The Importance of Recess and Play by Ken Myers

The Importance of Recess and Play by Ken Myers takes on schools that have cut back on recess thinking it will help their test scores. Based on what we know, this makes no sense and Ken does a great job spelling out the reasons why.

  • According to CBS News, a Long Island school is banning dangerous recess activities in favor of safer alternatives. No, the children aren’t playing with brass knuckles and mace. Instead, soccer balls, cartwheels and games of tag are no longer allowed unless supervised by a coach. You read that right. Children will be playing with Nerf balls for their own safety.
  • The decrease in funding and time allotment for gym and recess is a disturbing trend that is developing across the country. Play is a pivotal part of a child’s development. The human body was not meant for constant rest, especially in children. While classroom topics are important to a child’s breadth of knowledge, exercise is equally important for growing children. The benefits of recess and play go beyond basic physical benefits. Unstructured time allows children to develop social skills, retain new information and create healthy habits that last a lifetime
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