The World Is Open – Curtis Bonk

Treasures & Traps of The Open Learning World

  • In the final chapter, Bonk gives 14 predictions for where the open learning world will take us. He also gives 12 issues to keep in mind as learning opens up. They include concerns about quality, copyright, cheating, access for the disabled, the dominance of English on the Web, and the difficulty of keeping up with changes in this new learning environment. He ends with a review of his ten openers that lets you know what you can accomplish with each. The first letters of the openers spell out his main message, which is WE-ALL-LEARN. As I read this book, I kept on checking out many of the sites mentioned in the stories he uses to make his points. As a result, I greatly expanded my own knowledge of the learning possibilities of the open learning world at our fingertips. This book is an outstanding resource for all educators, students, and parents!
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