How To Learn to Type Faster Than Average Person in Few Hours by Adam Fort

How To Learn to Type Faster Than Average Person in Few Hours by Adam Fort who is an education strategist at RataType.Com. Here he offers tips that will start you on your way to being a touch typist. If people who hunt and peck can make this transition, they will not only become more efficient and productive, they will also be more attractive to current and future employers. I made this transition a long time ago and many of my colleagues marvel at my productivity. Share with hunt and peckers you know and do what you can to get young people started as touch typists.

The Status Quo and Reasons to Improve

  • The average typing speed for the average individual currently stands at 41.4 words per minutes (WPM). While the current record for the world’s fastest typist, Barbara Blackburn, stands at 212 WPM in the English language. Well, you may just be content with your typing speed. After all, you are not in any contest with any one, and perhaps all you need to do is just type the occasional email to your family and friends.
  • However, almost anyone can greatly benefit by mastering touch typing. This not only enhances your accuracy, but also improves your speed, which can improve your overall productivity and efficiency. This will make you much more marketable to potential employers who are always on the lookout for such skills. To this end the following are some tips on how to learn to type faster than average person in few hours only.

It’s All In Your Technique

  • The first critical thing you need to understand is that improving your typing speed is definitely all about the exact technique you put to use. Proper typing technique is extremely essential, yet quite a large number of people have never heard of it. The hunt and peck method can prove to be adequate when it comes to getting the task at hand accomplished. But if your wish is to double or perhaps triple your current typing speed, you will be obliged to integrate a better technique.
  • It is also important to note that accuracy is another critical factor. The mere achievement of hitting the keys on your keyboard rapidly does not in any way mean that you are doing it effectively. Typos, omitted letters, and other typing errors can be very costly. Nevertheless, with the right technique, you will with one move learn to enhance your speed as well as accuracy. Let us now get directly into how to learn to type faster than average person in only a few hours.
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