How To Learn to Type Faster Than Average Person in Few Hours by Adam Fort

The Importance of the J and F Keys

  • To begin with, you will have to learn about the ideal hand placement you should use. With that said, you should know that with an effective typing technique you will have to make use of all your fingers. You probably have noticed that the keys J and F on your keyboard come with diminutive bumps, but do you know why this is the case? To put it simply, they are meant to serve as a sort of mental map. This lets you know where your fingers are situated at all times without having to look down to identify the right key while you are engaged in typing. Ideally, the J and F keys are where both your index fingers are hovering while typing.
  • Commencing with the left portion of your keyboard, your left pinky finger should always settle at the keys 1, Q, A and Z. Your left ring finger should settle on the keys 2, W, J and X. Your left middle finger should settle on the keys 3, D, E and C. While your left pinky finger should settle on the keys, 4, 5, R, T, F, G, V and B. On the other hand, your right index finger should gravitate to the keys 6, 7, Y , U, H, J, N and M. Your right middle finger should settle on the keys 8, I, K and “,”. Your right ring finger should always gravitate to the keys 9, 0, L and “.”. Finally, your right pinky finger should be utilized for hitting the keys O, -, =, [, ], and /.

Test Yourself With Ratatype

  • You may probably now be wondering out aloud just what is the objective of this particular hand placement and how it can assist you to improve your typing speed. Well, in plain words, the goal of this typing technique is that you will not be required to move your hands for a long distance while you are typing. This will not only improve your typing efficiency, but it will also significantly improve your typing speed.
  • With such a typing technique, your hands will at all times be in close proximity to the middle of your keyboard. This regularity of hand location will go a long way in permitting you to easily form a mental picture of just how the keys on your keyboard are positioned. This will enable you to unwittingly be in a position of memorizing just where each key is situated. In the long run, this will allow you to type with your eyes fully focused on the screen of your computer other than on the keyboard itself. No it’s time to test your typing skills. Please visit Ratatype. After which you can put into practice the tips you have learned in this article. Good luck.
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