Five Effective Habits to Increase Your Motivation to Study by Edmond Garrett

Five Effective Habits to Increase Your Motivation to Study by Edmond Garrett offers students of all ages key tips for organizing and getting the most out of study time. Be sure to share this sound advice with any students you know.

  • The amount of effort you put into studying directly reflects the grades you receive from your classes, whether you’re in high school or college. Unfortunately, motivation to study is often lacking when compared to the desire to engage in other activities, like spending time with friends or enjoying other leisure pursuits. However, if you build the right five habits now, you can increase your motivation to study, while still leaving time to enjoy life’s other joys.
  • Early Review

    • Make a habit of waking ten minutes early each morning during the week. Spend this time reviewing class materials you’ve already covered. This isn’t a time to catch up on reading assigned chapters or finishing homework you should have done the night before. This time is specifically for quick review of already read materials, such as reading summaries at the end of textbook chapters or reviewing key concepts and definitions.

    Scheduled Study Times

    • Create a weekly calendar on Sunday laying out your week. Look at the syllabus or class schedule for each of your courses to determine the tests and assignments scheduled for the week. Set aside specific times devoted to studying for each class. Your set aside times are flexible if something comes up during the week, but making a habit of setting this time aside will give you a better chance of following through on your studies.
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