What to do until the tests go away – EduCon 2.5


  • Innovate, flip classroom/mastery, BYOD, post student work on a blog, customize learning, only give students formative assessments they are ready for,
    make the tests a game, tell students to just do their best and that results won’t be used to judge them, use multiple choice tests for formative assessment, teach how to game a multiple choice test, and make students familiar with tests a few days prior to giving it.
  • If you have tenure and a principal who pushes for lots of test prep and obsesses over test scores and data analysis, just nod and go about your business. Shut the door and hope that he or she will be too busy to micromanage your teaching practice. Don’t lie as that could put you at risk. If you don’t have tenure, do your best to create great lessons and do what you can to convince your clueless principal that you are following orders. If you can make test prep interesting, be sure to share how you do it.
  • Teachers can get together and boycott the tests. This is risky, but it’s been done.
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