Zig Zag Principle – A Revolution in Goal Setting

Zag #2 – Adding Processes and Resources

  • Once you have raised some cash from the first zig, you can use it to buy the resources you need to do the work to reach your goal. This should give you more time to focus on defining processes that will formalize your structure. It can be hard to hire people to do things you have been doing initially as you lose a sense of control. Rich includes processes he used when he started a lawn mowing business as a kid. Your processes should assure high quality. Learn from your mistakes and institutionalize what you learn. The five-minute whiteboard process described on pages 199-122 is worth considering.
  • Rich suggests you work hard to find people who will become totally vested in what you are trying to do. In one case he gave a woman a copy of his book Bootstrap Business, told her to read it, and gave her a test. She got a perfect score and turned out to be a great hire. As you add people, be prepared for them to come up with better ways of doing some things.
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