The Advantages of a Community College – Paul Taylor

Advantage 3 – More Attention from Teachers

  • Typically, community college classes are smaller in size thus offering more face-time with your instructors as long as you seek it out. Popular four-year college or university intro classes often have up to 100 students per class. This diminishes any real one-on-one teaching opportunities for students who need assistance understanding the material. Unless you are a self-starter and can pick up information as you go, four-year schools can be rough for the first couple of years. Unfortunately, bad GPAs will follow you everywhere. This isn’t saying that four-year college professors don’t care about their students, but they are under pressure to do research and publish which is often at the cost of student interaction.
  • Community colleges are a relaxed precursor to four-year schools. You can obtain the knowledge you need in order to succeed without fear of being lost in the crowd. Smaller classes means that the instructor is in a better position to help you achieve your goals. You need to be determined to get good grades. If you do, selective four-year schools are likely to accept you if you decide to continue your education.
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