What to do until the tests go away – EduCon 2.5


  • Encourage engaging, self-paced lessons, that build on students’ interests and passion.
  • Tell teachers you will cover for any high performer whose students don’t score well with glowing observation reports.
  • Use low scores of low performers to build a case for dismissal/career counseling.
  • Don’t make a big deal about tests and scores.
  • Don’t start a “data team” to analyze test results, and if you have one don’t schedule any meetings.
  • Use the time teachers would get together to do this from other forms of collaboration. Don’t post scores anywhere.
  • Don’t send scores home to parents unless they ask for them.
  • Tell parents what you think of the tests.
  • Do not reduce the amount of time spent on other subjects or recess.
  • Don’t use test results to sort students or make instructional decisions.
  • Don’t reward or acknowledge teachers with high test scores, but reward and acknowledge teachers who create the kind of lessons you are looking for.
  • Post student work on the Internet using YouTube, blogs, etc so the community can judge the quality of your educational process. Otherwise they only have test scores published in the local newspaper.
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