The Gamer Generation by Jennifer Wagner

Family Connections

  • Jennifer started this study to connect with her own children. Her advice is that if you play video games with your teens, you will bond and be able to spend more time with them. Even understanding and keeping up with video games will give you more to discuss. Playing games with your children can be as valuable to their development as reading with them. Today’s kids crave interactivity, doing, making, and programming. Games offer this in ways no book can. Parents don’t need to be as adept at games as their kids. They don’t have to play every game. One study showed that kids who game with parents behaved better, felt more connected to their families, and had stronger mental health. Keep in mind that the average gamer is 33, which is close to the age of today’s parents. The bottom line is to keep up with your children’s interests and make them your own.
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