How and when to talk to kids about adult content on the Internet by Michelle LaRowe

Addendum by Dr. Doug

  • Some studies show that almost all boys and about half of girls view adult erotic content on the Internet by age 14. Unlike sex education in school, however, this type of sex education features just about any type of sexual activity that humans have invented, and some of it is far from safe. Activities that involve things like spanking, bondage, and sex toys can result in injury when used by inexperienced children. Some adult sites open with a screen that warns that you should be at least 18 and ready to view adult content before you click to enter. Unfortunately, not all adults sites do so as many feature pictures of adults engaged in sexual activity on the home screen. Another source of adult videos are DVDs commonly sold in adult stores. Unfortunately, it isn’t unusual for kids to get into their parent’s stash of adult videos. This could happen at a friend’s house or at home if you own any are are not careful about where they are stored.
    One way to keep better track of children’s Internet activity, is to have the computer they use in a common area where you might walk by at any time and look over their shoulder as they surf. You can also check the browser history to see where they have been. If the history has been erased, that is a warning that they are trying to hide something. One recommendation I have for parents is to try to focus on how do you want to be treated and how should you treat someone you wish to have an age-appropriate relationship with. Good luck parents.
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