Flip Your Classroom – Great Book Summary

Individualized Mastery Learning

  • When they began flipping their classrooms, they quickly realized that they had stumbled on a framework that enabled thm to effectively personalize the education of each student. When they present their flipped classroom model to educators around the world, many have said, “this is reproducible, scalable, customizable, and easy for teachers to wrap their minds around.”
  • The next breakthrough came when an exchange student started midyear. As it was not possible to start chemistry in the middle, so she started with unit I and completed 80% of the course in one semester. Since she didn’t go to the next unit until she exhibited mastery, a mastery learning aspect entered the program.

Students Who Need Help Get It

  • As a flipped teacher, you don’t have to go to school and perform five times a day. Instead, you spend your days interacting with and helping students. One huge benefit of flipping is that the students who struggle get the most help. Students are responsible for making appropriate use of the resident expert to help them understand the concepts. The role of the teacher in the classroom is to help students, not to deliver information. Students also need to learn they can pause and rewind their teacher and how to take notes they can use the next day in class to get their questions answered.

Pause Your Teacher

  • Jon and Aaron find the some of their busiest students work ahead in anticipation of missing class for other activities. But since their introduction of the flipped model, their role has changed. They spend most of the class walking around helping the students who struggle most. This may be the single most important reason students thrive in the flipped model. This is not to say they ignore the top students. But the majority of their attention no longer goes to them. Special education teachers love this model, as well as students with special needs, can watch the videos as many times as they need to learn the material. The pause button can also break up the lesson into shorter segments so students can learn on their own schedule. A few students even watch videos at double speed.
  • Flipping allows them to build better relationships with students. This is due to the increased teacher–student interaction. Because they no longer just stand and talk at kids, many of their classroom discipline problems evaporated. They have also moved on the Flipped Mastery where students no longer all watch the same video each day.
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