It’s a Technological World, Are Your Teachers Up to Par? by Ken Myers

Ignorance of Innovation

  • While some teachers will research the technology that is available in the classroom, others prefer to ignore the digital wonder and continue performing tasks as they have in the past. While many of them do this on purpose because of a belief that the experience takes away from human interaction, others simply don’t know how to use them. In either regard, the devices will sit on a counter in the classroom and perhaps used occasionally to browse the Internet or play a game.

Step Away From the Abacus

  • Those that refuse to learn and want to rely on a traditional method of teaching need to realize their place in history. Using technology doesn’t have to pull away anything from the human interaction of day-to-day learning. Devices such as laptops and tablets can bring more to the classroom in order to reinforce education. This is aside from the fact that the more children learn on these devices now, the more prepared they are for the world in the future. Denying that the world is evolving through the digital age is only hurting the children’s ability to adapt and grow.

Encouraging Use of Technology

  • There are many ways you can encourage and support your staff while using the technology of today. The first step is to eliminate the factor of intimidation. Handing a teacher a stack of tablets and saying, “Good luck” is not conducive to providing the best experience possible. You could:
  • Hold regular training classes or meetings to teach educators about these devices.
  • Have your IT department hand out materials suggesting what they can be used for.
  • Have a strategy developed for the devices before handing them out.
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