College Majors You Can Complete Online by Craig Middleton

Online College
College Majors You Can Complete Online by Craig Middleton offers suggestions regarding degrees you can get entirely or mostly online. With colleges closed this approach may be the best option for high school graduates and people looking to change careers.


  • Deciding to get a college degree can be a major decision. It’s an especially tough choice if you are considering changing careers later in life, or are going back to school after some time off. If you currently have a job, a family, or other obligations that would make attending a physical college difficult, consider taking classes online. Many quality degrees that will lead to a lucrative career can be completed from the comfort of your own home.

Backup Power

  • Since the Internet will feature heavily in your ability to complete your classes on time and do the necessary work, you must make sure that you have access to a stable Internet connection. There can occasionally be power outages or glitches that would lead to disconnection, so you will want to have a backup power source. This will give you a few moments to save your work if your signal is lost suddenly. Electrical circuits have a disconnect switch that can sometimes be tripped by accident. They are a safety measure to eliminate the danger of electrocution during maintenance. Having a backup will prevent any loss of work from sudden outages and save you a lot of frustration while completing your coursework.


  • A business degree is always a good choice and has many variations that you can choose from. You can get into business in almost any major industry, so this is a flexible and lucrative choice. There are many different aspects of business that you can look into. Accounting involves keeping the books for a business. Administration oversees all aspects of how to run a business. Marketing will teach you how to draw customers in and promote products and services. Or, you could focus on human resources where you manage the personnel that are needed to keep the business functioning.

Computer Science

  • Another popular area of online study is computer science. You may choose to do IT work, software development, programming, or even repair. These are all good options and can lead to steady careers since computers are such an important part of daily life and used in almost all businesses. This is a stable career option that is sure to continue growing and provide many opportunities.

Health Industry

  • The health industry is a highly sought after career. Within this industry, you can seek an online degree in administration and learn how to run anything from a doctor’s office to a large hospital. You can also work to become a home health aide or even a nurse. The base classes can all be taken online but most programs will require a hands-on training period with a knowledgeable professional in a medical setting to complete your degree.


  • Education is another solid option to do at home. Education degrees allow you to specialize in almost any subject area of interest, or you can work to become a principal or even to get your master’s degree. Many education degrees will require a final semester of student teaching where you work in a school setting, but the majority of the work can be done online.


  • If you are a more creative person, you can consider a career in art. Popular options that involve a lot of computer work, and would be ideal to take online, are animation or graphic design. /li>
  • There are many high-quality online degree programs that offer personalized instruction and can help you reach your career goals. If you are considering going back to school or changing your career, you may want to look into taking some online classes. They provide a flexible option for working towards a degree that will allow you to keep your current job and look after your family while you do it. You can choose to take a full-time course load or start with just a few classes in your available free time. Online schooling is a great opportunity to advance your career or pursue a new path in life.

Craig Middleton

  • Craig is a New York City-based retired business consultant, who is an expert in education and cultural trends. He has a Masters of Business Administration and a Masters in Education from St. Johns and loves sharing his knowledge on the side through his writing. If you have any questions or comments you can direct them to Craig at
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