Zig Zag Principle – A Revolution in Goal Setting

Zig #1 – Drive Towards Profitability

  • This applies to all aspects of life, not just business. Money can’t buy happiness, but being broke can sure cause a lot of headaches. Rich advises young people to avoid borrowing and excessive spending and wait until they are established before adopting a comfortable life style. Operating from the black gives a much higher level of confidence. Keep a record of what you spend so you know exactly how much is left to head towards your goals.
  • Your first zig always needs to be get cash. Zigzagging towards a goal makes the going slower, but it also allows you to adjust and adapt as you go. Another mistake you want to avoid is falling in love with your ideas to the point where you can’t see their deficiencies. You need to avoid striving for perfection. Look at the big picture and focus on what you need to succeed. Strive for mediocrity when it comes to the smaller details. Rich also uses the Fail Efficiently mantra. This means you need to stop a failing effort before you lose so many resources that you can’t start again.
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