Mindset by Carol Dweck – Revised Summary

Changing Mindset: A Workshop

  • If you have a growth mindset, you must believe that mindsets can be changed. The final chapter focuses on changing one’s internal monologue from a judging one to a growth-oriented one. Dweck describes a workshop that is now available as animated lessons called Brainology. Here is the web site that you can check out. They were nice enough to give me a look and I am impressed. Keep in mind that I have been reviewing kid’s software since 1979. http://www.brainology.us/ This chapter also contains a number of dilemmas that you can work through by yourself or with people you lead.

What I left Out

  • Carol Dweck has so many cool stories and examples to support her thesis that it would be impossible to give them justice in the summary. If you purchase this book you can read about the football player who scored for the other team and went on to win and the chief who killed himself. Other stories include Muhammad Ali, Billy Beane of Moneyball fame, Michael Jordan, Babe Ruth, and Wilma Rudolph. In the business chapter, she explains how Lou Gerstner of IBM and Jack Welsh of GE exemplify the effectiveness of growth mindsets at the top. In the chapter on relationships Dweck brings in the subject of bullying. Teachers and principals should take special note of this section as well as the entire chapter on parenting, teaching, and coaching. The John Wooden story is very special.
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