear of missing out. FOMO can cause significant stress, especially if a person is prone to anxiety or depression. @CusWriting @JuliaReedWriter

2/21 A Composite Timelapse Shows One Month Of The Green Comet’s Path In Motion – Astronomy buffs of any age will dig this two-minute composite. @MiguelClaroNFT @petapixel

2/21 15 common misconceptions and surprising realities about dementia and Alzheimer’s disease – Anyone middle-aged or older should read this. @linzasaur @BusinessInsider

2/21 Why The US Government Has Spent Billions Changing The Course Of The Mississippi River – It’s all to prevent the disastrous consequences of a decision made by a river engineer back in the 1800s. @HalfInteresting

2/21 Eight Fascinating Discoveries of the James Webb Telescope – Share with astronomy buffs you know. @ColdFusion_TV @FernandoDesign

2/20 Here’s How Much Emergency Cash You Should Keep at Home. Emergency cash can be useful. I keep about as much as this article suggests. This site has lots of good advice. @lifehacker

2/20 Eight Foods To Prevent COLON POLPYS & BOWEL CANCER – I eat most of these. You can ferment most vegetables so you need not have a side of sauerkraut daily. #guthealth #polyps

2/17 Three Self-paced Courses You Can Start Today – Here’s a quick overview of the three self-paced courses that Richard Byrne currently offering. @rmbyrne

2/15 Why The US Doesn’t Use Bidets – We could save a lot of trees if we started to use them. I enjoy using them when I go to Europe. @darcymiajimenez @weird_hist @digg

2/15 Benefits of Beans for Peripheral Vascular Disease – As a vegan, I rely on a lot of beans for protein. I’m very healthy and never sick. I never took a sick day in my life! @nutrition_facts

2/15 Which teams were selected as finalists invited to the Innovation Summit? I was a judge for this event. Check out the kids and their innovations who made the finals. @ConradChallenge

2/14 The Secret Lives of Neutron Stars – Astrophysicists are using gravitational waves and light to trace the genealogies of dead stars and reveal the history of the universe. @sophurky @WIRED

2/14 Ten Ways To Choose The Right Course Of Study – It’s not like you don’t have a choice but it is tricky to pick out the best from the available options you have. @flashlearners @_feedspot

2/14 How to Boost Creativity and Inspiration at Home
Working from home can be a challenge for motivation, inspiration, or creativity in any form, but it can also be designed to help you. @PorchDotCom

2/14 Twelve Picture Books About Fixing Things – These colorful and imaginative books will entertain as they teach early learners about the importance of repairing the things they treasure. @edutopia @KristinRydholm

2/13 Geezer Fitness – Geezer fitness is fitness for old people and mainly for old men. Geezer fitness is functional fitness. Functional fitness is fitness that enables the activities of life. In this brief article, Fieth Rutledge describes a basic fitness framework for geezers. @keith_rutledge

2/9 New York’s Best Wood-Fired Pizza Is Made By A Hardcore Dough Nerd. This is 15 minutes long, but if your are into pizza or Italy, you will like this. @Eater

2/9 Ready to read Even More Hacking Engagement? It’s available for free. @jamessturtevant @classicfind123 @10publications @markbarnes19

2/9 How to Detect AI-Generated Text, According to Researchers – Every teacher and parent should read this. @WIRED

2/9 The Cheapest And Most Expensive Used Car Markets In The US, Mapped – This is a good geography lesson as well as finance for high school students. @ClunkerJunkers
2/7 Eight Tips to Becoming a Successful Student – Ask student you know if they do these things. @flashlearners

2/7 Netflix’s US Password-Sharing Crackdown Isn’t Happening—Yet. Accidental revisions to a US Help Center page sparked confusion about the streamer’s next moves. But restrictions on account sharing are still coming soon. @lilyhnewman @WIRED

2/3 Wired’s 19 Favorite Products Made of Recycled and Upcycled Materials – Tread lightly on our planet with toys and accessories made from repurposed plastic, and many other Earth-friendly picks. @medeajulianna @adriennemso @WIRED

2/3 Hack The College Textbook: Save Money Like A Pro. A common question from college first-years is how to avoid spending so much for textbooks– they cost a pretty penny! @sstudentsblog

2/3 A time management secret: The real cost of doing things – It’s saying YES to activities without considering the invisible time commitments and overhead that leaves us overwhelmed, overworked, and out of time. @KatieHabits

2/2 Watch Comet ZTF LIVE | The Green Comet LIVE | Kopernik Observatory Night Sky LIVE – This show was live last night (2/1/2023) at my local observatory. It lasts a while, so feel free to hop around. @KopernikObserv

2/2 How ChatGPT can actually be a force for good rather than a boon for cheaters – Educator says of ChatGPT: ‘I think it’ll bring an end to certain types of mindless, irrelevant, inauthentic learning activities. @Zalaznick @DA_magazine

2/1/2023 The Concept Of Infinity, Explained In Five Levels Of Difficulty – Mathematician Emily Riehl explains what infinity is to a child, a teen, a college student, a grad student and an expert. Math nerds should like this. @emilyriehl

2/1/2023 Ten Things Incredibly Smart People Do Differently – I do all of these things, so I just might be “smart.” See how many of these things you often do. Edney Learn X on YouTube

2/1/2023 Eight Things Intelligent People DON’T Do – I also like these guidelines, which fit with my behavior and have served my well over the years. Edney Learn X on YouTube

1/31 How Josh Jacobs Became The World’s Coolest Slinky Manipulator – This is very cool. He shows you how to get started about half way. @WIRED

1/31 Your Odds Of Dying From Various Accidents, Visualized – Many of the deaths that occur in the US every year are accidental, but some accidents are more likely to kill you than others. See if your class can guess which one top the list. @darcymiajimenez @digg

1/30 Why the majority is always wrong | Paul Rulkens | TEDxMaastricht – Paul Rulkens is an expert in achieving big goals in the easiest, fastest and most elegant way possible. @PaulWPRulkens

1/30 17 Great Tech Books to Gift (or Keep for Yourself) Give the techie in your life access to the inner workings of the companies and characters shaping Big Tech. @IamSimonHill @WIRED

1/30 022 SI Kids SportsKid of the Year: Carter Bonas – This kids is autistic and has his own business. Share with anyone you know in the autism community. @SIKids @NBCNightlyNews @LesterHoltNBC

1/27 When Learning a Language DON’T Study the “Basics” I say don’t worry about grammar at first, but try to learn basic vocabulary. That has worked for me. @lingosteve

1/27 A robot was scheduled to argue in court, then came the jail threats. A British man who planned to have a “robot lawyer” help a defendant fight a traffic ticket has dropped the effort after receiving threats of possible prosecution and jail time. @BobbyAllyn @NPR

1/27 ChatGPT could make these jobs obsolete: ‘The wolf is at the door.’ If you are an educator, you should try out ChatGPT to see what all of the fuss is about. @AMitchReporting @nypost

1/26 Photographer Creates Vitamin C Crystals And Records Them Forming Up Close. – With a decent microscope, you can do this at home. @theawesomer

1/26 Why It’s Time To Move On From Gas Stoves, And What You Can Do To Minimize Its Risks. This makes sense to me. There has to be more than carbon dioxide and water coming from a gas stove when you openly burn methane indoors. @AsapSCIENCE

1/26 The Battle Over Bike Lanes Needs a Mindset Shift – Installing protected routes tends to boost local shops. But many store owners remain attached to their street parking—and fight to protect it. @pomeranian99 @WIRED

1/25 Should you replace your gas stove with an induction cooktop? Here’s what you need to know Induction stoves are far better than traditional electric ranges—and far less toxic than their gas counterparts. @adele_peters @FastCompany

1/25 50 Things Every High School Senior Should Try – If you find yourself slacking off and not sure what to do with your time, this list could be helpful. @sstudentsblog

1/25 Top 15 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Dropping Out of College – Many students face challenging situations that make them consider dropping out of college. This is a WINNER! @IvyPanda3

1/24 Why Snow Removal Is A Lot Harder Than It Seems – Among the few things people can agree on, it’s that snow removal techniques around the world aren’t that great. Here’s why. @HalfInteresting

1/24 28 Essential Tools You Should Have at Home – Don’t bolt at first sight of something that needs repair. You can nail most DIY jobs with the right gear and the right attitude. MATT JANCER @WIRED

1/23 I’m a food scientist — you’re making these seven dangerous cooking mistakes. Cooking is a piece of cake — unless you don’t know how to handle food safely. @brookenkato @NYPOST

1/23 Bullying with ‘the science’ is the opposite of real science. This deals with the media touting flawed studies. Note: It’s from the conservative New York Post. Decide for yourself if you agree. If you disagree, let me know. @RichLowry @nypost

1/23 The Better Boarding Method Airlines Won’t Use – This is a good problem for students from middle school on up. I think it would also be a good group problem to solve prior to watching the video. Be sure to start the video at the beginning. @cgpgrey

1/13 macOS Ventura: Four new productivity toys – macOS 13 Ventura reinvents a couple of things. With a handful of new tools added to the pack, this release doubles down on productivity. It makes it so easy to play and collaborate. And those Finder windows will never be the same. @cleanmymac @MacPaw

1/13 Accelerated degrees: pros, cons and Student Finance – Accelerated degrees can give you the same qualification, just in less time and for less money. But what are the drawbacks? And what funding can you get? @TomAllingham @savethestudent @_feedspot

1/13 Five ways virtual tutoring reinforces our after-school program – Our hope is that our virtual tutors will help our students recapture their knowledge and get back on track after the pandemic. @mcgeet @mansd_nh @eschoolnews

1/12 It Takes Roughly Six Days For An Entire Watermelon To Decompose. See It Happen In Three Minutes. Watch an entire, peeled watermelon decompose in this time-lapse. This is a good science lesson for upper elementary on up. @photoowlsocial

1/10 What Is True Happiness? 10 Signs Of A Genuinely Happy Person – True happiness is never found without, it’s always found within. @mindjournals_

1/10 Seven Important Habits To Follow During The School Year – The school year can be a busy and stressful time, but there are certain habits that can help make the experience a little smoother and more successful. @sstudentsblog

1/10 21 student life hacks – These will work for adults as well. @SaveTheStudent @_feedspot
1/6 10 Difficult Skills that Pay Off Forever – I’m good at all of these skills and am very healthy and happy. @TheArtOfImprove

1/6 Why It’s So Difficult To Build Ski Lifts – I’m not a skier, but i found this interesting. It also features scenic beauty and a business lesson. There is an ad at the end. @darcymiajimenez @HalfInteresting

1/6 The Price Of Pizza Hut And Domino’s Around The World And In Every US State, Mapped – This is a great geography lesson as your students should be interested in the content as the learn where states and countries are located. @dominos @pizzahut

1/4 How Brutal Were Aztec Punishments, Really? This is not for everyone. I think high school on up would work. Let me know what you think. @Nutty_History

1/4 In NYC, these job areas are red hot — and training is available, too. Which jobs are hot where you live? @actbrilliant @nypost

1/4 Time is fleeting. Here’s how to stay on track with New Year’s goals. As we all dive into the new year with fresh resolutions, psychologists say managing our time is the place to start. @AubreyNPR @NPR

1/4 Toilets spew invisible aerosol plumes with every flush – here’s the proof captured by lasers. Don’t flush and then pull up your pants. Pull up your pants, then flush and leave at the same time. @Salon

1/2/2023 The Strange Cosmic Origin of Earth’s Most Precious Metals – This is a great science lesson for upper elementary on up and it also deals with modern crime. It can’t miss. @okaytobesmart

1/2/2023 How to Make Snow (If You’re Not Elsa) is a short video produced by SciShow that explains how snow is made at ski resorts by using cooled water and compressed air. @SciShow @SciShowSpace @scishowtangents @scishowkids @rmbyrne

1/2/2023 Are Energy Drinks Beneficial? You need to read this if you and your kids are drinking this stuff. @nutrition_facts

12/30 Visualizing A World Of Eight Billion People – Planet Earth’s population reached eight billion in November this year. Here’s what that looks like. There are four very informative infographics here. @darcymiajimenez @digg

12/29 How to Turn Your Smartphone Into a Webcam – Upgrade your Zoom meetings with that snazzy camera in your pocket. @JulianChokkattu @WIRED

12/29 These 20 jobs are most likely to survive a possible recession in 2023. The wave of recent layoffs, particularly in tech, has stoked fears of a possible recession in 2023. @SJEastAfrica @BusinessInsider

12/29 How to Make Snow – There are multiple videos here that are good science lessons for upper elementary on up. @SciShow @ACSReactions @rmbyrne

12/27 All the Free Resources You Can Find at Your Library – From magazines to music and movies, your local library is a haven for information. Is your family using your local library? @jhpot @WIRED

12/27 Six Strategies for Making Focus Groups More Useful for Companies — and for Schools – I used focus groups as part of my dissertation research and found them to be valuable and fun. @alexng_news @EdMarketBrief

12/27 Which Coffee Is Healthier— Light Roast, Dark Roast, or Low Acid? Dark roast coffee is more effective than light roast coffee in reducing body weight. Does low-acid coffee help those who suffer from acid reflux, heartburn, and indigestion? @nutrition_facts

12/27 How to Use Physics to Tell If That Steph Curry Video Is Real Could the Golden State Warriors legend really sink five full-court shots in a row? Some clever modeling can give fans a clue. This is a great high school/college practical physics lesson. @rjallain @WIRED

12/27 Understanding The Repression Machine That Pushed Iranians Towards Civil Unrest – Iran’s government is needlessly complex and totally authoritarian. This will help you understand it. @rajaaeli @voxdotcom

12/22 Vans Can (and Should) Go Electric. High costs stopped commercial fleets from embracing EVs. But now that the numbers finally add up, it makes sense to switch. @AvinashRugoobur

12/22 Merit-Based Scholarships: A Guide for High School Students – My daughter got $36,000 in merit-based scholarship money from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. What can your kid get? @fundyouredu @_feedspot

12/22 The plan to save America by killing the partisan primary – It’s on the ballot in Nevada, and it may be coming soon to a state near you. @awprokop @voxdotcom

12/22 The Top Ten Seeds on the Planet – Seeds are some of the most super healthy foods in the world, as they are packed full of nutrients and healing properties. Ryan Taylor YouTube

12/21 Tracking Every Penalty Shootout In The 2022 World Cup – This is a pretty cool piece of data analysis and display. It should work for upper elementary on up. @darcymiajimenez

12/21 Slavery – Summary on a Map – Today, there are more slaves in the world than ever. Your students need to watch this video to understand the big picture. While the US had a slavery problem, they were far from alone. #geohistory #slavery #history @Patreon @thatmattbates

12/20 How a magician-mathematician revealed a casino loophole Kids who like math and magic will like this. Try middle school on up – @science_shane @UNSW @BBC

12/20 Why People Show More Interest In Men’s Sports Than Women’s – Journalist Kate Fagan explores how media coverage impacts the recognition women’s sports get. I love women’s sports. @katefagan3

12/19 Every Vitamin & Mineral the Body Needs (Micronutrients Explained) – See how many you eat enough of every day. @FitnessTalon

12/19 The Most Dangerous Countries For Journalists In 2022, Visualized – Have your students list countries that might be on this list that also includes journalists in prison. This is a bit griim, but high school students should be able to handle it. @darcymiajimenez @digg

12/19 How Ford Makes Its Electric F-150s Out In Dearborn, Michigan JerryRigEverything got a behind-the-scenes look at Ford’s Dearborn, Michigan, factory floor where the company is expected to churn out around 150,000 electric F-150s each year. Kids should get a kick out of this. @ZacksJerryRig @Ford @Digg

12/19 A plasma physicist explains what’s next after this week’s nuclear fusion breakthrough. Scientists need better targets to shoot and even more advanced lasers. Once a student knows what an atom is it’s time to learn about the promise of controlled fusion. @justcalma @Verge @Livermore_Lab

12/15 Geminid meteor shower: How and when to see the spectacular show – The “King of All Meteor Showers” can be seen just after dark so it’s ideal for kids on a school night. @AdrianaDiaz @nypost

12/15 How to detect baloney the Carl Sagan way | Michael Shermer | Big Think – In 1995, just a few months before his death, astrophysicist Carl Sagan published The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark. In that book, he wrote a chapter called ‘The Fine Art of Baloney Detection. @michaelshermer @ChapmanU

12/15 Want to tell if someone is lying to you? Try this trick. Learn about Eric Barker’s new book Plays Well With Others, which is a great guide to the science of relationships. @bakadesuyo @DanielPink

12/13 How Much Does It Cost to Charge an Electric Car? Anyone thinking about buying an EV should read this. It can also be a good math lesson for middle school on up. It is a bit long and detailed so it’s a good reference. @JoeBruzek @carsdotcom

12/13 What if the Asteroid Hit 10 Minutes Later. If the 10-kilometer-wide asteroid that hit the Earth 66 million years ago hit just a few minutes later, would the outcome of the living creatures here have been different? If you have kids who dig dinosaurs and who doesn’t, be sure to share this with them. @SciShow @linode

12/13 The price of ‘sugar-free’: are sweeteners as harmless as we thought? We know we need to cut down on sugar. But replacing it with artificial compounds isn’t necessarily the answer. @KitchenBee @guardian

12/9 How to break up with your cellphone – Is it possible that mobile phones and radio frequency radiation, or ‘electrosmog’, are damaging our health and our planet? @lawrie_dr

12/9 Word Processors Through Time: Before MS Word & Google Docs – People transferred messages to others and preserved their thoughts long before computers, word processors, and typewriters were invented. @Jack__Milgram @CusWriting

12/9 The Ten Best Science Books of 2022 – From a detective story on the origins of Covid-19 to a narrative that imagines a fateful day for dinosaurs, these works affected us the most this year. @carlyn_kranking @joespring @danfalk @bridg_alexandra @goes_by_kim @SmithsonianMag

12/9 Americans Are Moving Into Danger Zones – Folks are flocking to areas plagued with wildfires and extreme heat. Climate change will only make things worse. I live in Upstate New York, where we do have snow but no fires, and I don’t plan on moving. @mrMattSimon @WIRED

12/8 Are your students interested in cybersecurity? Look to these colleges. Which colleges are doing the most when it comes to providing top-tier education on the subject? @DA_magazine

12/8 Ultimate Guide to Being a Freelancer [2022 Update] When you’re a freelancer, everything’s up to you. @website_planet

12/7 How James Webb Broke Cosmology In Just 2 Months – The James Webb Space Telescope is an infrared observatory that can peer at those regions of the cosmos that even Hubble could not. @cosmic_secrets

12/7 Ten Good Tools for Making Multimedia Timelines – Timeline JS is still Richard Byrne’s favorite tool for making multimedia timelines. Timeline JS creates a timeline based on entries made in a Google Spreadsheets template provided by Timeline JS. @rmbyrne @knightlab

12/7 Nature Learning in All Seasons – Integrating nature into art and math can foster a relationship between students and their environment as they learn about seasonal changes. @outsideteacher @edutopia

12/6 Where We Consume The Most Micro-plastic – The average person eats, drinks and breathes between 78,000 and 211,000 micro-plastic particles every year — and researchers say this is likely an underestimate. Drinking bottled water looks like a bad idea. @darcymiajimenez @Digg

12/6 Keep an Eagle Eye on Backyard Birds With This Feeder Cam. This weatherproof camera is mounted inside a bird feeder—but its AI identification system needs work. @medeajulianna @WIRED

12/5 Best Foods To Lower Your Blood Pressure: – I eat most of these, and I’m never sick. How many do you and your family eat? Talking With Docs on YouTube

12/5 Turns Out Fighting Mosquitoes With Mosquitoes Actually Works. New evidence indicates that an effort to stamp out disease-carrying insects is working. The key? Mosquitoes are genetically engineered to kill off their own kind. @emilylmullin @WIRED

12/2 A Food Scientist On Whether Clif Bars Are Actually Healthy – This is an interesting science lesson for middle school on up with good nutritional information. @epicurious

12/2 25 High Paying Trade School Degrees – All high school students should read this before deciding on a career and education plan. @stayinformedg

12/2 Play With Your Math – Playing with math can be as rewarding as playing sports, games, or instruments. And when you play, you learn too. @playwyourmath @joeykelly89 @xyu119

12/1/2022 Why Most Humans Live Inside This Small Circle – This an excellent social studies video for late elementary on up. @HelloFresh @RealLifeLore22

12/1/2022 What You Need to Know about Blockchain Services and Solutions – Blockchain technology is becoming one of the priorities for organizations in several industries, including the consumer and financial sectors, industrial production, healthcare, life sciences, and the public sector. @stayinformedg @_feedspot

12/1/2022 Five Unexplainable Mysteries Explained by Science = Scientists of all ages should enjoy this. I did. @SciShow @skillshare

11/30 Finally! The US Billions $ Aircraft Carrier Is Ready For Action – This 15-minute video explains the construction, capabilities, and capacities of these floating cities. @DailyMDA

11/30 Twelve critical study tips for college students – The last one is my favorite, but they are all spot on. K-12 students can try them too. @KatieHabits @katiejazevedo

11/30 Why Rich Neighborhoods Are Better Equipped To Deal With Climate Change Than Poorer Ones – The answer is all to do with plants. This is only one minute long, but it tells an important story. @voxdotcom

11/29 Simple steps to improve your new or old TV’s picture quality TVs are cheap this time of year, but people are often disappointed after buying a new set. The picture quality doesn’t live up to expectations. Fortunately, a better picture is just a few adjustments away. @rumpfsarahc @foxnews

11/29 Across New York, a Fleet of Google Street View Vehicles Tracks an Array of Key Pollutants. Each vehicle beams data on greenhouse gases and toxins like benzene, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen dioxide to servers in California to be analyzed by the air-quality monitoring company Aclima. @myriam_vidalv @nypost

11/28 America’s Favorite Thanksgiving Pies, Visualized – I’m sure your math students will like this pie chart. @darcymiajimenez @digg

11/28 NASA releases amazing new images of the surface of the moon. Astronomy buffs of any age will enjoy these photos. @alex_mead @nypost

11/25 Top three undergraduate degrees to study abroad – If you are thinking about what to major in you or your kids need to read this. @ReachIvy

11/25 The Physics of Smashing a Spacecraft Into an Asteroid – NASA will soon release the results of its DART mission to find out whether crashing a probe into a space rock can deflect it. Here’s how they’ll do the math. @rjallain @WIRED

11/25 Better Pizza Through Chemistry – If you have six minutes you and your kids can make better pizza. @rmbyrne @reinpk

11/23 NASA’s Orion spacecraft sends back live views of the moon and the Earth. NASA’s Orion spacecraft made a critical outbound flyby burn to ensure it is placed into orbit around the moon on Monday and, along the way, shared incredible views of Earth and the backside of the moon. @EMSpeck @foxweather

11/23 A Doctor Explains How Every Bone In The Body Breaks, Using Examples From ‘John Wick.’ This is a great biology lesson for upper elementary on up. The host covers every bone in the human body. @stablekneez @JohnWickMovie @WIRED

11/23 Is Moore’s Law Really Dead? A postmortem on “Cramming More Components Onto Integrated Circuits”—the most influential article of the 20th century. @page88 @WIRED
11/22 Tesla vs Gas: TRUE Charging Cost After 75,000 Miles – Note that this guys owns a Tesla. @slye @omaze

11/22 Post-Roe v. Wade: The State of U.S. Abortion Laws – This may not be a topic that many schools want to bring up in the classroom, but it you do, this map will be a big help. @KatBuchholz @StatistaCharts

11/18 Everything You Need To Know About How Qatar Was ‘Awarded’ The FIFA World Cup – Essentially, they bought the votes needed. It’s 29 minutes, but the details are fascinating. There are bigger lessons here. @johnnywharris @camibuckman @Patreon

11/18 How FTX Went Bankrupt | What Went Wrong | WSJ – It’s difficult to wrap your mind around this, but this will help. @AmberBragdon @arlarkin @WJS

11/18 How community college can lead to Yale – You have a better chance of getting into a selective school if you get an associate degree first. @joegal @nypost

11/17 Six Canned Foods You Should Buy and Six You Shouldn’t – Sardines galore, spaghetti mush, and mercury tuna — which canned foods are worth keeping and which of your preserved favorites get to hit the road to the dumpster? @MashedHQ

11/17 Blastoff! NASA’s Artemis 1 moon rocket launches on historic first mission – This is the most powerful rocket ever. Elementary students did not see the last space shuttle launch 11 years ago. The solid rocket boosters jettison at the 4:45 mark. @NASA @videofromspace

11/16 Why The Lithium Iron Batteries In EVs Like Teslas Often Burst Into Flames – This is a great science lesson for middle school on up. @donutmedia

11/16 How To Build A Manmade River – This is how the University of Sherbrooke’s engineering department built a replica river to study how water flows. Another great 6-12 science lesson. @tomscott

11/15 Four Coaching Questions to Help You Develop Emotional Maturity – To manage relationships you will need a high level of emotional responsibility. @carthagebuckley

11/15 Edtech trends are enabling more diverse learning. Edtech allows students to increase their level of technological literacy and also encourages learning outside of the classroom environment. @Lauraanniesmith @eschoolnews

11/14 Here’s Carl Sagan’s Final Speech From ‘Cosmos,’ On Science And Humanity – This 6:40 minute video should be shown to all science students from middle school on up. @Digg

11/14 The Problem With Spinning Spacecraft – To send astronauts on long-term space missions, it’ll take rotating habitats to produce artificial gravity. But that’s trickier than you might think. @rjallain @WIRED

11/11 Canada and The United States Compared – This is an excellent lesson for upper elementary on up. Share with social studies teachers and students you know. @beatmastermatt

11/11 Fun Facts About Turkeys – And a Digital Turkey Project – Share this with and elementary teachers and students that you know. @SciShowKids @rmbyrne

11/11 Six signs you’re in lust not love | Under the Covers with Danica Daniel – This looks like good advice for high school students on up. @TheDanicaStar @nypost

11/8 Five Tips to Help You Stand Out in University and College – Post-secondary is a great time to gain some serious knowledge about your field of interest, but you’re also paying a ton of money for your education, so you should probably leverage the opportunity to get as much as you can. @StudentLifeNet

11/8 Innovation Does Not Equal Technology. “I’m defining innovation as a way of thinking that creates something new and better.” George Couros @gcouros

11/7 Lewis & Clark: Explorers of the New Frontier | Full Documentary – If you know a teacher who teaches American History, share this. It’s 43 min long, so it should fit in a secondary class. It’s great for a day when the teacher is out. @biography

11/7 Stop hurting your own feelings: Tips on quashing negative self-talk – Negative self-talk can get in the way of creating strong relationships with ourselves and others. @NPRLifeKit @MindShiftKQED

11/7 Norway and Sweden Compared – This is a brilliant example of how to compare two similar things. @beatmastermatt

11/7 The Fibonacci Numbers Hiding in Strange Spaces – Recent explorations of unique geometric worlds reveal perplexing patterns, including the Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio. @slomanleila @WIRED

11/4 The Most Overrated (And Underrated) Tourist Attractions In America, Mapped – See if you have even been to the most underrated place in your state. @darcymiajimenez

11/4 Why We Procrastinate and Tips to Stop Doing It – TED-Ed recently published a new lesson that tackles an issue that most of us have dealt with at one time or another. @rmbyrne @TED_Ed

11/3 Visualizing The Speed Of Light On Earth – This simulation breaks down how many frames per second the speed of light would translate to if it was captured on Earth. Benjamin Granville YouTube

Visualizing The International Space Station Doing A Low Flyby Around Earth – This will help you understand what it’s like traveling at 17,150 mph. Benjamin Granville YouTube

11/2 Top 20 Healthiest Foods In The World – How many of these does your family eat on a regular basis? @WatchMojo

11/1/2022 10 Amazing HEALTH BENEFITS of PUMPKIN SEEDS – In this video we discuss the 10 amazing health benefits of pumpkin seeds for prostate health, heart health, bone strength, menopause support, diabetes and much more. We also share some of the best ways to use pumpkin seeds at home, such as in smoothies, granola, or mixing with sugar-free dark chocolate. @TheHoggerz

11/1/2022 Do Chocolate and Cocoa Powder Cause Acne? Researchers put white chocolate, dark chocolate, baking chocolate, and cocoa powder to the test to find out. @nutrition_facts

11/1/2022 Petivity Smart Litter Box Monitor System – Keep tabs on your cat’s bathroom habits—and catch potential health issues early—with this scale and app developed by Purina. @medeajulianna @WIRED

10/28 The BEST 8 PROBIOTIC Foods In The WORLD – I ferment vegetables and eat them every day. I am NEVER SICK. You should try this. Ryan Taylor on YouTube

10/27 A New Tool for Eruption Forecasting: Carbon-Catching Drones – In the future, remote-controlled quadcopters might mean that researchers won’t have to crawl inside volcanoes to collect carbon dioxide anymore. @katrinacecile @fairtaxcanada @WIRED

10/26 How did the Irish Potato Famine Happen? You don’t have to be Irish to enjoy the history/science lesson. @KnowledgiaToday

10/25 Math scores mark historic declines across the country during COVID pandemic. Eighth-grade math scores plummeted in all states but Utah, where they held steady — with nearly four in 10 students in that age group performing below basic achievement levels in math, the NAEP report found. @cayla_bam @nypost

10/25 Strategies for Teaching Students Leadership Skills Leadership skills are essential in every career and setting., but not everyone has to be a leader. @stayinformedg @BASSEYJ72088589 @_feedspot

10/25 Project-Based Learning Does Not Have to Be a 6-8 Week Unit. The problem with these projects can be the recipe-like nature that happened when students began handing things in. @ajjulian

10/25 Slavery – Summary on a Map – This animation charts slavery from 10,000 years ago to modern times where today there are more slaves than ever. @mbates_design Geo History YouTube

10/24 This is the Fastest Possible Way to Live Off Dividends – Buying stocks that pay steady dividends sounds like a good idea, but you are probably better off buying an S&P exchange-traded fund. @DividendBulls

10/24 The Benefits of Broccoli and a New Recipe – I eat some broccoli most days and I’m never sick. @nutrition_facts

10/24 The Best Mesh Wi-Fi Routers – Forget about that patchy internet connection and dead spots with one of these WIRED-tested mesh systems. @IamSimonHill @WIRED

10/21 Why you should chop broccoli and let it rest before cooking. You can also just eat it raw for the same effect. How much broccoli are you and your family eating? @nutrition_facts @NF_Espanol

10/21 How to study when you have no motivation – Motivation is a luxury. We must start with this baseline understanding. It is powerful, it is helpful, but it is not required to do things. @katiejazevedo @KatieHabits @_feedspot

10/21 Use Tech to Encourage Peer Feedback During Presentations – To make middle and high school presentations more engaging, teachers can use a simple tool to have students share meaningful feedback. @DBakkegard @edutopia

10/20 Songs Inspired By Bach Please share with music teachers, music students, and musicians you know. David Bennett Piano (YouTube)

10/19 If a giant space rock struck Earth, how would we rebuild our food supply? Philip Maughan explores the consequences for our diets. @BBC_Future

10/19 Watch Out for Biden Student Loan Forgiveness Scams – Scammers have targeted student loan borrowers for years, but the recent forgiveness announcement from President Biden has opened the door for many new scams. @TheLoanSherpa

10/18 How Was the World’s Biggest Dome Built? Florence Cathedral remained without a dome for more than a century, for nobody was capable of building it, until Filippo Brunelleschi presented a promising solution in 1418. @WildAidLatino

10/18 Record your Screen for Free – VEED.IO gives you a quick and easy way to record professional videos and share them instantly. @veedstudio

10/17 This Little Trick Makes Podcast Editing Easier. When editing a video, there are visuals that make it relatively easy to know where to cut. The same is not true when editing audio for a podcast unless you use the “clap and pause” trick. @rmbyrne @GarageBandMusic

10/17 Recycled Battery Materials Can Work as Well as New Ones. In an independent test, cathode components of Redwood Materials made from reused metals matched the performance of those made from raw ones. @GregoryJBarber @WIRED

10/14 How to Prep Now If Winter Always Makes You Depressed – This looks like great advice for anyone. @maggieoneill19

10/14 Top 25 Gadgets You Need to Study Smarter [from $20] – I bet you will find a few things here to peak your interest. Today, there are gadgets for everything, and the variety of intelligent devices available increases every day. Some of them can improve your life. Others seem a bit useless. @DaisyHartwell @CusWriting

10/13 Change is an opportunity to do something amazing. This will take you to George Couros’ blog, which contains lots of valuable resources. @gcouros

10/13 Four Easy Scholarships YOU Could Apply For – Not all scholarships are created equal. Many scholarships can require a lot of time and resources through applications, essays, videos, or service projects. @collegeaveloans @_feedspot

10/13 How to Rock Your CV with a Soft Skills Section – HR specialists pay close attention to a list of soft skills. Soft skills, or common skills, combine social skills and character traits—for example, teamwork, critical thinking, multitasking, and other abilities that most jobs require. @StudyCorgi

10/12 Pinkcast 4.28. Here’s how to calm down and chill out when you’re captured by stress. Dan also offers four other interesting links. Search this site to find my summaries of his books. @hubermanlab @DanielPink

10/12 Low-cost relaxing hobbies to take up this winter When the days get colder and the nights get darker, motivating ourselves can be difficult. @ijanifriend @MetroUK

10/12 These Sci-Fi Visions for Interstellar Travel Just Might Work. Les Johnson, author of the new book A Traveler’s Guide to the Stars, talked to WIRED about solar sails and more ways to get farther into the final frontier. @LesAuthor @raminskibba @WIRED

0/10 Home Prices Are Falling | How This Affects Retire – Holy Schmidt! on YouTube

10/8 Average 401k Balance by Age 65 | PLUS # of “401k millionaires” – Here we also get the median balance that you can compare your 401k to if you have one. Holy Schmidt! on Youtube

10/8 Thinking of going vegan? What you need to know first. It’s a process that I have gone through. At home, I’m totally vegan. When I go to friends’ houses, I eat what they feed me. @lisa_drayer @EboIaNewsCNN

10/7 Prior Knowledge and Retrieval Practice – One of the challenges to studying the effects of prior knowledge on learning is that it is difficult to control in an experiment. @DrSilverFox @AceThatTest @_feedspot

10/6 The Most Expensive US Hurricanes For Insurers, Visualized They are all recent as people have more expensive homes in hurricane zones. @darcymiajimenez @guardian @VICEUK @Mic @CosmopolitanUK @MetroUK

10/6 Ten Qualities For A Good Job In 2023 – This is good advice for students and adults. @flashlearners @_feedspot

10/6 How to take notes from a video: 19 video note-taking tips – Taking notes from a video is similar, in ways, to taking notes from a textbook – but there are differences too. Here are the best strategies for taking notes from a textbook if that’s what you’re looking for. @KatieHabits @_feedspot

9/19 When meta-analysis goes wrong – A recent study on homeopathy shows reminds us that meta-analysis – like any study – can look superficially solid yet still produce nonsense. @minzlicht @StuartJRitchie

9/19 Why more schools are considering a 4-day week despite some drawbacks – Many schools did go to a four-day week during the pandemic. @NimahGobir @MindShiftKQED

9/18 How green hydrogen could end the fossil fuel era – As climate change accelerates, finding clean alternatives to fossil fuels is more urgent than ever. Social entrepreneur Vaitea Cowan believes green hydrogen is the answer. @CoVaitea @TEDTalks

9/18 Crispr Can Speed Up Nature—and Change How We Grow Food. It took thousands of years for humans to breed a pea-sized fruit into a beautiful beefsteak tomato. Now, with gene editing, scientists can change everything. @WIRED @LiebermanMichal

9/17 Eight Steps To Write Excellent College Assignment – Writing tasks are the ones that many students fear, as they feel they don’t have the skills to write a perfect college assignment. @flashlearners @_feedspot

9/17 The Global Billionaire Population, Mapped – Raul Amoros, Avery Koop, and Joyce Ma, using data from Wealth-X, mapped out where the world’s 3,311 billionaires have registered their primary business addresses. It’s an excellent data display. @averykoop @VisualCap @WealthX @AltrataOfficial

9/16 Three strategies we use to turn struggling students into confident readers – Research-based teaching strategies and intentional edtech use can help struggling readers thrive. @eschoolnews @petersmeg

9/16 The Difference between “Complicated” and “Complex” Matters. Sending a rocket to the moon and surgeons extracting brain tumors are complicated tasks, while getting children to succeed in school is complex. @LarryCuban

9/14 The Fastest Growing And Shrinking College Subjects In The US, Visualized – Some fields of study have seen drastic changes in the number of degrees awarded over the last decade. Looks like more students are looking for employable skills. @darcymiajimenez

9/13 The Three pillars of meaningful learning – Students don’t come to classrooms with empty heads–they want learning to be meaningful and relevant to their goals and interests. @JamieGMac @VAInstitute @eschoolnews

9/12 A giant Jurassic sea dragon, unearthed – Among the dinosaurs, giant sea dragons roamed the ancient ocean. Millions of years later, paleontologist Dean R. Lomax and his team freed the remains of one of these colossal creatures from the Earth. @Dean_R_Lomax @TED_Talks

9/12 Everything You Need To Know About Owning An Electric Car – While this is almost 58 minutes long, you need to watch it if you are thinking about buying an EV. @TechConnectify

9/9 How Does a Variant-Specific Covid Booster Work? The latest vaccines are designed to target the currently circulating Omicron variants—and head off a winter surge. @emilylmullin @WEIRD

9/9 Being Productive at Home: 25 Tips for Students & Remote Workers – The COVID pandemic will eventually pass away, but the enormous societal changes that it has caused are around to stay. @StudyCorgi

9/8 Finland Might Have Solved Nuclear Power’s Biggest Problem. Finland is building the largest and most powerful nuclear reactor in Europe – and may have worked out what to do with spent nuclear fuel once and for all. @TheB1M

9/8 Climate gains are an ‘inconvenient truth’ — it’s not all bad news about the environment. This is the other side of climate change that the media doesn’t focus on. If you make energy more expensive, only poor people suffer. Note this guy doesn’t deny that humans are responsible for a warmer climate. His Book. @BjornLomborg @nypost

9/7 Six Reasons Why Drinking Coffee is Healthy – I’ve been drinking coffee every day since I was in college. This is great news for me, and my health and success support these facts. @i_am__healthy

9/7 40 College Freshmen Mistakes to Avoid & How to Do That – Be sure to share this with anyone you know who just went off to college. @StudyCorgi

9/7 Voyager 1 and 2, Humanity’s Interstellar Envoys, Soldier On at 45 – I remember seeing live photos when the first one went by Saturn in 1977. That was so cool. Click here to find out what’s on the Voyager golden . @raminskibba @WIRED

9/7 Pinkcast 4.26. Here’s Peter Drucker’s simple method for improving your performance. This is really good advice. @@DanielPink @a_Drucker_a_Day

9/6 13 Health Benefits of Running Everyday – I run almost every day and feel that I enjoy all of these benefits. Search YouTUbe for the Health and Nutrition channel. @i_am__healthy

9/6 Why talking to strangers is good for you, them, and all of us. In childhood, we’re told: “Don’t talk to strangers.” But this is short-sighted advice. @jlythcotthaims @TEDTalks

9/3 How Does ALCOHOL Impact Fat Loss, Muscle & Testosterone? (What The Science Says) – This is an excellent science lesson for middle school on up. @JeffNippard

9/3 Squats, Lunges, and Phonemes – Adding movement to reading lessons reinforces key concepts and helps fidgety students concentrate. @edutopia @LydingLinnea

9/3 Big Decision, Little Time: 3 Factors to Consider When Deciding on a University/College – When you’re in Grade 12, it seems like there are millions of programs at millions of schools, each offering unique, appealing benefits. @StudentLifeNet @munkschool @StudentLifeNet

9/3 Seven of the WORST Money Habits of All Time | 100% Preventable – There is a HUGE distinction between the money habits that make you rich and the money habits that keep you poor. Holy Schmidt

9/2 Three Big Things I Wish I Knew in Grade 12 – Be sure to share this with any incoming seniors you know. @StudentLifeNet

9/1/2022 Why is a Circle 360 Degrees, Why Not a Simpler Number, like 100? Math students and teachers need to watch this. @ABCscience

9/1/2022 A New Approach to Car Batteries Is About to Transform EVs. Auto companies are designing ways to build a car’s fuel cells into its frame, making electric rides cheaper, roomier, and able to hit ranges of 620 miles. @WIRED

8/31 How reptiles took over the world – Climate change is shaping the way animals evolve, be it the way they look or behave. Similarly, climate warming that occurred millions of years ago helped reptiles evolve faster, diversify, and conquer the world. @vetvirologist @mashable

8/31 Why Weather Forecasts Suck – They usually get the all-day rains right. It’s the short mid-day storms that are harder to predict. @MinuteEarth

8/31 Most In-demand Artificial Intelligence Skills To Learn In 2022 – Note that even soft skills like the ability to collaborate are in demand. @Raju_Swapnil @kdnuggets
8/30 How to write a scholarship application – This is great advice for any high school student. @IefaOrg

8/30 Four ways to tackle IT workforce shortages – IT teams have now been elevated to a strategic role, charged with driving multiple digital transformation initiatives across their districts. @eschoolnews

8/29 Why NASA’s Most Powerful Rocket Yet Could Be A Game Changer For The Space Program If you are interest in rockets you will like this. @DJSnM

8/26 Volcano VS Glacier – This is a good Earth science lesson for upper elementary on up. @MinuteEarth @Wondrium

8/25 100 best organization tips for college students – I think this applies to everyone. @KatieHabits

8/24 How the food you eat affects your gut – Shilpa Ravella The bacteria in our guts can break down food the body can’t digest, produce important nutrients, regulate the immune system, and protect against harmful germs. @shilparavella @TED_ED

8/24 Complicated Video Effects – Here are the Surprisingly Complicated Visual Effects That Went Into The ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ Movies. While that is beyond your film students, for now, they should enjoy this. @focusfame

8/23 Inside The Million Dollar Chicken Farm. Amazing Modern Chicks Poultry Farming Technology! You don’t see the chickens die, but you see everything else. This makes me happy to be a vegan. @ZMachinery

8/23 How Foley Artists Make Cartoon Sounds For Films And TV Shows Foley artists Sanaa Kelley and Monique Reymond reveal all the secrets behind the sounds and noises of your favorite cartoon characters, like “SpongeBob SquarePants,” “Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight” and more. Studnet video makers should like this. @MoniqueReymond @reelfoleysound @thisisinsider

8/23 Storytellers of data, fortune tellers of the future – What do data scientists do? Yukta’s blog discusses some of the most interesting and exciting facets of the data science field and what is at the core of the data scientist profession. @LondonRaPP @LondonU @_feedspot

8/20 Spaced Retrieval Practice Benefits Long-Term Learning and Transfer. For over a century, cognitive psychologists have been studying spaced practice and retrieval practice, resulting in a great deal of evidence that these two strategies work very well to improve student learning. @DrSumeracki @AceThatTest @_feedspot

8/20 High Tech: Addiction or Dependency? Whenever access to new technologies increased the flow of information, such as the printing press, telegraph, telephone, computer, and now smartphones, there were those who argued that such technologies reduced communication among friends and family, eroded a sense of community, increased isolation of individuals, and even made people dumb. @LrryCuban

8/19 Webb Discovers a Galaxy That Could Break Physics. Astronomers have nicknamed this galaxy Schrodinger’s galaxy because it could be at two places at once. @cosmic_secrets

8/18 The Big Business of Burying Carbon – The porous rock beneath the Gulf Coast launched the petroleum age. Now entrepreneurs want to turn it into a gigantic sponge for storing CO2. @Jeff_Ball @Stanford @WIRED

8/17 Gettysburg: Animated Battle Map – This is almost 17 minutes long, but teachers and students of history should like this. Please share. @Battlefields

8/16 The New Climate Bill Demands All-American EV Batteries. The legislation adds fuel to a major push for a US battery supply chain. But inconvenient geography is the least of the challenges ahead. @AarianMarshall @WIRED

8/16 Could Your Old Poop Cure You of Future Diseases? Fecal transplants can fix gut diseases, but finding the right donor stool is tricky. The solution, some scientists believe, is to keep a store of your own. @SabrinaMWeiss @WIRED

8/15 How to Cultivate a Healthy Gut Microbiome with Food – Our gut flora is determined by what we eat, for good or for ill. Our gut flora is determined by what we eat, for good or for ill. @nutrition_facts

8/15 Why NASA Wants to Go Back to the Moon – The space agency’s upcoming lunar mission will launch the ambitious Artemis program, building on the landings 50 years ago. @raminskibba @WIRED

8/11 Back to School Lesson Planning Tips – Let’s explore where to find lesson ideas, how to use and revise templates, free lesson plans, packaging assignments, and pitfalls to avoid! @ShakeUpLearning

8/10 What Happens To Your Body When You Run 30 Minutes Every Day – If you want to be happier, avoid depression, improve your brain, sleep better, and have great legs, running is for you. Big Muscles YouTube Channel

8/10 The Double Life of an American Lake Monster – In the Great Lakes, sea lampreys are a scourge. In Europe, they’re an endangered cultural treasure. Can biologists suppress—and save—the species? @MarionRenault @WIRED

8/10 Can you solve the bridge riddle? – Alex Gendler – This should work for upper elementary on up. @Ad_Anderson @louiseseeley

8/9 MasterClass vs. Skillshare review: Learn from the best online courses. Move over, Zoom. There are other learning platforms in the store that are so cool; they don’t feel like your mundane homework. @vrgiardina @nypost

8/9 2021 US Network Administrator Salary & Employment Study – which state has the best prospects? – Are you a Network Admin? We have a detailed look at which state has the best Salary prospects. @comparitech

8/8 Which type of milk is best for you? Jonathan J. O’Sullivan & Grace E. Cunningham – – Which milk is best for you? And which uses the fewest resources and produces the least pollution? @JonathanThinks @TED_Ed

8/7 Watching A Man Make A Trebuchet Using Primitive Technology Is Oddly Mesmerizing. This is a good practical science lesson for middle school on up. @Primitive_Tech

8/7 The relationship between sex and imagination – Sex is as much mental as it is physical — and imagination is the most powerful tool we have to expand our personal agency and capacity for pleasure. This probably isn’t part of sex ed in your school, but it should be. Check out Gina’s stories here. @Gina__Gutierrez @dipseastories @TEDcouver

8/7 How Are Aluminum Cans Recycled? | How Do They Do It? The world consumes a mind-blowing 4 billion cans of soft drinks made of recycled aluminum every week. DCODE how they are recycled. @dcodethegov

8/7 How Israel became the most advanced country in agriculture – At the beginning of the nineteenth century, early settlers who decided to settle in the lands of Israel faced a huge challenge: how to farm in conditions of sweltering heat and minimal rainfall. @Innovative_Tech @epidemicsound @NetafimCorp

8/6 Short Lessons on Centripetal Force and Tea Cups – Here are multiple resources on the subject of centripetal force that should work for upper elementary on up. @PlanetNutshell @PhETsims @rmbyrne

8/5 Wikipedia Articles Sway Some Legal Judgments. An experiment shows that overworked judges turn to the crowdsourced encyclopedia for guidance when making legal decisions. @willknight @WIRED

8/5 10 Bucket List Ideas for Las Vegas (That Don’t Involve Gambling!) The Neon Museum and the Hoover Dam look like winners to me. @StudentUniverse

8/5 The Case for Making Public Transit Free Everywhere – From Spain to Germany and Luxembourg to Estonia, more and more countries are experimenting with fare-free transportation. @njkobie @WIRED

8/3 How Much Land The US Military Controls In Each State, Visualized – How much does the military own in your state? They own a bunch, and most of it is in the southwest. Note the percent of military land is not the same as the percent of each state. @VisualCap

8/3 McDonald’s Pulled Out Of Russia And Everything Went To Hell With Its Replacement. The big problem seems to be their inability to import potatoes for fries, McDonald’s most iconic item. @HalfInteresting @CuriosityStream @WatchNebula

8/2/2022 Eleanor Wonders Why – “Elinor Wonders Why” encourages preschoolers to follow their curiosity, ask questions when they don’t understand and find answers using science inquiry skills. @ElinorWonders @PBSKIDS @rmbyrne

8/2/2022 How to remain fixed on your vision – Has your motivation dipped recently? Keep reading as Roberto explains how he keeps his motivation high while studying. @LondonU

8/2/2022 How Does Light Affect Sleep? Without question, artificial lighting has improved our lives in a variety of ways. But exposure to all that artificial light can majorly impact our sleep. @LauraNewc @mattressclarity @VictoriaW_SEO

8/1 2022 What To Bring To Your Freshman Year Of College – You may not need everything on this list, but you should look it over as you pack. Share with any college freshman you know. @sstudentsblog

8/1 2022 A Way to Make Fractions Easier to Understand – New teachers can help simplify the complexities of fractions for students by using an unexpected tool—a multiplication chart. @MrCourtneyRm801 @edutopia

7/31 You won’t be confused about electric vehicle charging after reading this. Charging an EV is not nearly as complicated as people think. @drgitlin @arstechnica

7/31 School Meals and Academic Achievement – Our brains require a lot of energy to think. Around 20% of our daily calories go toward fueling the brain. @DrSilverFox @AceThatTest

7/30 How Eliminating Vegetable Oil (AKA the Hateful 8 Seed Oil) Helps Weight Loss – I seems that some vegetable oils are better for you than others. @drcateshanahan

7/30 The Big Business of Burying Carbon – The porous rock beneath the Gulf Coast launched the petroleum age. Now entrepreneurs want to turn it into a gigantic sponge for storing CO2. @Jeff_Ball @Stanford @WIRED

7/30 Five ways to reduce the cost of your commute with inflation skyrocketing – Fortunately, stores like Costco, Sam’s Club and BJ’s Wholesale alleviate the cost of gas for consumers by offering members access to the store’s private gas pumps. @MSalemann @nypost

7/27 The Best Explanation Of Air Conditioning We’ve Ever Heard In Less Than Nine Minutes – This is a good and very practical science lesson for middle school on up. @ThisOldHouse

7/27 Searching for Scholarships? Here’s our Winning Strategy. Whether you’ve realized it or not, pretty much everything you do or have done involves some sort of strategy, aka a plan of action. accessscholarships at Instagram @_feedspot

7/26 Double Rainbow Lessons – How Rainbows Form explains dispersion and refraction of light. The video also explains what causes the colors of the rainbow to appear in the order we see them. Finally, at the end of the video, viewers learn what causes the appearance of a double rainbow. @rmbyrne @SciShowKids

7/26 FAQ College majors and minors: Differences and details – Every high school student should know the answers to all of these frequently asked questions. @KatieHabits @_feedspot

7/25 Takeaways on Soy and an Edamame Recipes – Edamame is soy in its most whole-food form. The pods containing young soybeans are a snack or starter, first popularized in East Asia. @nutrition_facts

7/25 The future of remote work, according to six experts – Make the case for working remotely — but not so much that your job gets outsourced. @ranimolla @voxdotcom

7/25 The All-In Cost of Car Dependency 2022: How Driving Wrecks Your Finances. Do you want to know what you really pay when you drive? It’s a lots more than gas. @Nerd4Cities

7/24 Why Mount Everest Isn’t Really The Tallest Mountain On Earth – We’ve always been told Mount Everest is the tallest mountain on Earth, but the world is always changing. This is a good science lesson for middle school on up. @okaytobesmart @PBSDS

7/24 Bucket List Ideas for Rising High School Seniors and Their Families – Do your kids have a bucket list? @DebCollegeHelp @CollegeAveLoans @_feedspot

7/23 How Germany is kicking its meat habit Germany has made itself an outlier in global meat consumption by embracing plant-based food and politics. @KennyTorrella @voxdotcom

7/23 Nine Ways You’re Wasting Money and What to Do Instead – Whether you love it or hate it, money is an essential part of life. Yet despite how important money is to adulthood, formal education rarely teaches us how to manage it. @RansomPattersonn @collegeinfogeek

7/22 What Turtles Can Teach Humans About the Science of Slow Aging. New data shows that several types of shelled reptiles can slow—and even stop—aging if the environmental conditions are right. @katrinacecile @WIRED

7/21 Why A Spinning Vortex Causes Liquids To Defy Gravity – This looks like something you and your kids can try at home. @MouldS

7/19 Video Content Creation Course – This 5-day course starts 7/225/2022 and only costs one dollar. It looks good for middle school students on up. @JonathanTilley5

7/19 A Short Lesson About Concussions – The six-minute video explains what a concussion is, the short-term and long-term effects of concussions, and myths about concussions. Be sure to wear a helmet! @rmbyrne @TED_ED @Ad_Anderson

7/18 I’m terrible at job interviews — what can I do? Getting good enough at interviews just takes a little preparation. @greggiangrande @nypost

7/18 Three ways to spot a bad statistic – In this delightful, hilarious talk, data journalist Mona Chalabi shares handy tips to help question, interpret and truly understand what the numbers are saying. @MonaChalabi @Ted_nyc

7/16 Gasoline Prices Around The World On July 11, From Most To Least Expensive – As you can see the prices in the US are not so bad compared to Europe. Can your students explain why some prices are so low? @Digg

7/16 Excerpt from Wonder: Childhood and the Lifelong Love of Science – Frank Keil on Wonder, Childhood and Lifelong Learning – @tvanderark @Getting_Smart

7/15 Can Reengineered Aluminum Help Fill the Demand for Copper? As the world converts to electric vehicles and renewable energy, molecular tweaks to aluminum could improve its conductivity. @GregoryJBarber @WIRED

7/15 3,000 Calorie Meal Plan for Muscle Building – Training hard but not gaining muscle? Maybe you aren’t eating enough! Use this 3000-calorie eating plan to get your gains back on track. @fitness_volt

7/13 The Summer’s Best Read Is About AI, Surveillance, and Tiny Aliens – Ever wish George Saunders tried his hand at crime fiction? Try David Musgrave’s imaginative debut novel, Lambda. @Knibbs @WIRED

7/13 Should I Go Abroad for My Undergraduate Studies? This article explains what factors you need to consider to make your region choices for your undergraduate studies. @RamyaModukuri @NamitaMehta5 @TRPMumbai

7/12 That Weird Smell in Your House Might Be Mold. Here’s How to Check. Wet conditions and climate change mean the risk of spores is higher than ever. Here’s how to know if you need an assessment and what you should expect. @cmmilberger @WIRED

7/12 Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Yogurt – One of the world’s most recognizable dairy products, yogurt is a living, versatile symbol of human innovation. @Eater

7/12 NASA unveals the first picture taken by the WEBB Telescope. Check this site after 10:30 EST today (7/12/2022) to see more of the first images. @NASAWebb @NASA

7/11 Is Cheese Harmful or Healthy? Compared to What? What about the studies that show cheese has neutral or positive health effects? @NF_Espanol

7/11 Minnesota Nursing Homes Introduces Robot Caregivers. A Minnesota nursing home has begun using two AI-powered robots as care assistants for those with dementia or early-stage Alzheimer’s. @EricHSchwartz @VoicebotAI

7/10 Emergency Responder And Veteran Explains How To Respond During An Active Shooting. This is advice we all should know and it only takes three minutes. @genpelak

7/8 Building Artemis: Inside NASA’s Enormous Moon Rocket Factory – For 50 years, humans haven’t traveled more than a few hundred miles above Earth. Now, NASA’s plan to return to the moon is kicking into high gear. @reillystyley @CNET

7/7 Schools should offer at least ‘one hour of music a week’ – new music education plan revealed. The UK government’s Department for Education has published its new national plan for music education in England. How does your school match up? @sophiassocials

7/7 Sharing Music Rescued My Relationship With My Teenager If your aren’t listening to your kids music your are missing the boat. Your kids can keep you hip. @WIRED

7/6 Which type of milk is best for you? If you go to the store in search of milk, there are a dizzying number of products to choose from. @TED_ED @WellnessSure1

7/6 Visualizing the Speed of Light and Speed of Sound – Here are some everyday examples of where the discrepancy between these two speeds are visible. Animations Xplaned

7/5 The Best Drones for Every Budget – Whether you want to battle Star Wars spaceships or shoot a cinematic masterpiece, one of these picks is going to be perfect for you. @WIRED

7/5 The Race to Build Wind Farms That Float on the Open Sea – There’s huge potential to generate renewable energy far out in the ocean. But designing turbines that can survive rough waters isn’t exactly a breeze. @chrisbaraniuk @WIRED

7/5 Water Intake Calculator – The water intake calculator can help you determine your ideal daily water consumption. @fitness_volt

7/4 Off the shelf, above the fight: How cheap drones are completely changing warfare. Ukraine is showing a paradigm shift. Units no longer need to rely on large platforms and layers of command and control that delay the use of drones on the battlefield. @TaskandPurpose

7/4 Why studying abroad is worth it for you – Are you in two minds about going abroad for your education or staying home? If you answered a yes to even one of these questions, this log is for you. @ReachIvy @_feedspot

7/4 The blind spots of the green energy transition – The world needs clean power, but decarbonization calls for a massive increase in the mining and extraction of minerals like lithium, graphite, and cobalt. @OliviaLazard @TEDTalks

7/3 What is Lightning? – Another Question from My Daughter – The first place to turn to for elementary school level explanations to questions related to earth science is SciShow Kids. @SciShowKids @rmbyrne

7/3 Concrete Is Awful for the Planet. Clever Chemistry Can Help. Without it, our civilization would be nowhere. With it, the Earth is suffering. But what if concrete could be used to store climate-warming carbon? @VinceBeiser @WIRED

7/2 NASA Webb Telescope’s ‘first light’ images nearly bring tears to astronomers’ eyes. The first images will start to come in on July 12th. @Astro_Pam @Bradford_Betz @nypost @FoxNews

7/2 The Best Smart Lighting Panels, LED Strips, and Ambient Lamps – Light up your life with color, find accent lighting to match your mood, and transform the feel of your home with these decorative devices. @IamSimonHill @WIRED

7/1 Get the Best New Nonfiction Books Delivered to Your Door. Join the nonfiction subscription book club curated by Malcolm Gladwell, Adam Grant, Susan Cain, and Daniel Pink. @NextBigIdeaClub @DanielPink @Gladwell @AdamMGrant @susancain

7/1 The World Can’t Wean Itself Off Chinese Lithium. China dominates the global supply chain for lithium-ion batteries. Now rival countries are scrambling for more control over “white oil.” @amitkatwala @WIRED

6/30 Understanding Bernoulli’s Equation – This is a great science lesson for high school on up. You might challenge middle schools students with this. @efficiengineer @CuriosityStream

6/29 SpaceX’s supersized Starship rocket — and the future of galactic exploration
SpaceX’s Starship launch vehicle has the potential to explore the solar system in a bold, new — and supersized — way. @NCBirbhan

6/29 Short Lessons About American Independence Day – Take a look then bookmark these for your U.S. History lessons in the fall. @history_prog @rmbyrne

6/29 The Capstone Launch Will Kick Off NASA’s Artemis Moon Program. The tiny spacecraft is set to explore an orbit for a planned space station that will travel around the moon and serve as a staging point for future missions. @raminskibba @WIRED

6/28 Brain Hacking Strategies: A technique five times more effective at changing others’ behavior – A technique called Motivational Interviewing works 74% of the time, 5 times as often as other techniques investigated. @AcademicBiz @cmdanhoff

6/28 Video editing made simple – Create
videos with a single click. Add subtitles, transcribe audio and more. Try it now, no account required. @veedstudio

6/23 Educators are turning yoga into a vehicle for school and community change. Teacher burnout and the need for SEL and mental health support among students are at all-time highs–but wellness practices can help. @eSN_Laura @eschoolnews

6/23 Supreme Court OKs use of public money for religious education. The court ruled that Maine can’t exclude families in areas without public high schools from using state-provided tuition money for sectarian education. This looks like a good class discussion issue for high school on up. @PeteWilliamsNBC @nbcnews

6/22 These Satellites See Through the Clouds to Track Flooding. Remote sensing systems can struggle to spot high waters, especially in stormy weather or at night. Synthetic aperture radar offers a shot in the dark. @ScolesSarah @WIRED

Two Ways to Make Your Own Wordle-style Games – Strive Math’s new Custom Wordle game creator is a little tool that can be used to create Wordle-style games based on words of any length. @strivemath @rmbyrne

6/22 These Satellites See Through the Clouds to Track Flooding. Remote sensing systems can struggle to spot high waters, especially in stormy weather or at night. Synthetic aperture radar offers a shot in the dark. @ScolesSarah @WIRED

6/21 A floating city in the Maldives begins to take shape. It is not meant as a wild experiment or a futuristic vision: it’s being built as a practical solution to the harsh reality of sea-level rise. If we can’t stop change we must adapt. @nellylew @CNNStyle

6/21 Researching is a sought after skill. Here’s how you can build it. stop to consider whether you are researching in the most efficient manner. As a student, in particular, knowing how to research can be invaluable. Here’s how you can learn. @ReachIvy @_feedspot

6/20 Sommelier André Hueston Mack Explains How To Chill Wine and a Lot More. If you like wine at all this will help you to be less intimidated. @MaisonNoirWines @bonappetit

6/20 Adam Sandler Offers A Dose Of Reality To The Parents Of NYU’s Tisch Graduates In Hilarious Commencement Speech. This is very funny and touching. It’s 16 minutes, but well worth it. (WARNING: One F-Word) @AdamSandler @nyuniversity @NYUTischSchool

6/19 How to take a picture of a black hole – This young female PhD student might be a good role model for other girls interested in science. @klbouman @TEDxBeaconSt

6/19 Book Review: A Citizen’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence – The book’s subject matter is highly relevant and it provokes many probing questions that deserve further consideration on the part of the reader and broader society. @JohnZerilli @JohnDanaher @jamesmaclaurin @ColinGavaghan @internetrights @menoorman

6/19 Short Lessons About the Longest Day of the Year – SciShow Kids offers a nice video that can help K-3 students understand why the length of daylight changes throughout the year. @SciShowKids @rmbyrne

6/18 Here Are Several Guaranteed Ways To Never Feel Tired Again. If your high school starts early you need to read this. @AsapSCIENCE @khalid48771580

6/18 What is inflation? Inflation has a huge impact on our money, and how far it goes. Here’s an overview of what inflation is, how it works and how it impacts you. Kids in middle school on up can handle this. @SaveTheStudent @LB1899 @_feedspot

6/18 How to Work While Going to School – How to Work in College does a good job of trying to help viewers understand the importance of scheduling their time and it provides some tips for blocking distractions when it is time to focus on school work. @TheCrashCourse @rmbyrne

6/18 DEMOGRAPHICSMapped: A Decade of Population Growth and Decline in U.S. Counties. This map, using data from the U.S. Census Bureau, shows a decade of population movement across U.S. counties, painting a detailed picture of U.S. population growth between 2010 and 2020. How is your county doing? @VisualCap @NickRoutley

6/17 List of Good Fats and Oils versus Bad – This is an extended article that will tell you a lot about which fats are better for you. @drcateshanahan

6/17 Unpoppable Bubbles – Another Fun Summer Science Lesson – This short video is about how bubbles are made and propose some ideas for making bubble mixtures to test to see if it is possible to make an unpoppable bubble. @SciShowKids @rmbyrne

6/17 Everything You Need To Know About Solar Tax Credit – Did you know that if half of the roofs in the world were covered in solar panels, we would have enough energy to power the whole world? Instagram renogyofficial

6/16 How playing an instrument benefits your brain – When you listen to music, multiple areas of your brain become engaged and active. But when you actually play an instrument, that activity becomes more like a full-body brain workout. Your students should watch this. @Grace_OT @TED_Ed

6/15 My experience with being a mentor – Take a minute to think about the best mentor you’ve ever had. It could have been a colleague, a parent, your friend, a coach, or your high school teacher. @nidhi_sharma @dundeeuni

6/15 How Lost Hikers Can Send an SOS to Space – The Sarsat satellite system is a kind of celestial lifeguard for explorers, boaters, and aviators who might be in need of search and rescue. @ScolesSarah @WIRED

6/14 What the World’s Largest Organism Reveals About Fires and Forests – In Oregon, the tree-killing Humongous Fungus never would have gotten so large without the accidental help of modern fire suppression tactics. @atlasobscura @ClimateDesk @WIRED

6/14 Money
It turns out money may buy some happiness. It’s clear that at some point each dollar buys a little bit less happiness. @ForecasterEnten

6/14 Why Beethoven is the Greatest of all Time In Under Five minutess Yesterday I posted a similar video about Mozart and the day prior I did the one on Bach. Share with music teachers and students you know. Now it’s time for you and each student/child to choose your favorite. @BBC

6/13 Scientists Discover ‘Superworms’ Eat Plastic, Can Help Tackle Pollution Crisis. Beetle larvae survived on a polystyrene-only diet due to the enzymes in their guts, which may eventually be harnessed in plastic-upcycling bioreactors. @beckyferreira @VICE @motherboard @NYTScience

6/13 Why Mozart is the Greatest of all Time In Under Five Minutes – Yesterday I posted a similar video about Bach. Share with music teachers and students you know. Bach was amazing, but Mozart also wrote 12 operas including some of the best. @BBC

6/11 One of Europe’s ‘largest ever’ predatory dinosaurs discovered in the U.K. The two-legged, crocodile-faced beast known as a spinosaurid lived 125 million years ago. @leila_sackur @unisouthampton

6/11 The Case for Making Classrooms Phone-Free A teacher who once championed phones in the classroom changes his stance. @Mr_Rablin @EdSurge

6/11 Why Bach is the Greatest of all Time in under five minutes – Share with music teachers and students you know and if you have some Bach, dust it off. @BBC

6/10 Five Google Earth Activities to Get Kids Interested in the Outdoors – A new book titled Outdoor Kids in an Inside World Steven Rinella presents a lot of ideas for getting kids interested and involved in learning about nature. @stevenrinella @rmbyrne

6/9 Five Tips to Help You Choose Which University to Go To – First of all, congratulations on getting this far! If you are reading this article, you are likely at a point in your life where you are grappling with how to decide which university is the right one for you. @StudentLifeNet @SophiaDivita

6/9 Pinkcast 4.24. 5 surprising tips for getting the most out of your trip abroad. I travel a lot and do almost all of what Dan suggests. @DanielPink

6/8 Introducing the new MacBook Air, 13‑inch MacBook Pro, iOS 16, iPadOS 16, macOS Ventura, and watchOS 9. This is an introduction of what Apple is up to. There is a new M2 chip and an introduction of what is coming in operating system updates. @Apple

6/7 Why Is Australia 95% Empty? This video has a lot of fascinating information. Comparesons to other countries should help with geographical knowledge kids. @RealLifeLore22

6/7 A lesson about every single element on the periodic table – These short videos are good from upper elementary on uup. Have each student watch there favorite and report to the class. @periodicvideos @BradyHaran @rmbyrne

6/5 MAmerica’s cheapest electric car is a Chevy. Electric cars are expensive—and, for the most part, they’re only getting pricier. There’s one EV model that’s notably bucking the trend. @NicolasFuRivero @qz

6/5 The surprisingly charming science of your gut – Ever wonder how we poop? Learn about the gut — the system where digestion (and a whole lot more) happens. @giulia_enders @TED_Talks

6/3 What would happen if you didn’t drink water? Water is essentially everywhere in our world, and the average human is composed of between 55 and 60% water. So what role does water play in our bodies, and how much do we actually need to drink to stay healthy? @TED_ED @byeolbeats @DBG_Bishop

6/3 Fixed VS. Growth: How Your Mindset Dictates Your Success – How important is our mindset? Can it determine our success? Well, it depends on what kind of mindset you have. Also, see my summary of Carol Dweck’s Mindset. @business_essay_

6/2 Is It Safe To Eat Moldy Food? Adam Ragusea explains what to do, and not do, when you and your kids see mold appearing on food in your home. @aragusea @MNDaniels24 @FetchRewards

6/2 At 1.1 quintillion operations per second the US has world’s fastest supercomputer. With speed of 1.1 exaflop/s, DOE system at Oak Ridge lab leads Top 500 list. @jbrodkin @ArsTechnica

6/2 Here’s How Germany Is Light Years Ahead Of Everyone Else In Plastic Recycling. At this time most of the plastic you put out for recycling is either burned or put in a landfill. This video offers hope for more real recycling. @RessourcenBaWue

5/31 Benefits of Turmeric for Arsenic Exposure – I put some tumeric in my morning glass of V8. You can also get tumeric pills at your local drug store. @nutrition_facts

5/31 How Burned Out Are You? A Scale For Teachers – A four-stage framework can help teachers understand the burnout process—and what they can do to protect their well-being and career. @TLCeducate @edutopia

5/31 The Best & Worst Cities For Equal Pay In America – If you know any women thinking of relocating, share this with them. Scroll down to find a list of the 100 largest metro areas. @PhxValleyGirl @goodhiretweets

5/30 Why Can’t We Make New Stradivari Violins? This is a great mystery. Share with music lovers you know. @SciShow @cometeer

5/30 Are Plant Proteins Really Worse Than Animal Proteins? If you are thinking about going vegan like me you should watch this. @Picture_Fit

5/30 Total Global Exports By the American States In 2021, Visualized – You can also see the kind of things we export and which countries they go to. @tilpa

5/30 What can and can’t be recycled – While the specifics of recycling vary around the globe, there are some common rules – and pervasive myths. Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about it. @williamhpark @BBC_Future

5/26 How does fracking work? – Mia Nacamulli – This six-minute video should work from upper elementary on up. THis is a technology all students should know about. @TED_Ed @ProjectRemixxx @tinoseeber

5/26 Investing in artificial intelligence (AI): A beginner’s guide – As AI continues to disrupt how we live and work, how can investors put money to work in this advanced technology that is quickly reshaping society? @GiovannyMoreano @Genpact @Bankrate

5/25 Futuristic Belgian F2000 Rifles Have Been Spotted In Ukrainian Hands. It can fire tear gas canisters for peace-keeping operations, or can be equipped with 40mm FN EGLM grenade launchers and a proprietary computerized fire control system for more lethality. @emmakrh @thewarzonewire @thedrive

5/25 Don’t Trust The Headlines Making Huge Health Claims About a Single Food. Here’s Why. Foods are never consumed in isolation and it is incredibly difficult to take this apart in such studies. @ggkuhnle @ecologistmills @JSpencerSRSCMAT @ConversationUS @ScienceAlert

5/25 Tom Scott Reveals The Eye-Popping Technology That Simulates Hundreds Of Thousands Of Vehicles Driving On A Road. Tom visits a pavement fatigue carousel and gets a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at how roads are tested for heavy traffic levels. @tomscott @IDay2020

5/24 Guy Straps A GoPro On His Turtle. The Perspective It Yields Is Amazing. I bet your kids could have some fun
with a Go Pro Camera. @kevinlangella

5/24 Automated Research Workflows Are Speeding Pace of Scientific Discovery; New Report Offers Recommendations to Advance Their Development. @theNASEM

5/24 Randomized Controlled Trials of Beans – Do legumes—beans, chickpeas, split peas, and lentils—work only to prevent disease, or can they help treat and reverse it as well? I eat a lot of beans. They are good for you and inexpensive. Add spices and they also taste great. @nutrition_facts

5/24 Four Reasons We Don’t Have Flying Cars—Yet – The technological hurdles facing the development of aircraft for urban mobility systems like UberAIR are massive, but not insurmountable. @EricAdams321 @WIRED
5/20 Why do blood types matter? This TED Ed animation is good for middle school on up. @Buttrflyfreedom @TED_ED

5/20 Taylor Swift Tells NYU Graduates To Stop Worrying And Accept ‘Being Cringe’ In Inspiring Commencement Speech. If you any kids who are Taylor Swift fans share this. It’s 26 minutes, but it contains some good advice. @taylorswift13 @livenowfox @nyuniversity

5/20 Your Car’s Emergency Kit – How many of these essentials can you and your kids find in your car? MATT JANCER @WEIRED

5/19 Sharks Use the Earth’s Magnetic Field Like a Compass. Biologists have long believed that these animals rely on magnetic sensing to migrate across oceans. Someone finally figured out how to prove it. @atsaraharrison @WIRED

5/19 An Interactive Map of the Roman Empire – On ORBIS students can calculate the distance and travel times between hundreds of settlements in the Roman Empire. @rmbyrne @Stanford

5/18 <Is Eating Organic Food Healthier? Here’s What The Science Says. – This would be good video to show from upper elementary on up. @Kurz_Gesagt @skillsharednd

5/18 <Tom Scott Helps Reintroduce A Species Of Geese To The Wild By Flying With Them. Tom Scott meets up with Christian Moullec who is helping geese with their migration with this cool ultralight aircraft. This is also a good French lesson as the pilot does most of the narration in French with English subtitles. @tomscott @Christianmoull1

5/18 <Drones Are Turning Into Personal Flying Machines. We were promised jetpacks that never arrived. But you know what’s finally here? Big, honking drones you can ride on. Got yours yet? @pomeranian99 @WIRED
5/17 You’ve Been Storing Herbs Wrong Your Entire Life. Anyone who cooks can learn a lot in less that three minutes. @TestKitchen @AcornTV @subzerowolf

5/17 The Ultimate List Of The Best Summer Jobs For Students – Having a summer job is an excellent opportunity to get some new and valuable real work experience on your CV. The employment market is so competitive that any form of work experience can be the differentiating factor between you and the next candidate. Some jobs allow you to work for yourself. @TweetHFS @_feedspot

5/16 Cholesterol Pills (Statins) are Probably Really Bad for Your Brain. Every medication has side effects. I can’t say this article is factual, but it makes sense. @drcateshanahan

5/16 Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Guacamole – High-fat plant foods—avocados, peanuts, and walnuts—and olive oil are put to the test. @nutrition_facts

5/15 How Water Towers Work – The job of finding enough water, making it safe to use, and then reliably distributing it to the system customers with almost no downtime is a monumental task that requires a lot of infrastructures. This is a great science lesson. @BOMBAS @PracticalEngin2

<5/14 a href="https://bit.ly/3svZAFE">Why Is The Turkish Bayraktar TB2 Drone So Effective? This is pretty low tech compared to US drones, but it is very effective. @Blue_Sauron @ELINTNews

5/14 – This uses an immersion blender but you could use a kitchen-top blender. I have a Blendtec. Be sure to involve your kids if you have any at home. @EthanChleb

5/13 5 Reasons if You Try to Fight an F-35 You’re Basically Dead This is a fun 10-minute video that shows how the US has developed an amazing fighter jet that it sells for a profit ot our allies. @usmmil

5/13 Want to Grow Your Own Food? Try a Hydroponic Garden. Today’s home kits are stylish, smart, and easier to use than ever. Here’s how to get started. I’m doing this to some extent. It’s lots of fun and no doubt good for kids. @witchpagnspirit

5/13 What Should the Webb Teloscope Look at First? Share this with your students, especially your female students as the presenter is a peppy woman. @drbecky_

5/12 Mapped: Beer Consumption in the U.S. – When stacked up next to other alcoholic beverages, beer is America’s preferred drink of choice, closely followed by wine and spirits. In fact, it is the fifth most-consumed drink overall in the country, behind coffee, water, soft drinks, and tea. You can roll over this map for details about each state. @VisualCap Victor Dépré

5/12 China developed a drone swarm that can fly effortlessly through an entire forest. Be sure to watch the short video. It’s insane. @AmeyaPaleja @IntEngineering

5/12 Are Electric Cars Worse For The Environment? This seems like a fair comparison. Essentially, it depends where you get your electricity from. @jasonfenske13

5/11 The Code Breaker: Jennifer Doudna, Gene Editing, and the Future of the Human Race – I’ve listened to this book and I highly recommend it. @DoudnaJennifer @WalterIsaacson @Tulane @simonschuster

5/10 The benefits of a bilingual brain – Educator Mia Nacamulli details the three types of bilingual brains and shows how knowing more than one language keeps your brain healthy, complex and actively engaged. @PenPenChen @TED_ED

5/10 Watch TED-Ed videos – Here are 16 educational videos that teachers of many subjects can use. They are about four minutes long and have subtitles in man languages. Language learners can also run them a half-speed with subtitles. @TED_ED

5/9 Bach vs AI: spot the difference – Many people are using AI to create original mush. Starting with Bach makes sense. @theoae

5/8 Want Students to Become Better Problem Solvers? Then Teach Them to Fly Planes and Drones. 9th graders will learn the principles of flying airplanes and drones; tackle mathematical and engineering analyses around concepts such as torque, force, weight, distance, and altitude. You may need a subscription for this. It’s worth it. @kbushweller @EducationWeek

5/8 Simple Strategies to Avoid Tech Exhaustion – Incorporating too many tech tools too fast can be disastrous—but there are ways to get the most out of tech without becoming overwhelmed. @Prof_F_Henshaw @edutopia

5/8 Lottery and Child Support by Countries – Facts & Stats 2022 – See which countries use lottery money to support education. I see lotteries as a tax on the poor. What do you and your kids think? @passittobulis @TextsLottery

5/7 This Simple Tip Will Help Reduce The Rot In Your Fridge. This looks like really good idea that is easy to implement. @nutrition

5/7 Which comes first: happiness or success? High negative feelings interfere with good performance, and high optimism predicts a greater odds of superior work performance. @StephanieVozza @FastCompany

5/7 This Surprisingly Compelling Argument About Why Our Planet Is Not Doomed By Climate Change Will Give You Hope For A Better Tomorrow. This is good for upper elementary on up. @Kurz_Gesagt

5/6 We found a one-star review for ramen lasagna, so we made it. If you know someone who eats a lot of ramen. please share. @sun4lower

5/5 Solving the Tricky Challenges of Robotic Pizza-Making A new technique could enable a robot to manipulate squishy objects like pizza dough or soft materials like clothing. @aczewe @SciTechDaily1 @MIT

5/5 Common Misconceptions About Dyslexia – D

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