Power Listening: Mastering the Most Critical Business Skill of All – Vital Book

A Richer World Thanks to Good Listening

  • Finally, Bernie recommends that you start by practicing one of his tips at a time. First and foremost is to talk less and listen more as your first priority is to gather information. When you do talk, do a lot more asking than telling. Be sure to challenge assumptions and focus on the task at hand. Be tolerant of ambiguity and uncertainty. Sort incoming information into the appropriate file drawers and folders in your brain. You brain-based memory is still very important, even in the Internet age. Be aware of when decisions have to be made and don’t make them before you have to. In the end, the culture of your organization will depend to a great extent on the listening skills demonstrated by leadership at all levels. This is best reason to get this book into the hands of all your leaders. (Doug: Even though Bernie’s target audience doesn’t include parents and educators, I believe they both have a great deal to gain from this book.)
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