Social Media: It’s More than Just a Hang-Out by Ken Myers

Your Own Blog

  • Writing a regular blog has helped many people develop their skills in the passion of their choice. Originally, blogs were developed by those who didn’t possess extensive skills or knowledge but wrote about how they developed such. By creating your own blog, you can exhibit your skills in virtually any form and display your progress in a chronological log of your discoveries. They can be used as an expression of yourself for others to read, and you could possibly help others who share similar interests or concerns. As blogs can be linked to various social media sites, you can market yourself with very little effort. If you are still in school, be sure to post your best assignments on your blog so your audience expands beyond your teachers.

  • If you are planning to put yourself out on the Internet for others to connect to, you must remember one fundamental truth: Trolls will be trolls. Don’t put too much effort into caring what these “haters of life” have to say. Constructive criticism isn’t the same as outright abuse. In life, it is near impossible to please 100-percent of the people 100-percent of the time. Don’t be drawn into a negative frame of mind because someone has a dim perception of their own life. You are you, and that’s all that should matter.
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