Dr. Doug’s Links for Binghamton University Students

On September 23, 2013 I gave a talk on Social Media: How to use it to your advantage and
how to stay out of trouble.

Synopsis: A digital immigrant who started using computers by punching
cards in college and has worked as a school computer director, a computer
journalist, and a commercial blogger breaks down the social media
world for digital natives. After this talk you should be in a better position
to use social media to build your brand while avoiding the many opportunities
social media offers to lose your friends, your job, your reputation, and even your freedom.

8/24 Social Media in Education: FIU fraternity suspended due to selling drugs and posting nude photos on Facebook. @marc_raimondi

9/18 Social Media in Education: Viral twerking video turns out to be a hoax. I fell for this myself so don’t feel bad if you did to. @TeachKidsNews

9/17 Social Media in Education: Seven Technologies Every College Student Should Know. How many do you know? @LuvEdTech

9/15 Social Media in Education: A suburban Los Angeles school district is now looking at the public postings on social media by middle and high school students, searching for possible violence, drug use, bullying, truancy and suicidal threats. The cost is about $3/student. Looks like a good conversation starter for any class. The video is [2:26] @MMartinezCNN

9/11 Social Media in Education: Oh China, when will you learn? China Warns of Jail for Viral Posts Deemed Libel. @leahmacvie

9/9 Social Media in Education: Could you find your next job on Twitter? Career expert discusses job-hunting on social media. VIDEO [3:52] @WSJ

9/8 Social Media in Education: The fasted lap of Manhattan posted on YouTube lead to the arrest of the driver. Duh! Here is the article from the NY Post. @spiccoli

9/7 Social Media in Education: The Facebook effect? Social media exposure increases smoking and drinking among teens. @BBCJamesVincent @SchoolsImprove

9/3 Social Media in Education: 80% of eight to 22-year-olds are concerned about cyber bullying. It seems like most schools aren’t doing much about this problem. @SchoolsImprove @mailonline

7/25 How An Online Reputation Can Hurt Your Job Hunt.

7/15 A teen goes to jail for a stupid Facebook mistake. Please share with any students you know. @DrDougGreen

7/17 Bronx, New York teacher busted when girls sister checks her emails. Two lessons for kids and adults here: don’t do the crime, and don’t email, tweet, or facebook anything you shouldn’t have done in the first place. @NYPost

7/13 A visual guide to staying safe on social media – @Edudemic

7/12 Girls as young as 11 are involved in sexting. You may also be interested in other links in this article. Also read a warning to parents about talking to children about online safety – @SchoolsImprove @theguardian @mailonline

7/8 How To Effectively Use The 10 Biggest Social Networks – @Edudemic

7/5 Six ways to sink a job application with social media. See if you or your kids can guess what they are before you look. @venessawwong @BW @GuyKawasaki

7/1 Infographic flyer: What’s your digital footprint? @InnovativeEdu

6/24 Powerful ways to promote your blog – @Edudemic

6/22 Ten Twitter Mistakes You Should Avoid – I agree with most of these, but not the one about inspirational quotes. @bjnichols

6/17 Brooklyn teacher loses license over sex with student. There are lessons here for teachers and students alike. Note the Facebook involvement that exposed this case. @joshfromalaska @NYPost

6/16 Growing up with social media – [infographic] This contains a lot of cool stats that teachers and parents should read. @GuyKawasaki

6/13 Looking for a mentor? Twitter is a good place to start. @FastCompany

6/12 Too much Facebook may damage your romantic relationships. @BrianTomkins

6/10 Does online dating lead to a happier marriage? @FuturityNews

6/4 How to cite social media using MLA and APA formats – Tell your students to put this somewhere where they can find it. @Edudemic

6/2 A Visual Guide To Staying Safe On Social Media – @ShellTerrell @colonelb @s_bearden

5/30 The truth about Snapchat: A digital literacy lesson for us all. Also see my comment. @hitsamty

5/27 Jailed for Facebook comments, Marine sues @BrianTomkins

5/25 Student is jailed for three weeks awaiting trial over Facebook posts. Share with students so they can learn from this kid’s mistake. @BrianTomkins

5/25 Students warned Twitter will be monitored by exam boards for signs of cheating (UK). @MailOnline @SchoolsImprove

5/19 Five key steps for business social media success @GuyKawasaki

5/15 Facebook is making breakups sadder. @BrianTomkins

5/13 Graffiti photos on Facebook send Utah tagger to jail Another arrest thanks to Facebook. @BrianTomkins

5/4 Facebook causes psychotic episodes and delusions, claims study. @BrianTomkins

5/1 Children as young as 10 are involved in sexting – @SchoolsImprove @Telegraph

4/28 Female teachers suspended for YouTube song and assault. I hope students and teachers alike can learn from their mistakes. @SchoolsImprove @mailonline

4/26 Six ways social media helps people help people – @GuyKawasaki

4/22 Texting and juror-ing don’t mix. Unless you want to end up in jail. @wired

4/19 Two female teachers from Long Island are removed from the classroom for inappropriate contact with male students. Hello teachers, texting with students is a bad idea. Hope some students can also learn from this. @NYPost

4/15 Facebook boast of sexual assault sparks outrage. Assault is stupid enough. Posting it on Facebook is beyond stupid. Share with students. @BrianTomkins
4/16 Why schools shouldn’t block Facebook – @adambellow and Eight Reasons Behind Social Media Ban in Schools – @medkh9 @iEducator

4/15 Facebook boast of sexual assault sparks outrage. Assault is stupid enough. Posting it on Facebook is beyond stupid. Share with students. @BrianTomkins

4/14 An inside look at companies’ social media teams – [Infographic] @MarkRaganCEO

4/14 Texting lowers students’ grades. @Telegraph @SchoolsImprove

4/12 Teacher was Facebook friends with student he had sex with. While having sex with a student is a really stupid idea being friends can work well or badly depending on how it’s used. @NYPost

4/10 Government/IRS uses social media to track law breakers. @BlakeEllis

4/9 People use social media to inform others about where police set up DUI spot checks. @GraffitiBMXCop

4/8 Six Reasons Why You Should Do a Blog Study – Great Idea! @gcouros @sguditus

4/8 Woman arrested for Instagram photo – This is nuts. @iEducator

4/3 Don’t change your Facebook status without telling your partner. This is very rich. Share with students and children. @NYTimes

3/30 Twitter Languages map of New York City – Be sure to scroll down to see individual maps of the 12 most common languages. @ValmontGod

3/27 Iowa teen tweets daily compliments to others. What a concept. Let’s hope this catches on. Share with your students/kids. video [3:04] #edchat

3/26 One person’s tweets leads to disastrous results. @iEducator

3/25 Investigative reporter Teri Buhl is found guilty of Facebook harassment. Share with students so they can learn from this adult’s mistake. @BrianTomkins

3/24 Nine-year-old girl raises $21,000+ on KickStart to make a video game. @iEducator

3/24 Study shows that ten percent of Facebook users are abused online. @BrianTomkins

3/22 How Facebook knew a man was gay before he came out – @iEducator

3/22 Two girls sent to juvenile detention for threatening rape victum via social media. How stupid is this? @WTOV9

3/19 Ohio teenagers convicted in rape case thanks to social media. The victim was out of it, but the spectators had their phone cameras out. All students, educators, and parents must read all of this. @NYTimes

3/18 Here’s Why Your SnapChat Photos Aren’t Private. In case you missed it, SnapChat is big for teen sexting. @zite @s_bearden

3/15 Five Reasons Your Students Should Blog – @gcouros

3/6 Studies show: Hospitals with more Facebook likes have lower death rates. @GuyKawasaki

3/4 Twitter users: Learn how to avoid breaking the law as you tweet. @NMHS_Principal @bbcnews

2/26 Facebook Inspires Hundreds to Attend a Funeral For a Man They Never Met. @BrianTomkins

2/24 Teen girls arrested for orchestrating fight between elementary school students and posting it on YouTube. Share with students. @NYTimes

2/13 Socialmedia makes school pranks easier to foil. Make sure your students read this. @SCSIC

1/19 Kids get a million likes on Facebook and a new puppy. @abcactionnews

1/8 Apparently Faking Friends’ Deaths on Facebook Is a Thing People Do? Another dumb social media lesson to share with students – @BrianTomkins

1/6 Oregon teen jailed after airing his drunk driving on Facebook. @BrianTomkins

1/5 An Amber Alert For Social Media Helps Find Missing Kids. @FastCompany

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