Mindset by Carol Dweck – Revised Summary

Jordan Rules

  • Unlike some sports stars, Michael Jordan had to work hard to succeed. He had to struggle and grow as he was not inherently better than others. (Doug: Jordan could not make his high school’s varsity basketball team as a sophomore.) If you have a fixed mindset, you let failure be transformed from an action (I failed) to an identity (I am a failure). If you have a growth mindset, failure can be painful, but you don’t let it define you. You face it, deal with it, and learn from it.

Study Harder or Less Hard?

  • In one study, seventh graders told how they would respond to failure. Those with a growth mindset said they would study harder. Those with a fixed mindset said they would study less since they didn’t have the ability and didn’t want to waste there time. It is effort that ignites the ability that you have. There is a risk, however. Once you start to put in the effort, it robs you of all of your excuses. Think about what you want to look back and say about your life. Then choose your mindset.

Motivation and Stereotypes

  • Students with a growth mindset tend to take charge of their learning and motivation. Instead of plugging into unthinking memorization, they look for underlying principles. They study to learn, not just ace the test, and this is why they get higher grades. Studies of outstanding achievers shows that their continued motivation, commitment, and network of support took them to the top. They also don’t believe that negative stereotypes can hold them back. A growth mindset helps people to see prejudice for what it is – someone else’s view of them – and to confront it with their confidence and abilities intact. This is good for women and minorities.

The Mindset of a Champion

  • In the chapter on sports, Dweck gives many examples of people who made it to the top of their respective games by using the growth mindset to overcome short-term failures. They take charge of the processes that bring success. If you think you’re a finished product or you’re nobody if you don’t win, you have a fixed mindset. Mental toughness and heart are stronger than some of the physical advantages you might have. This helps develop character, which is the ability to dig down and find strength, even when things are going against you. Character grows out of mindset. It can be learned. This allows a champion to raise their level of play when they need to.
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